What I Got For My 15th Birthday!

So, if you didn’t know, on the 8th of August 2017 I turned 15.  For the day, me, my mum and my brother went to Bristol to do some shopping and we also visited a cat cafe, which was so lovely!  All the cats were so cute, and the kittens there were absolutely gorgeous; I could’ve 100% taken them all home with me.  Judging by the picture below, I’m pretty sure that you can tell how cute all the cats were and that I was in crazy cat lady heaven!

little kitty

Anyway, in the morning I opened all of my cards and presents.  A lot of my relatives gave me money, which is great as I really love to buy myself my own bits on my birthday: I’m pretty bad a surprises, however the ones I did get this year were so amazing and totally perfect for me!


My Grandma got me some face masks from Superdrug, and a hair mask!  I have a massive obsession with the little face masks that come in packets; they’re really convenient and always make my skin feel super soft, so I really can’t wait to use these. I’ve been waiting to take pictures for this post before using them, so now I have I can have myself a lovely little pamper session! You can expect reviews of these, or maybe even a spa night post, I haven’t decided!

face masks

I also got a huge surprise from my brother, which I totally didn’t expect but absolutely love and have wanted forever!  He got me the Friends box set!  This is such a great thing to get me, because now I can catch up on all the episodes and my favourite bits before I go to Friends Fest in Oxford on the 24th – I’m so excited! I’ve already watched most of season 1, and I’m so happy to be watching it again.  Have you seen Friends, it’s clearly one of my favourites!

friends and pandora

As you can tell in the picture above, I also bought myself a pandora ring with my birthday money!  I’ve wanted one for ages, and when I saw this I thought it was so pretty!  It was £35, and I’ve worn it every day since!

I also bought myself the Urban Decay Naked palette, and now I kind of want to collect all of them.  I can tell this will be my palette of choice over autumn and winter; it has so many gorgeous shimmery shades and some great cool toned mattes, so it’s pretty much perfect!  This was £39.50, and because it was my birthday, the lady serving me gave me some free samples which was amazing; I got the primer potion and perversion mascara, both of which I have tested and can say I really like!


And the final thing I received from all my friends the day after my birthday.  This was such a lovely surprise, and I can’t wait to get some gorgeous pictures with it!  They got me the Instax Mini 8 polaroid camera in white, which is so pretty and looks so beautiful in my room. They also got me some fairy lights and pegs so that I could hang up some pictures I take, and some cool camera lenses to go with it!  They’re so generous and this was such a special present; thank you to all of you, if you’re reading this!


Ok so thats everything I got for my birthday!  I still have loads of birthday money left to spend, so I’m thinking I might buy another ring or some more makeup, or save it until all the autumnal clothes come out in shops (I am really excited for autumn if you couldn’t tell!)

Also, thank you for 100 instagram followers!  Make sure you’re following me over there, im @lovesophblog_

Soph xx


Five Tips To Keep Your Skin In Great Condition This Summer

Hey guys!

Firstly, let me do a short apology.  I haven’t blogged the past two days and I’m sorry, I wasn’t busy (in fact I barely left my bed), I just had no inspiration what so ever.  Today I had a good hunt through the internet for some good blog post ideas, consulted my notebooks and came up with this!  Anyway, enough of me rambling.

If you’re anything like me, your skin tends to change with the season.  Winter brings dry skin, and summer brings hot sticky weather and oily-ness and ugh, breakouts.  Or at least it does for me, because two miniature mountains have chosen  to erupt on my face (just in time for my birthday tomorrow! Thanks guys :\).  Anyway, I thought I’d conjure up my best tips to keep spots at bay, keep your skin feeling moisturised and healthy and in tip top condition for this summer!!

☆ – Develop a good skincare routine. Having a skincare routine all times of the year is really important.  However, in summer you should change it up a little bit to match the weather and the condition your skin is in.  You can see the skincare routine I use for summer here.  I feel like a lot of people think skincare routines have to be really expensive to be good and actually do something for your skin, but that is totally not true.  Whilst expensive products can be amazing, there are just as good, more affordable products on the highstreet!  My skincare routine consists of mostly Simple, Neutrogena and Nivea.  They are all affordable brands that do a wide range of products tailored to many skin types.  It’s really important to research into this, so watch youtube videos and read blog posts, get to know your skin type then find some products to combat any issues and you should see differences in your skin pretty quickly.

