What I Got For My 15th Birthday!

So, if you didn’t know, on the 8th of August 2017 I turned 15.  For the day, me, my mum and my brother went to Bristol to do some shopping and we also visited a cat cafe, which was so lovely!  All the cats were so cute, and the kittens there were absolutely gorgeous; I could’ve 100% taken them all home with me.  Judging by the picture below, I’m pretty sure that you can tell how cute all the cats were and that I was in crazy cat lady heaven!

little kitty

Anyway, in the morning I opened all of my cards and presents.  A lot of my relatives gave me money, which is great as I really love to buy myself my own bits on my birthday: I’m pretty bad a surprises, however the ones I did get this year were so amazing and totally perfect for me!


My Grandma got me some face masks from Superdrug, and a hair mask!  I have a massive obsession with the little face masks that come in packets; they’re really convenient and always make my skin feel super soft, so I really can’t wait to use these. I’ve been waiting to take pictures for this post before using them, so now I have I can have myself a lovely little pamper session! You can expect reviews of these, or maybe even a spa night post, I haven’t decided!

face masks

I also got a huge surprise from my brother, which I totally didn’t expect but absolutely love and have wanted forever!  He got me the Friends box set!  This is such a great thing to get me, because now I can catch up on all the episodes and my favourite bits before I go to Friends Fest in Oxford on the 24th – I’m so excited! I’ve already watched most of season 1, and I’m so happy to be watching it again.  Have you seen Friends, it’s clearly one of my favourites!

friends and pandora

As you can tell in the picture above, I also bought myself a pandora ring with my birthday money!  I’ve wanted one for ages, and when I saw this I thought it was so pretty!  It was £35, and I’ve worn it every day since!

I also bought myself the Urban Decay Naked palette, and now I kind of want to collect all of them.  I can tell this will be my palette of choice over autumn and winter; it has so many gorgeous shimmery shades and some great cool toned mattes, so it’s pretty much perfect!  This was £39.50, and because it was my birthday, the lady serving me gave me some free samples which was amazing; I got the primer potion and perversion mascara, both of which I have tested and can say I really like!


And the final thing I received from all my friends the day after my birthday.  This was such a lovely surprise, and I can’t wait to get some gorgeous pictures with it!  They got me the Instax Mini 8 polaroid camera in white, which is so pretty and looks so beautiful in my room. They also got me some fairy lights and pegs so that I could hang up some pictures I take, and some cool camera lenses to go with it!  They’re so generous and this was such a special present; thank you to all of you, if you’re reading this!


Ok so thats everything I got for my birthday!  I still have loads of birthday money left to spend, so I’m thinking I might buy another ring or some more makeup, or save it until all the autumnal clothes come out in shops (I am really excited for autumn if you couldn’t tell!)

Also, thank you for 100 instagram followers!  Make sure you’re following me over there, im @lovesophblog_

Soph xx


Lypsyl Valentines Day Lip Balms


With Valentines day coming up, what better time than to grab an amazing lip balm which not only smells divine but does an amazing job! Lypsyl have very kindly sent me their new valentines releases – two beautiful lip balms perfect for Valentines day!  The first, ‘Uplifting strawberry and pomegranate’ is the one I’m going to talk about now, and I’ll do the next one later in the post.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Strawberry and pomegranate is the most amazing scent combination which is fruity and fun and always remains smelling great, even whilst it’s on your lips!  As soon as you pull off the lid you get a sniff of this scent, which I personally love however I imagine some who are not into very strong scents don’t.  It does remind me a lot of spring and summer, which makes me very excited for the upcoming seasons.  The packaging is a pretty reddish pink colour, again perfect for Valentines day.

“Who needs Cupid when you have Lypsyl’s luxurious lip balms? Pucker up with Lypsyl’s uplifting Strawberry and Pomegranate, your smooth and soft lips will be the perfect gift for your Valentine’s date.”

