These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Autumn Girl tagged me to do this tag, where I make a list of all the things that make me happy and that are my favourites; whether that’s to eat, look at, hear or be around.  I loved the idea of this tag, and I think it’s great that it helps spread positivity!  I know I’ve done quite a few tags recently – well, tomorrow you’re getting an autumn tag so thats only two, but it’s still quite a lot. However, I figured why not break out a few fun and easy extra posts in and amongst my posting schedule!  I hope you all enjoy!


This is totally one of my absolute favourite ever sounds!  It makes me feel so cosy and I still get to watch and listen to the rain whilst being warm and cosy inside!


I love it so much when my room is tidy.  When my bed is made, my floor is clear and all my surfaces are clean I can light some candles and put my fairy lights on and feel so cosy.  I also find that having a tidy room helps me feel way more productive and I tend to get on with things more, which is always good!


I go through phases of blogging loads (cough cough, now – only because I’m on half term though!) and not blogging much at all, but no matter what I always love blogging.  Something about the community and the response people give to your posts is so positive and uplifting, it’s a place I really love to be.


I think we probably all know that I’m a bit of a crazy cat lady by now, but I truly do find so much happiness in my cats!  They’re so wonderful, and even though they kind of hate each other, I love to see them together with their personalities clashing; it always makes me laugh!  What’s best though is when I get cuddles with my cats (sometimes against their will but they do love me, even if I do annoy them with my pestering!) and they’re just SO CUTE!


My personality is a really odd thing:  I’m very introverted in the way that I cannot be bothered to leave the house, I’m happiest in my bed and so on so forth.  However, as much as I hate being made to go out with people, I always love it when I’m there!  I’m actually a really social person and love being around people and having a laugh, I can just never find the motivation to do it.  I love being in a huge group of people because there’s always something to talk about and someone to talk to!


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always had an extreme love for stationary.  It’s just such a nice thing to have around my room, and I sometimes grow so attached to notebooks that I find myself unable to use them – weird, I know!  I just love having pretty pens and pencils with me at all times and it’s so much fun to just be around nice things!

So, those are just a few of my favourite things in life!  I know this was a super quick post, but that’s okay!

I nominate Alanna and Najida

What are your favourite things?

Soph xx


My Year 11 BTS Goals!

Hi everyone!

For me, this is a Monday evening and today I went back to school (although you’ll be reading this on Wednesday, and I’ll have been there for two days and will be fully into the swing of things by then!) and it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be! Now, yes it was boring and the lessons were tiresome as ever – seriously, who gives someone all three sciences, maths and double english in one day? However, negativity is not the way to start a new year, and so that’s why I thought I would come over to the blog and write a little about some of my back to school goals for this year!  Maybe I’ll do a post checking up on them in a few months?  Also, incase anyone didn’t know, I’m in Year 11 which is a really important year as I have my GCSEs in just 9 months and I’m sure it’ll whizz by!


  • Do all homework the night it is set

Or near enough…

Of course, this will pretty much differ a lot when I have larger bits of coursework (cough cough food tech) to do, but I’m going to try doing all my homework the night I get it so it won’t pile up around me!

  • Pack my bag the night before

See, this always makes me feel so much more organised in the morning when I do it, so I’m determined to have my bag already packed every morning to make sure I don’t forget things I need like calculators and pencil cases; believe me, the amount of times I’ve forgotten these is mad!

  • Work on my maths

If you know me, you’ll know maths (and chemistry, but that’s an entire different and violently boring story) is my biggest hate in life and that I simply cannot do it at all!  I want to work on my maths this year so I can do my GCSE to some level of a decent standard and pass it?  Am I asking for too much, I hope not!  I’ll just have to practice, practice and practice but it all will (hopefully) work out in the end!

  • Keep my room clean

My room gets in such a state during the school term because I’m a very messy person and school doesn’t help me keep it organised.  I’m going to try making my bed every morning and keeping my floor tidy, and most importantly my desk tidy!  I hope this will help when I get my new windows fitted and my room will be more bright, as maybe then it will motivate me to keep it cleaner; who knows!

  • Get up at the same time every morning

I live dangerously close to school, which means I can literally get up ten minutes before I’m supposed to be there, throw on my clothes and chuck some makeup on my face and leave.  However, this means I’m basically still not awake while I’m sat in form.  I want to be up early enough to have time to get ready nicely on a morning (today was 6:45am, and I’d rather like that to last) but also where it wont make me too tired throughout the day.

  • Try to make notes of my lessons in full every week

I know this will help me so much around revision time and when GCSEs and mocks hit me, so I’m going to try my hardest to do this.  I only wish I’d done it since the start of year ten (if you’re starting year ten, I really recommend this to you as it wont take too much time if you make good class notes but it’ll make revision SO much easier!)

So, those are all of my goals for back to school, and I just hope I can achieve them!  What are your goals for this year? Got a similar post? Link me to it in the comments and I’ll be sure to check it out.  Also, make sure to tell me all about your first day back at school too! This will probably be one of my last back to school related posts, unless you have any huge wants for a post I havent written, in which case I’m more than happy to take suggestions!

Soph xx

My Stationary Favourites

I’m a self confessed stationary junkie, and so when I find cute stationary I will buy it.  I have my selected favourites, and I’m always using them.  I use cute stationary all the time; when I’m revising, doing homework and just making notes – I have enough to sink a ship and figured I would share with you guys some of my favourite bits.


I love ring-binder folders, and I use them for everything; they’re so useful for storing my revision notes in for GCSEs and considering I’m in year 10, I assume I’m going to start to build up quite the collection!  Wilko do such amazing, but cheap stationary and their folders are no exception.  This one is so pretty, and I am in love with the gold foil writing ‘Hello Lovely’ – plus, it was only £1.25! I’m going to use this for English at the moment, and I’m going to gather myself a collection of pretty folders for each subject, it just helps to make revising that little bit easier!