☆ – Stay Hydrated.  We’re all probably the biggest culprit of not drinking enough water when it comes to summer time (or any time really water is so boring).  Our bodies are made up mostly of water (oh god please do not try science on us)and so they relish having more water put into them?  I don’t know, but it works and apparently, through some witchcraft it purifies your skin and removes toxins.  You just need to drink more water, it’s so good for you.  It helps you feel more awake, removes toxins and makes your spots better!

☆ – Oil Blotting Sheets.  Now, luckily for me I don’t get oily very much in summer, more just warm and I can fix it with another dusting of powder.  However, if you get really oily or even just a little oily, carrying around oil blotting sheets is a really good idea to remove oils from your face.  If you don’t feel like that’s enough then you can bring some powder with you to mattify your face.  Just patting your face with some oil blotting sheets will instantly refresh your makeup look and make you look complete again!  This won’t stop you from getting spots or anything, but it will make your skin look better throughout the day.

☆ Wear Suncream/Sunscreen/Sun tan lotion.  Whatever you call it, you need to wear it.  Your skin is fragile and will burn easily.  Even if you don’t burn, chances are the sun is doing damage to your skin and in the long rung, this won’t do you any good what so ever.  You should tailor the SPF to the heat and probably the country you are in (English beaches aren’t going to be as hot as a beach in Spain or France!), but whether you’re wearing SPF10 under your makeup or SPF50, you should wear it.

☆ Sleep.  The one tip everyone knows they should follow, but don’t.  Why sleep on a night when we can sleep for ages on a morning?  Watching Netflix & Youtube, browsing blogs late at night – it’s addictive.  But it is no good for your skin.  You can combat dark patches, improve the quality of your skin and stop spots from being such a problem if you sleep for a good 7-8 hours and have a set time to go to bed!

I hope you enjoyed those tips, and will put them to good use!  I’ve definitely been trying to drink more water and I can say it does help (any of you keen water drinkers can probably vouch for this)!

By the way, tomorrow is my Birthday which is so exciting!  I’m turning fourteen (finally!) and I’m getting a really exciting present which will be so good because mine drives me mad at the moment!  Anyway, I’m not spoiling anything because I’m going into Bath shopping and will be picking up probably a lot of things I don’t need but who wants a Birthday Haul! (I don’t care if you don’t I’m doing one anyway…:) )  So I won’t blog tomorrow but I’ll be back to it the very next day!

Love Soph xx

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Donkey Walk 

Hi guys! 

Yesterday I went on a walk, just around where I live, and there were loads of cute things I found when I looked a little further and went on a bit of an explore.  Today, I thought I’d share them with you! 

The walk was about two miles around my village and the next one, but I found a really cute bridge, some donkeys (we already knew about these but it was great meeting them!) and took some pretty pictures. 

This is one of the donkeys we saw.  As you can see, they’re pretty friendly!  That rouge side hand is my brother, Alex, stroking them.  They followed us all down the field and they were always looking for a stroke! My brother loved them, we could hardly get him away from them.  

You can sort of see the second donkey here.  I love donkeys, they always look like they’re smiling – so cute! 

Next up we walked down some stairs into this opening with loads of leaves.  It made me look forward to Autumn so much! The walk we took would be so pretty in Autumn I think. 

I had my shorts on, which makes it a lot less Atumny, and the stray green leaves also ruin that look.  However it was nice to be able to go on a walk and not be freezing! 

Next up was this pretty bridge over a stream/river.  I can never name bodies of water correctly!! It was so cute and picturesque I just had to take some pictures. 