This lip balm also contains SPF15, which is very important all year round as our lips can get burnt and using a nice, protective lip balm can obviously help that not happen!  It is made with aloe vera, vitamin E and avocado oil which does all sorts of wonderful for your lips.  This lip balm is intensely moisturising, which of course is perfect for February as it is very cold – I’ve been putting lip balms to the test recently and cannot wait to fully try these out and battle them against the elements.  The packaging is also really sturdy and compact, which is perfect to grab and throw in your handbag before you leave the house.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The cherry and almond lip balm has a slightly more subtle fragrance but nonetheless still smells wonderful.  It is a much more natural scent for anyone who doesn’t like super fruity scented things, and personally I much prefer the darker red colouring of this lip balm and think it is much more suited to Valentines day.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, Lypsyl Cherry and Almond will revitalise you! The delicately scented SPF lip balm will gently hydrate and soothe your lips for an ultra-kissable pout.”

As with the other lip balm, this is too made with SPF15 and contains aloe vera, vitamin E and avocado oil.  I do find this one slightly more moisturising, and whether or not that is down to the almond part of it I do not know, however it does seem a lot more moisturising.  Again, the packaging is really nice and sturdy whilst still being small enough to put anywhere for maximum convenience.  I think this is a great lip balm and they’ve totally convinced me to rekindle the love I had for Lypsyl’s products way back in primary school; does anyone remember the lip balm they had that was raspberry scented or something and was a purple colour and used to smell (and taste!) divine?  Everyone had one of these I seem to remember!

Neither of these lip balms are tinted, so they sit on the lips really nicely and lightly, you hardly notice they’re there.  They also don’t have the nasty tingling sensation that some others do.

You can buy Strawberry And Pomegranate from here , for only £1.89 along with Cherry And Almond here.  I’d really recommend picking one of these up if you’re looking for an affordable, super moisturising and great smelling lip balm to make your lips ultra soft for Valentines day!

Soph xx

This post contains PR Samples 

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

Well my God am I excited to be writing this post!  I’d been waiting just under a week for possibly the most exciting thing I ever ordered to arrive and when it did I just knew I’d love it as soon as I opened the box.  It is, if you hadn’t figured, The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette!  This was limited edition in the Summer and I had one reserved at Debenhams to buy with my birthday money, but it sold out and my reservation no longer existed, so I sat lusting over everyone else’s palettes whilst I remained peach-less, until the joyous day in December when I found out that Debenhams were in fact restocking along with the launch of the Sweet Peach Collection – and it’s there to stay!  If you want to buy this palette from Debenhams, click here – it’s £39.00 very well spent in my opinion.

Anyway, I decided that like my Chocolate Bar Palette Review, I would review yet another amazing palette brought to us on this earth by the Gods from Too Faced!  I’ve got everything; swatches, packaging and actual eye shadow photos – and don’t doubt that I’ll be creating a look or two with this palette soon! So, lets get into it I guess.


So, as you can see, the palette doesn’t look dissimilar to the other larger ones that Too Faced have out, such as the Chocolate Bar series. It has eighteen shades in it, all to do with peaches or being very peachy toned or generally quite neutral.  I love how it incorporates pops of colour into this quite daytime, neutral palette – shades such as candied peach and just peachy are a welcomed pop of bright almost neon pink and slightly shimmery less neon pink.  The green shade, bless her heart, is really nice as it does still fit into the peach theme, without being too neutral.

As always, the shadows are amazingly easy to blend and highly pigmented.  The shimmery ones are more pigmented than the mattes but only slightly, yet they both blend really nicely and easily.  They have a professional finish to them which I think helps this palette to appeal to everyone: you definitely don’t have to be a pro makeup artist to use this – look at me, I’m not good at makeup at all and even I have still found it easy to create looks with.  You can always follow the mini beauty leaflet to tell you about how to create specific looks.

The packaging is as always very gorgeous, heavy duty and luxurious.  I especially love how soft the peachy gradient is and the peach indents on the lid.  The palette itself smells so lovely, like a really summery smoothie – it reminds me of holidays.

Onto the actual eyeshadow swatches and shades now, I’m doing it in blocks of six going downwards.  Here’s a picture of the palette inside so that you can compare the swatches to the shadows in pan.