Revision cards are so useful, however sometimes I find them to be a little small or flimsy feeling, so I like to use these Silvine record cards, which are only £1.00 for 100!  They’re great for writing quotes on to learn, and then I like to stick them onto my wall so I can see them every day and they’ll ingrain in my memory.  I like that they’re a clean white ruled card, and they’re not super flimsy either.


I’m a total highlighter junkie, and Stabilo Boss make the best highlighters.  I love the skinny flash ones, because they’re so easy to fit inside pencil cases, and they’re easier to hold than the fatter chunky ones.  Only, they run out quicker and don’t have as many colour options.  The chunky ones come in huge packs of eight with really interesting colours, and I love them because they’re so vibrant.


On the topic of pens, I love fineliners.  Staedtler do some great ones, and I really like to use these fineliners.  They’re great for mindmaps, or writing notes in my planner.


Finally, possibly the most used out of all my favourites, my planner.  Because all my homework for school is online, I love to keep track of it all in a planner like this cute one from paperchase, and then highlight it when I’m done. It helps me to keep track of everything I’m doing day to day, and I can stay more organised.


So, I hope you all liked these favourites.  I’m planning on doing a whole huge post on revision and how I revise, although I know it’s not very apt considering GCSEs have started (how did they go, by the way, for those of you who’ve been doing them recently?) but better late than never right!  Anyway, I have my Year 10 exams soon, so I’m trying my hardest to start revision for those and get decent grades, which is unlikely but we can pray!

Soph xx

School Supplies Haul 2016

Hi guys!

Before I start I want to apologise for not blogging.  The whole blogging each day this summer was working well, I missed a couple of days here and there but overall I seemed to be getting more posts out to you guys more often.  Now, I slacked totally but I’ve been super hectic, I saw my best friend who came down from Yorkshire to visit me for a couple of days, I’ve been out with some new friends and have generally just been enjoying my summer.  Now, it’s my last full week of summer holidays and I feel as though it has gone too fast, I’m not ready to start year 10 and begin the sad process which are my GCSEs, and don’t even remind me about all the food tech coursework I’ve been putting off all summer (screams and dies internally).

Anyway, now that long and sad explination and apology is out of the way, we can move on to what this post is really all about! A school supplies haul.  Granted there isn’t too much and it isn’t that exciting, but I hope it could help you all get some inspiration for what you need!  Also, I’ll be posting every day a new back to school style post for this week, and then after that I’l be posting a couple of times every week which I will explain to you in some other post down the line.

First up, I’m not going to include my bag or any other things such as pencil cases, as they will be in a seperate post to this and if I showed you them now it would basically become a two-in-one post, which isn’t something I want to do!


First up I have this Pukka Pad from Wilko, which was about £2.50-£3.00 I think.  As you can see there are already some subjects written in the tabs as this is where I will be keeping most of my revison type notes for each subject.  Does anyone know if you can purchase extra paper to fill pukka pads, as I just would like to add that little more paper in the sections.  Anyway, this is in a yellow and pink dotted print (not two colours I would usually go for but there was this variation and then some other weird colours, but I don’t mind it too much) and I will get a lot of use out of it probably (in the hopes that I might actually do revision….).


Next is this Steadtler rubber (or eraser, sorry to everyone from America who just laughed at me because I mentioned something that isn’t an eraser!) which was £1.oo for a pack of two, and I gave my brother the second one.  I figured I’d just buy like a 20p rubber/eraser from somewhere but then I saw these and thought they’d last longer and do a better job at rubbing things out.  So yes, a rubber.


I then got some highligjters for £1.50.  These are the thin ones by Stabilo, and I usually use the square blocky chunky ones but figured these would take up a lot less room in my pencil case and still give me a good four colours to go off when choosing to highlight things.


I then got these pens from wilko for 75p.  I figured they were cheap, and when they had all ran out I’d just replace them since they’re so cheap.  But from writing with some already, I can safely say these are the best pens I have ever written with, they are so smooth and gel like but they do smudge a little so I do have to be careful when writing with them.


You may wonder what this is and why it has been taken from such a weird angle, but this was a 50p block of post it notes from Morrisons, which are all in varying colours as the weird photograph angle shows.  I always find post it notes quite useful to revise from when they’re stuck in random places around my room and I can keep reading them when I walk past.


This sharpner is from Maped, it came in a pack of three in green and blue which my brother has, and the pink one which I have.  I think they were about 50p which is pretty good.  These are from Wilko.


This six pack of mechanical pencils was £1.00 from Morrisons.  They have amazing colours and they look so cute (coloured pencil grips and rubbers on top/erasers) and they’re actually surprisingly good quality.


Here we have a simple 50p ruler from Wilko.  It’s 30cm and while it doesn’t fit in my penicl case I can just keep it in my school bag and if I need to draw an extra long line I’ll use my extra long ruler.  Simple.


Next up are my favourite ever pens, no joke.  These are £1.00 from Morssions and while they run out at the speed which I write (insanley fast, by the way) they write so nicely I will just replace them.  Honestly, buy some, use some, and be happy.  Plus they come in blue and black so whatever your school requires, you have!


Lastly, I figured I’d get some Blu Tac, this was about £1.00 I think.  I mean this will probably be useful to stick things on walls and take some in my pencil case to model into little shapes in class (I do not do this for I am a good student this is not something I have ever done.  Listen in class).

So, thanks for reading guys!  What is your favourite or most essential school supply you buy every year?

Soph xx