Ignore the legs floating in the picture of the bridge! I had to crop my brother & grandma out.  It was sheltered by trees, as you can see in the second picture of the water.  It’s so pretty and I’m so lucky to have such nice places close to where I live.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post – it’s a bit different to my usual ones.  Leave a comment if you’d like to see more posts about what I get up to in summer! Do you have any really pretty places nearby?

Soph xx

My Favourite Nail Polishes

Hi guys!

Sorry about the fact that I’m a little sloppy on the blogging promise at current – my grandparents are over and whilst I want to blog as much as I can, I also want to spend time with them enjoying my summer holidays!  Anyway, blogging daily is really hard – how do you people come up with ideas?  My imagination does not stretch all too far, which is why my posts are so basic.  Is there anything anyone wants to see (PLEASE GIVE ME GOOD IDEAS!!!)??

Anyway, I’ve been getting into painting my nails a lot more often and whilst it sounds odd that I say this, it’s really improved the quality of my nails.  Whether this is because some weird ingredient in my nail polishes absolutely adores my nails and wants to give them good things, or because it stops me from attacking my nails when I’m bored/nervous/bored/any earthly emotion because they’re painted so pretty I do not know. What I can say though, is that my nails are longer & stronger and I am happier.

So, tonight I thought I’d bring you the nail polishes I’ve been using recently.  I really love all these colours and they are really fitting in to the theme I have recently adopted in life (see here).  Anyway, I digress.  Lets get going!

Favourite nail polsiehs

Okay so first up is the Sinful Shine Kylie Range in shade Kreme De La Kreme (Purchase HERE).  I love this shade.  It’s coppery-bronzey and really wearable.  It suits most outfits, and it has hints of glitter throughout.  I often like to top it up with a Barry M nail polish I’m mentioning later.  I think this is the one I wear the most often.


Next up is another Sinful Shine Kylie Range in shade Miss Chief (purchase HERE).  This shade is a really pastely pink, and I really think it suits summer very well.  The only downside which makes me wear it a little less is the fact that the consistency is quite thick and gloopy and you can peel it off very easily.  Its quite disappointing compared to the quality of the other Kylie nail varnishes.


This is the Barry M Molten Metals in shade Copper Mine (purchase it HERE).  Firstly, the name of this caught me right away, it’s such a perfect name for the shade.  I love how the bottle lid reflects the texture of the nail polish in a way.  This shade is coppery, but on the darker side, which I like because it’s not as verging on rose gold (don’t get me wrong I LOVE rose gold).  I wear this really often, and I’ve not had it for long.


Last is another Barry M nail polish which is quite old.  I can’t seem to find it online, in any shops or even on the Barry M website.  This is very sad because this is one of my favourite nail polishes.  It’s basically a top coat with chunky glitter in, but the glitter is gold and pink and silver but it all blends together and when the light hits it, it goes copper, rose gold, silver, gold and pink all at once.  It is stunning.  I often layer this over all the polishes mentioned here, and many others I haven’t.  It’s also perfectly okay to wear it alone on bare nails, it looks like you’ve taken a long time placing all this glitter on your nails when actually you just painted them really quickly!


Thank you so much for reading guys!  I hope you enjoyed – what are some of your favourite nail polishes?  My birthday is coming up and I really would like to grab some new things!

As always, make sure you like, comment and follow my blog if you aren’t already! If you have any post suggestions I’m more than thankful because this posting every day gets really very draining on my backup post ideas!!

Soph xx

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Whats In My Beach Bag 2016

Hi guys!

Today I’m bringing you a post all about what I take to the beach with me.  I love the beach, but I hate sand, which if you think about it completely contradicts loving the beach (you’re weird, stop).  I just hate getting sand stuck to me, its in all the places I don’t want it to be.  It shoves itself into the pockets of my clothes and I don’t even know how! But then I hate pebbly beaches – you really can’t win.  When I do go to the beach though, I like to maximise the fun potential there, whether it’s abroad or in England.

whats in my beach bag

So, this is my beach bag.  It’s from Jack Wills and I bought it in the sale for £6.50.  You can purchase it here.  I love it because it really reminds me of the sea, with the oars and the rope on it.  It’s very nautical and I think very beach appropriate.  It’s a great size, and when I’m not using it at the beach (which lets be honest is most of the year through, because when is the weather that good that we get to go to the beach in England) I use it for PE at school, it fits my kit perfectly along with extras, if that gives you a decent idea of what it can hold!