Okay so starting with the first section, we have the neutrals.  From bottom to top we have white peach, then nectar, then peaches n cream, then luscious, then cobbler, then georgia. Out of all these shades, luscious is undoubtedly my favourite.  It’s a gorgeous champagne-silver colour which is so shimmery and the shimmer is really thick on the lid so the colour payoff is great.  As you can see, the shades are visible under both bad lighting and no flash (rip my non-existent photography skills) or under flash, even the lighter ones such as white peach are just visible on my very pale skin, but show up great on a well primed eyelid (I like to use Benefit’s stay don’t stray, which you can find a mini review on here in my high end makeup collection post).

Onto the next six, we have the more peachy shades in the palette.  From bottom to top here we have just peachy, then candied peach, then caramelised, then bless her heart, then bellini, and finally puree.  From this section, and actually from the whole palette, similar to other lovers of this palette, my favourite shade is bellini.  This is a beautiful shade of pink shimmer which looks amazing packed onto the eyelid with a look really centralised around the more peach shades in this palette.  I also love the two shades just peachy and candied peach and they’re probably the most used shades for my transition colours on my eye!

Onto the last section, where the palette goes into darker colours which I do feel may slightly slip away from the peachy theme – nonetheless they are still really nice & I actually use these a lot, even though some of these darker shades may seem a little unwearable.  From bottom to top here we have got talk derby to me, then peach pit, then summer yum, then charmed i’m sure, then delectable and finally tempting.  This part of the palette houses my favourite matte shade in the palette, summer yum, which I often wear in my crease as it’s really nice and warm – I’m already in the mood for spring, winter is starting to annoy me, so I’m pulling out my warmer toned eyeshadows which usually consist of brighter shades, but if found this matte colour to work really nicely.  In my swatches, tempting and talk derby to me both look very similar, and whilst they are not on total opposite ends of the colour spectrum, they still do have significant differences.

So, there goes the whole palette over view.  I really love this palette, I think it’s easily  a match to the original Chocolate Bar palette, which I have and which is and will remain well loved!  The shadows in formula and pigmentation are lovely and I think this is for sure a great staple to have in your makeup collection!

Soph xx

Blogmas 2016 Begins!

Hi Guys!

So today is December 1st – that’s right, the *official* start of Christmas (notice when I say this, I say it with much sarcasm.  I have been celebrating Christmas since Halloween ended!), and the official beginning of Blogmas!  I’m so so excited for Blogmas this year, I have some amazing posts planned for you all, and it won’t flop like last year!

So, if you’re new round here or just haven’t heard of ‘Blogmas’ before, it’s essentially like ‘Vlogmas’, apart from we don’t vlog daily, we blog daily!  Each day at 6pm GMT I’ll be posting a new blog  post for you all to enjoy and be happy about.  I really hope you love Blogmas this year guys!

If you want to keep up to date with all my posts and be the first to know when they come out, you should follow me on twitter here (@ZalfieFanatic).  That way we can all have a chat about Christmas (because really, what else is there to do when you’re procrastinating from doing homework!) and you’ll always know when I’ve posted a blog post!

As always, any post ideas are appreciated – I do have to come up with 24 and that is hard! I’ve got quite a good few planned (including lots of gift guides, which I’ve been writing since October half term, dedication at it’s best.) but anything you want make sure to tell me in a comment!  Also, all posts will be categorized and tagged uner ‘BLOGMAS 2K16’ So if you need to catch up, go onto my blog and find those terms in the category/tags section to see all my posts!

Soph xx

Aussie Hair Review!

Hi guys!

Today I’m here with a review on Aussie hair care products.  Before I get into this post I just want to say that I went back to school today (yesterday for you guys but whatever) and it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be – getting up at 6:30am only took its toll half way through double geography, when I realised that it in fact is painful to get up so early!  I also have a new posting schedule: every Saturday & Wednesday at 6pm (GMT) you can expect a new blog post from me!  And I have loads planned and efficiently written in a diary so I will try my hardest not to deviate from this plan.  Also, another quick thing before I start the post properly, my two lovely friends Becca & Jaz both have blogs now!  I urge you to go follow them both – Jaz’s blog is here (she does amazing book reviews & Wattpad recommendations which you’ll all love!  And she’s generally just a pretty much wonderful human so you should just follow her because of that!!) and Becca’s blog is here (Bex’s blog is really new like yesterday new, but while she hasn’t posted much yet I happen to know of a fantastic blog post coming up soon which you’ll love and she’s a lovely person so you need to follow her for all things lovely!)