The first, and most important thing in my bag when I go to the beach is suncream.  Suncream is essential, especially if you burn quickly or don’t even tan at all, just burn (queue me).  Suncream will protect you from the sun, which, even if you don’t feel it, is harming your skin.  You should always always always wear it on hot days.  Even if, like me, you hate the feeling of it, you must wear it.  In England we probably don’t need factor fifty and the likes, so I opt for a factor thirty highest, but usually twenty or fifteen.  Most foundations are made with SPF so if you’re wearing makeup, you’ll be partially protected!


Next up is my little Zoella purse.  It’s such a cute pouch for within any bag and is a really handy size to hold anything you need in it!  Mine just has my beauty essentials in it.  First, hand sanitizer, because I can’t deal with having germs on my hand or around me, or if I’d got sticky hands from an icecream or something, I’d be really glad of the hand gel!  The scent is Peach, and it smells very summery!  Next up I have some hair bobbles in there, as if i’m going in the sea or even in general on a hot day, I usually want my hair out of waters way.  Sun is hot, and faces get sweaty and oily – to combat that I bring powder and a brush, in this case Maybelline Matte Me which is amazing at combating oily skin and setting any makeup into place.  My eyelashes are a massive part of my makeup routine, so I’ll use my Maybelline Great Lash to touch them up and add length whenever I need to – plus, the packaging is so summery in bright pink and lime green!  My lips tend to get quite dry in the heat, so lip balm is essential – this Zoella one smells just like fruit and gives a gorgeous pink tint to your lips whilst still being really moisturising.


Next up I have my sunglasses – what would a beach bag be without sunglasses! Mine are big, black and perfect for blocking out the sun.  I got them from H&M, but I can’t find them on the website so they may be out of stock.  Apologies for the sunlight issues in this image, you simply cannot trust English weather to let you take nice photos.


I always take reading material to the beach with me. Whether this be a magazine or a book, I can’t go without something to read!  At the moment I’m reading fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and I’m loving it.  I find it a bit slow going at some points but on the whole its a great book & has such a pretty cover!  I’m happy to do a review when I’ve finished?


Last up are my headphones.  I often listen to music on my phone at the beach, and if I’m not playing it through the bluetooth speaker then I listen to it in my head, through earphones.  These are just the apple ones which come with my phone, and I feel so smart that I know how to properly wrap them into the case (believe me, it took about five hours and 50,000 youtube videos to understand how).


Items that go in my beach bag, or on my person that are not photographed would be things like a bikini, my flip flops (my trusty Havianas are my go to pair), of course a cute beach towel, a beach cover up and any other essential things that I feel I want at the beach!

Thanks for reading!  If you’re not already, you should follow me because I’m posting every day this summer, meaning you get daily content from me at 8pm every night!  Please leave any post suggestions you fancy me doing, I’m willing to do anything because posting every day takes inspiration that I don’t have.

What are your beach bag essentials?  Are they different to mine, or the same?

Soph xx

My Summer Skincare Routine

Hi guys!

Today I’m bringing you my skincare routine for Summer.  I tend to not change the products I use too much from season to season however I change moisturisers and face wash quite often.  I’ve done a skincare routine on my blog before I think but it was an older post and most of my older posts are pretty bad quality and I’m not very proud of them.

summer skincare routine

First I cleanse my face with the Simple Purifying Cleanser.  This is a lotion you apply with cotton wool and I really love it because it’s very moisturising.  It helps with dry skin a lot, which I used to have a problem with but now I don’t!img_2396

Next, I remove my eye makeup.  I tend to wear a lot of mascara, and quite often heavy eye shadow.  I need something really powerful to remove the makeup, yet without being too abrasive to my eyes.