Now, actually into the post!  Today I’m reviewing some Aussie hair care.  I love Aussie’s hair care, it never fails to make my hair feel amazingly soft, lightweight and smell amazing!

Aussie Haircare Review Cover

Starting with the Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo (purchase it here).  This has Australian ginseng extract and pearl powder in it to ‘re-ignite your hairs shine’.  Okay, so I haven’t ever smelt ginseng before (how do I pronounce that? Is it like gin-sing?  I mean I don’t need to know but how?) but oh my god do I want to smell it daily.  Seriously, the smell of this shampoo is amazing.  The smell of the whole range is amazing as they all have the same ginseng scent.  It smells kind of citrus-y, kind of sweet, and really refreshing.  It has a gorgeous silky consistency and it lathers really well which I think is so important in a shampoo because you don’t want to have to use loads of product for the shampoo to actually do it’s job.  It always makes my hair feel so thick as im washing it (my hair is really thin, so this is such a new phenomenon to me!) and it makes my en suite smell so amazing! It definitely does an amazing job at making my hair shiny and swishy and gorgeous.  I’m honestly obsessed with this shampoo.


Next up is the Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioner (purchase it here).  This stuff smells just as amazing as the shampoo, with that amazing ginseng smell which I will be shoving all over my house in all possible ginseng forms.  This makes my hair so bloody soft and shiny.  Not only soft and shiny, but I feel like it really locks in the scent so I *feel* like my hair is swishing about and smelling amazing.  I would really recommend this range to everyone who wants their hair to smell nice and look amazing!


Lastly, I have the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment (purchase it here).  This is a deep treating hair mask which you put on after you shampoo, leave on for three minutes then wash out.  It is the best time saver ever. Because it takes literally three minutes for your hair to feel like you’ve just stepped out from a hairdressers, there’s no reason not to do it every time you see the bottle (I may be a little guilty of this…)!  I always use conditioner after I’ve washed this out because my hair can get really knotty so I really like to extra-soft it (wow what impeccable language) but you don’t need conditioner at all after you’ve used this because it just makes your hair so soft.  Plus, ginseng is now my life and this seriously smells so good and so strong – stronger than the shampoo & conditioner!

Overall, I would really recommend these products and if you need a boost of softness and silkiness to your hair, you must try them!

Have you ever tried anything from Aussie?  How did you like it?  Have you ever/will you be trying these?

See you on Wednesday!

Soph xx

Whats In My School Bag

Hi Guys!

I know I didn’t post yesterday so there *may* be a second post later tonight, one not related to back to school though.  Anyway, before  I begin I’d like to add the fact that I’m wearing a polo neck/turtle neck jumper with long sleeves in this gorgeous navy blue shade and a very dark red lipstick is making me really happy!  Today it Wiltshire we had the biggest thunderstorm I’ve been in (in England, I got into rather a precarious one in France but that’s another story) ever, it was raining and lightning and thundering and I felt so madly cosy!  The rain was so heavy it has flooded the stream in out back garden, making it so full and very muddy – it’s like some sort of small tsunami the water is going so fast.

Anyway, today I’m here to show you whats in my school bag.  Now, a lot of this you will have seen in my School Supplies Haul, but then some of it you wont.  I also will have a much fuller bag than this come September 2nd, as all my books and (extremely unfairly heavy French textbooks) will be shoved into the back compartment, alongside my lunch and whatever other random crap finds itself a home in here.  So, relish its cleanliness and perfectness while it lasts.


This here is my bag and I really love it!  It was from New Look for £19.99 and you can’t purchase it anymore because New Look don’t seem to have it on their website.  It might still be in some shops if you look quick, but it’s a real shame you can no longer get this as it is such a practical bag. There are similar ones though, so you could get one of them!

Anyway, the front quilted part has three zips, all of which function and open into large pockets.  The one right at the back of the quilted part is a really big pocket, which you can fit notebooks & pens into, the middle one is large enough to carry a small separate bag inside of, and the last one is just big enough for a scientific calculator!  The back pocket is really large and very spacious, I can easily hold all my back-aching books in it.  There are also water bottle pockets on either side, which are quite deep and could serve for holding your keys or even your phone.

The straps are really sturdy and I expect them to be able to withstand a lot of force when being packed to the brim! All the hardware is gold, but subtle gold, which I like.  I absolutely hate the gold which is all flashy flashy yellow gold.  No thanks.


Starting with the first small pocket, I have mathematical items.  My pink Casio scientific calculator, along with a weird triangle protractor thing that nobody ever uses nor knows how to use, and a protractor (which I’ve used but am still to master the art of protractor-ing).  I mean these are my least favourite things inside my bag, who likes calculators?


Next up is the second little pocket.  In here I have my beauty essential type things.  I have a MAC Mascara sample, a Peach Delight hand sanitizer (which will be getting replaced approximately every mont because whenever you bring out hand sanitizer everyone wants some, and I use it that often because I hate germs that it is sure to run out within a month), some hair bobbles for PE/Science/Food Tech, A Body Shop lip balm and a Body Shop hand cream mini in English Rose. I also have a compact mirror.  This all fits nicely into my Zoella Lace Collar detail coin purse.  I find these things are things I need to have on hand to use quite often, especially hand cream/sanitizer when I’m bored in lessons…


The back front pocket holds very simple things.  I have a notebook, which came in a pack of three from Paperchase for Christmas about three years ago.  Therefore I doubt it will be on the website for me to link it. However, it is such a pretty note book and I love it – slim compact note books are my weakness, I have about fifteen.  I use this for writing down French notes, such as words/phrases I may find useful and verb forms and things (don’t trust me when I talk about french, I know nothing about any of it, at all).  Then there is a simple pencil case from Paperchase also, which houses my colouring pencils (because I’m a three year old, and feel the need to colour in everything I see).  You’ll notice soon that colouring pens/pencils are a firm favourite of mine (I tell myself it’s because it makes me learn more and revison etc gets stuck in my head, but really it’s just so I can procrastinate and draw cartoon trees all over diagrams of the Carbon Cycle).


Now, the very back pocket, like the very back back main compartment, holds and will be holding, the majority of my stuff.  At the moment it looks a little bare but have vision, it shall soon be filled with scruffy looking, unattractive books and other deathly items!  The first thing is my Pukka Pad, with a little USB stick attached to the bottom, and my ruler also nestles itself within this notebook.  img_2736

The next thing is my pencil case.  It is actually a Jack Wills makeup bag, but because I repurpose things I got it for £6.50 in the sale (still a bit heavy for a makeup bag if you ask me, but it’s just so pretty and I’m a sucker for Jack Wills) and decided to cram it full of pens and pencils and colourful things.  There are four pens, one blue and the other three black.  Four skinny highlighters in pink, yellow, green and blue. A glue stick from Tesco because I am always the one at school who goes to get glue and ends up with one that looks like it’s been chewed up by a year seven, been through the hands of every destructive teengaer I know, is broken, has fifteen different peoples clumps of hair stuck to it and is dried up.  I figured my own glue stick would solve this issue.  I also have three mechanical pencils, and then my host of gorgeous Papermate colourful pens which literally are on every page of every school book because colour will save my education.  I have two regular penicls (from Jack Wills, might I add.  Matchy matchy, I know, you don’t have to congratulate me),  a ruler, rubber and pencil sharpner.


Lastly I have my pack of fineliners which also add the educational colour I need.


So, thats all in my School bag at the moment. Thank you for reading!

What does your school bag for this year look like??

Soph xx














Five Tips To Keep Your Skin In Great Condition This Summer

Hey guys!

Firstly, let me do a short apology.  I haven’t blogged the past two days and I’m sorry, I wasn’t busy (in fact I barely left my bed), I just had no inspiration what so ever.  Today I had a good hunt through the internet for some good blog post ideas, consulted my notebooks and came up with this!  Anyway, enough of me rambling.