Most of the time I use the simple eye makeup removing liquid and the eye makeup removing lotion.  I like both of these because they don’t affect my vision, and they generally do a good job at removing my makeup.  If my makeup is being particularly stubborn, I tend to use the No7 beautiful skin cleansing oil.  This is highly moisturising and makes eye makeup slip off very easily but makes your vision cloudy and blurred for like 20 minutes and so I might not recommend it for that reason.

Next up I head to the sink and wash my face.  I’ll tie back my hair in a very ugly, miss trunchball style messy bun and use the Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel.  I really like this because it’s a gel, it foams really easy but is weirdly cooling to the face.  I find it really helps to reduce spots and also removes any leftover traces of makeup.  I like to use warm water for this because it opens my pores and really lets the cleanser do its job.  Next I use the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating face scrub.  This removes all the dead skin and leaves your face feeling baby soft!


After this, I tone my face with the Nivea Refreshing Toner which you can see I’m pretty much all out.  I love this toner.  Toner is so important, I feel like so many people forget this step because it just seems a bit useless, but it really isn’t.  It’s super cooling and refreshing but also helps to even out any dark or red patches in your skin.


Finally, I moisturise using the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser.  I really love this moisturiser for summer because its light so not only does it not feel too thick under makeup, it still feels like a thick moisturiser doing a great job.  I’d change this in the winter to a thicker, more targeted to dry skin moisturiser.  It’s really important to keep your lips moisturised too, even in summer.  I use the Palmers Cocoa Butter lip balm – really cheap but the best lip balm I ever tried by miles.  If I’m spotty that day I apply some of the Tea Tree Witch Hazel Spot Wand from Boots (cheap and effective).  If I’m majorly spotty I’ll apply a thick layer of Sudocreme and leave it to soak overnight. img_2399

That’s all for my skincare routine guys!  I hope you liked it!  What products do you use for your skin, have you got any recommendations?

Soph xx

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Amazing Summer Smoothie

Hey guys!

Sorry this post is a bit late, I’m going to aim to get posts up around 5pm usually, so check back tomorrow night for another post.  Anyway, tonight I bring you an amazing recipe for the most delicious smoothie perfect for the summer months.  Enjoy!

Smoothie cover image

What you’re going to need:


  1. 200-250ml of apple juice depending on the consistency you’d like.  The more juice you use, the thinner the smoothie will end up being.
  2. One medium sized banana
  3. A good few handfuls of frozen berries (summer fruit selection)
  4. 2-3 tablespoons of natural yogurt, again, the more yogurt you use, the thicker your smoothie will be.  Feel free to add in more yogurt than this if you prefer thicker smoothies, however I find this amount to be just right for the perfect consistency.
  5. Honey, you can use honey that you squeeze from a bottle or set honey, I prefer set honey because it is easier for the blender to blend.


Making your smoothie:

First off you want to pour your apple juice into your blender.  I’m using the Breville Blend Active which you can purchase here.  It’s a really affordable blender compared to others such as the NutriBullet and does the job perfectly.  It also comes with two 600ml bottles to carry your drinks around in, and you also blend them inside these bottles.


After that add in your 2-3 tablespoons of natural yogurt.  As I mentioned previously, adjust this accordingly as to how thick you want your smoothie to be.  That’s what I really love about this smoothie, it’s really easy to alter to your tastes.


Your smoothie is going to look really gross at the moment, as you can see in the picture above!  Try to stop yourself thinking about how gross it looks and remember it tastes amazing in the end when it’s all blended up and yummy!  You’re going to want to take your banana now and chop it into small slices – if you’re in a rush you can always just break it into chunks and throw it into the blender, the slices part isn’t necessary.


Once all your banana is sliced (or broken) up, throw it into the blender to add to the ugly looking mixture in there.


Next, you’re going to want to grab some handfuls of berries.  I buy mixed summer fruits that are frozen.  What I like is that with these packs, you can get all the different types of berries (strawberries, raspberry, blueberries, black currants…the list goes on!) and they’re frozen, which makes the smoothie nice and cold, perfect for summer.  Don’t worry though – if you can’t get frozen fruit, just use regular fruit and add in a few ice cubes, this should keep it nice and cold!