If you’re anything like me, your skin tends to change with the season.  Winter brings dry skin, and summer brings hot sticky weather and oily-ness and ugh, breakouts.  Or at least it does for me, because two miniature mountains have chosen  to erupt on my face (just in time for my birthday tomorrow! Thanks guys :\).  Anyway, I thought I’d conjure up my best tips to keep spots at bay, keep your skin feeling moisturised and healthy and in tip top condition for this summer!!

☆ – Develop a good skincare routine. Having a skincare routine all times of the year is really important.  However, in summer you should change it up a little bit to match the weather and the condition your skin is in.  You can see the skincare routine I use for summer here.  I feel like a lot of people think skincare routines have to be really expensive to be good and actually do something for your skin, but that is totally not true.  Whilst expensive products can be amazing, there are just as good, more affordable products on the highstreet!  My skincare routine consists of mostly Simple, Neutrogena and Nivea.  They are all affordable brands that do a wide range of products tailored to many skin types.  It’s really important to research into this, so watch youtube videos and read blog posts, get to know your skin type then find some products to combat any issues and you should see differences in your skin pretty quickly.

☆ – Stay Hydrated.  We’re all probably the biggest culprit of not drinking enough water when it comes to summer time (or any time really water is so boring).  Our bodies are made up mostly of water (oh god please do not try science on us)and so they relish having more water put into them?  I don’t know, but it works and apparently, through some witchcraft it purifies your skin and removes toxins.  You just need to drink more water, it’s so good for you.  It helps you feel more awake, removes toxins and makes your spots better!

☆ – Oil Blotting Sheets.  Now, luckily for me I don’t get oily very much in summer, more just warm and I can fix it with another dusting of powder.  However, if you get really oily or even just a little oily, carrying around oil blotting sheets is a really good idea to remove oils from your face.  If you don’t feel like that’s enough then you can bring some powder with you to mattify your face.  Just patting your face with some oil blotting sheets will instantly refresh your makeup look and make you look complete again!  This won’t stop you from getting spots or anything, but it will make your skin look better throughout the day.

☆ Wear Suncream/Sunscreen/Sun tan lotion.  Whatever you call it, you need to wear it.  Your skin is fragile and will burn easily.  Even if you don’t burn, chances are the sun is doing damage to your skin and in the long rung, this won’t do you any good what so ever.  You should tailor the SPF to the heat and probably the country you are in (English beaches aren’t going to be as hot as a beach in Spain or France!), but whether you’re wearing SPF10 under your makeup or SPF50, you should wear it.

☆ Sleep.  The one tip everyone knows they should follow, but don’t.  Why sleep on a night when we can sleep for ages on a morning?  Watching Netflix & Youtube, browsing blogs late at night – it’s addictive.  But it is no good for your skin.  You can combat dark patches, improve the quality of your skin and stop spots from being such a problem if you sleep for a good 7-8 hours and have a set time to go to bed!

I hope you enjoyed those tips, and will put them to good use!  I’ve definitely been trying to drink more water and I can say it does help (any of you keen water drinkers can probably vouch for this)!

By the way, tomorrow is my Birthday which is so exciting!  I’m turning fourteen (finally!) and I’m getting a really exciting present which will be so good because mine drives me mad at the moment!  Anyway, I’m not spoiling anything because I’m going into Bath shopping and will be picking up probably a lot of things I don’t need but who wants a Birthday Haul! (I don’t care if you don’t I’m doing one anyway…:) )  So I won’t blog tomorrow but I’ll be back to it the very next day!

Love Soph xx

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My Favourite Nail Polishes

Hi guys!

Sorry about the fact that I’m a little sloppy on the blogging promise at current – my grandparents are over and whilst I want to blog as much as I can, I also want to spend time with them enjoying my summer holidays!  Anyway, blogging daily is really hard – how do you people come up with ideas?  My imagination does not stretch all too far, which is why my posts are so basic.  Is there anything anyone wants to see (PLEASE GIVE ME GOOD IDEAS!!!)??

Anyway, I’ve been getting into painting my nails a lot more often and whilst it sounds odd that I say this, it’s really improved the quality of my nails.  Whether this is because some weird ingredient in my nail polishes absolutely adores my nails and wants to give them good things, or because it stops me from attacking my nails when I’m bored/nervous/bored/any earthly emotion because they’re painted so pretty I do not know. What I can say though, is that my nails are longer & stronger and I am happier.

So, tonight I thought I’d bring you the nail polishes I’ve been using recently.  I really love all these colours and they are really fitting in to the theme I have recently adopted in life (see here).  Anyway, I digress.  Lets get going!

Favourite nail polsiehs

Okay so first up is the Sinful Shine Kylie Range in shade Kreme De La Kreme (Purchase HERE).  I love this shade.  It’s coppery-bronzey and really wearable.  It suits most outfits, and it has hints of glitter throughout.  I often like to top it up with a Barry M nail polish I’m mentioning later.  I think this is the one I wear the most often.


Next up is another Sinful Shine Kylie Range in shade Miss Chief (purchase HERE).  This shade is a really pastely pink, and I really think it suits summer very well.  The only downside which makes me wear it a little less is the fact that the consistency is quite thick and gloopy and you can peel it off very easily.  Its quite disappointing compared to the quality of the other Kylie nail varnishes.


This is the Barry M Molten Metals in shade Copper Mine (purchase it HERE).  Firstly, the name of this caught me right away, it’s such a perfect name for the shade.  I love how the bottle lid reflects the texture of the nail polish in a way.  This shade is coppery, but on the darker side, which I like because it’s not as verging on rose gold (don’t get me wrong I LOVE rose gold).  I wear this really often, and I’ve not had it for long.


Last is another Barry M nail polish which is quite old.  I can’t seem to find it online, in any shops or even on the Barry M website.  This is very sad because this is one of my favourite nail polishes.  It’s basically a top coat with chunky glitter in, but the glitter is gold and pink and silver but it all blends together and when the light hits it, it goes copper, rose gold, silver, gold and pink all at once.  It is stunning.  I often layer this over all the polishes mentioned here, and many others I haven’t.  It’s also perfectly okay to wear it alone on bare nails, it looks like you’ve taken a long time placing all this glitter on your nails when actually you just painted them really quickly!


Thank you so much for reading guys!  I hope you enjoyed – what are some of your favourite nail polishes?  My birthday is coming up and I really would like to grab some new things!

As always, make sure you like, comment and follow my blog if you aren’t already! If you have any post suggestions I’m more than thankful because this posting every day gets really very draining on my backup post ideas!!

Soph xx

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Monthly Favourites: July 2016

Hi guys!

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for two days, but on Friday I had my birthday party and yesterday my Grandparents arrived and they’re here for the week until my birthday.  Today I’m bringing you my monthly favourites, seen as it is the last day of July!

monthly fave july

So, first up is fairy lights – a weird one, I’ll admit, but a favourite none the less.  I’ve been trying to  make my room more cosy, and, less white (if you know my room you know it’s entirely white, all of it – apart from a weird unpainted patch on the wall, soon to be painted) and I figured that overloading on fairy lights was the only way to do so.  I already had some white lights around my canopy over my bed, but I added to the room with these from Primark – they were only £2.50 & I love them.  They sit on my dresser and they’re on a copper wire.  If you saw my Room Decor Wishlist then you’ll know I’m making my room all things copper and this is just leading me in the right direction.


Next up is this candle from Primark which was only £1.00 and smells so summery.  I always associate candles with winter but this one, Honey & Orchid, is sweet and floral and summery.  I love it so much and the scent is really strong when burned.


My only makeup product is the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick, which I did a review on here.  I’ve been wearing this none stop for the whole month.  It’s appropriate for every occasion, every makeup look.  It’s not drying and the colour payoff is gorgeous.


Last but not least is Gossip Girl.  I don’t stop watching this, which is probably really bad for me but I’ve been at it a few months & I really do love it.  I’m actually watching it now, and I was watching it at 3am this morning.  Does that express a severe love?


Thanks for reading everyone!  Hope you enjoyed – what are your favourites for the month?

Soph xx