Once your berries are in (I filled mine a little sparsely, don’t be worried to fill yours really full!), it’s time to add in the honey.  Now, honey is optional but I strongly recommend it.  It’s not going to detract from the health benefits of this smoothie too much, but the smoothie really tastes sour and tart if you don’t use honey.  The natural yogurt and berries are a little sour together and adding honey just makes it that bit tastier for you!  Of course, if you like a sour taste feel free to not go with honey, or substitute it for another sweetner.


Excuse the stray berry and corner of teatowel in the above photo!  Add as much or as little honey as you like – as you can see, I add quite a bit because I really don’t like sour/tart tastes!  Once your honey is in, screw on the blender blades lid and shake your smoothie.  It’s really important to shake the smoothie so you get all the mixture dispersed throughout, making it easier to blend.


Once you’ve shaken up your smoothie, you should be left with something a little more visually pleasing!  Put this on the blender and blend it for about one minute, which obviously depends on the speed and strength of your blender, so adjust accordingly.


Take your smoothie off the blender, give it one last shake to make sure there’s no berries left unblended, then take off the black lid, exchange it for a green one (if you’re using the blender I’m using, If not then just store it in the fridge or pour into a glass and enjoy right away!) which will make it easier for pouring, then pop it into a glass!


You could keep it in the bottle, which is especially convenient if you’re bringing this out somewhere (the gym, to school for your lunch), but I like to pour mine into a glass and garnish it with some berries, or a single strawberry!


I hope you really enjoyed this post, and if you do make this smoothie don’t forget to tweet me a picture @ZalfieFanatic.  I’d love to hear from you!

Soph xx

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Summer Bucket List 2016

Hey guys!

Today I’m bringing you a summer bucket list post, which is basically everything I want to do this summer.  Since I broke up from school today, I thought this was very apt considering it was my first day of summer (well, technically) and I can refer to this over summer and change the text colour to show what I’ve done.  Hopefully this will be really good to link in the end of some of my posts (if I complete one of the ‘tasks’) and you can see what I’ve been doing all summer long!  If any of you guys want to make a summer bucket list, I think it’s an amazing idea because it’s going to be really fun to do and you can track your progress alongside mine.

Summer bucket list op 2

  1. Posting often: In the post I put up tonight (here) I explained how I want to post more often for summer.  I have a notebook full f ideas and I just hope to post a lot more!
  2. Visit Bath: There’s a city near me that you’ve probably heard of, it’s called Bath.  Anyway, I’ve been a few times before but I want to go again this summer and spend a lot of time there, take pretty pictures and do some shopping!  Its such a gorgeous place – if any of you are ever in Wiltshire area you have to visit, it’s so pretty. I’ll be sure to do a post when I go!
  3. Seaside: Now, I know that this summer we’re going to loads of places and I think we’re going to Cornwall, Devon and Bourenmouth for the day.  Not only will I be going to three beaches, I’m going to Devon & Cornwall which are so gorgeous.  I’ve been to a beach before, obviously, but I cant wait to go this summer, especially with the weather being so nice!
  4. Get a tan: Like I said previously, the weather down here is amazing at the moment.  Seriously, I was just in the (paddling, but large) pool in the rubber ring sun bathing.  I never tan, I just burn (sometimes), however usually I just multiply in freckles and remain pale!  I really want a tan this summer, and I’m part the way there because my arms are looking browner than usual!
  5. See a gorgeous sunset: The other day I was outside an I saw a really pretty sunset, but I don’t just want to see a pretty sunset.  I want to see a really gorgeous sunset, all pink and orange skies and the sun setting, I mean I guess thats what a sunset is…  Anyway, I saw a nice sunset in Ibiza recently, it’s also the main photo on my blog, but I want to see more!  cropped-img_2007.jpg
  6. Eat healthily: I saw a post on Mia’s blog (post here, go check out her blog!) about how she’s been eating healthily for two weeks and it inspired me to try eating better for the entire of my holidays, and hopefully I’ll work up a habit.  The thing is that she still ate the things she liked, but in moderation, which I *think* I can do.  I also really want to eat more fruit, drink more smoothies and do workouts.
  7. Ride a bike: I feel like when I say this, I’m implying I can’t ride a bike.  I can, calm yourselves.  However, I dont have a bike (becuuase I very rarely use one) but I want to start going on bike rides with Alex.  I’ll borrow my Dad’s because seriously who wants to spend money on a bike, but theres some really pretty bike rides around my area so I want to bike ride around them – plus I can hatch all my pokemon eggs at the same time (oh for gods sake are you really on that craze. Duh, what did you expect).
  8. Films: I have so many films to watch/see this summer.  I want to see Ice Age 5 (I am a religious follower since age five), Finding Dory (again, who hasn’t been sat on the edge of their seats since they were three waiting for this), and Netflix has added loads of new films I want to watch recently – TFIOS being one, even though I’ve seen it already!  I need to revisit my old faves too (Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Cocktail).
  9. Bake: I really want to bake loads of lovely things this summer (which totally contradicts with point 6) because I would like to start experimenting with decorating cupcakes, new recipied etc.  This is also going to be beneficial for my Food GCSE.
  10. Books: I have books to read guys, like so many.  I’m currently reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – amazing.  I want to have read enough so that at the end of the summer I can do a round up of books I want to show you guys!

So, that was my Summer Bucket List.  I really hope you enjoyed it.  I think it’s important to keep it short, so it’s realisitc.  If you fill it with 100+ tumblr fueled ideas, chances are you wont complete it, and then you’ll feel sorry about your life and how sad it is.  Anyway,I digress.


Soph xx

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Hey guys, 

I broke up for summer today! I now have six weeks of total bliss to do whatever I want, and I’ve got major blogging things planned.  

I’m going to try and post every day.  Now I say this loosely, because I might miss one or two days here and there, which is very likely.  I’d like to start posting loads more on here, and summer is always fun because I have a lot of things to post! Even if one of the days is just me sharing pictures from where I’m going that day (I’m heading out to a good few places this summer which should be fun!) I’d really like to post daily.  

Obviously my birthday is coming up soon, the 8th August to be precise.  I’m going to do a massive birthday haul when I’ve bought everything with my birthday money etc, so that should be fun.  

If you’re interested in a back to school series I also want to do that, so leave comments & suggestions as to what posts you might want in that series bar the usual what’s in my bag, supplies haul etc.  

I’m not very fond of the name I’m A Zalfie Fanatic anymore, so that will be changing soon.  Make sure to follow me on Twitter (@Zalfiefanatic) to participate in polls about my new blog name!

Anyway, that’s all.

Soph x 


Hi guys,

I’m sorry I’ve not been active for crazy time, what, is it three weeks now?? I just thought I’d update you on why I’ve not been posting, but I’ll be back to a normal posting schedule (lol not like I have one of those) after this week.  

May is exams.  And I’m doing progress tests, lots of progress tests.  This means I’m revising every night and it also just so happens to be very warm this week, so naturally I’m going to be outside soaking up all that well deserved sunshine I so rarely get in England.  So, that’s why I’m not here.  I had my first exam yesterday which was history, and my second today which was science.  I hated them both by the way! Tomorrow is maths and English and next week I have Geogrpahy & I think my languages and then hopefully I’m all done! But I’ve got most of my main ones out of the way this week so expect a post this weekend about, you’ll never guess, revision. To be quite honest, I think I’ve crammed enough in over these past few days to be quite a qualified revision instructor, and hopefully the guide I’m going to smash together will help you because I’ll be including tips, things you’re going to need, websites and YouTube channels I found helpful and more so keep your eyes out for that! 

So yeah, wish me luck in all my exams and I’ll be back this weekend! Meanwhile, here’s a picture of my cats enjoying the sun for you 🙂

Well, actually only one because the other wouldn’t cooperate, typical when I try to take nice pictures of them! 

Bye xx

All images are mine 🙂