Summer Goals 2017

Featured image taken by me: beach huts in Lyme Regis

I think making goals for the season ahead can be a really nice way to put your priorities into perspective and help you stay organised and on track with what you want to achieve throughout that season.  Most of my goals for previous seasons always seem to be more academic, hence why I always feel overwhelmed by them and never end up fully doing a good job at it; they’re too broad and for a procrastinating soul like myself, they’re often not achievable! I’ve decided that for the summer season (even though I’d technically say we’re still in Spring, until Saturday I think, but I’m looking forward to summer in a big way!) I’m going to take my goals and really pinpoint what I want to get out of the season through them – and try not to focus them around school too much!

1. Visit more places

I’m going to do a summer bucket list soon, as I have lots of places I want to go and things I want to do this summer, but one of my largest goals is to visit lots of lovely places in the UK.  This is my first proper summer living down south, and not only do I want to make the most of the good weather (all my friends say it’s not really that hot, but having come from the 15 degrees maximum north of the UK to the sometimes 26 degrees south of the UK, I assure you the heat difference is immense and also very lovely) but I want to make the most of this nice weather in lovely places.  We’ve recently had some amazing spring weather and last weekend I went to two lovely beaches with my family: Chesil Beach and Lyme Regis, both of which were lovely.  I fell asleep on Chesil Beach, which was a huge pebbly beach but the pebbles weren’t hard and nasty, they moulded into really nice beds, hence my sleeping.  Lyme Regis was very English seaside, which I love and the beach huts were really pretty.  My main goal really, is to enjoy what the UK has to offer over Summer and visit lots of pretty beaches and take lots of lovely pictures, especially when my best friend comes down from Yorkshire to see me!

2. Stay on top of my homework/coursework:

I know, I said I’d refrain from the academic goals but this is one I want to achieve and strive towards.  Homework piles up really quickly, especially now I’m doing my GCSEs and I really do try to tackle it in an efficient way but it still seems to be drowning me!  Do any of you also get this problem?  I’ve decided to try get loads of homework done during the evening as soon as I get back from school, and not to do it the night before it’s due.  I have serious respect for those of you who can just do your homework and coursework the day you get it, no distractions or procrastination involved  because I always procrastinate on my phone!

3. Make my life more organised

My life is a mess sometimes, I’m never organised and even the simplest things like not packing my bag for school the night before really make me go into unorganised meltdown!  I’m planning on (not that we can promise this will happen!) making my life a little more organised; keeping my room clean and tidy, keeping track of my blog posts and always having something up to schedule, getting myself ready for school the night before, waking up early and other small bits and bobs to keep me organised on a daily basis!

4. Watch everything on my Netflix watch list

Am I the only person who gets irrationally annoyed when my watch list on Netflix is a mess?  I have so many things listed on there for me to watch and so little time; having already watched Gossip Girl and Skins, I’ve decided to rewatch both (and not for the first time either!) but this leaves me in a predicament.  I have basically no time to watch any of the others I want to watch like Riverdale and Stranger Things.  I cannot wait for the Easter holidays, because lazy old me will be going on a massive binging session, especially when the new season of PLL comes out!

So, those were my goals for the spring/summer months.  I hope you enjoyed them – what are your goals?  Have you got any netflix recommendations for me, even though my watch list is too long to function! Have a lovely week!

Soph xx

My New Years Resolutions

Hi guys,

Quick announcement, the name of my blog has changed from I’m A Zalfie Fanatic to Love, Soph.  It may still be subject to change, but please tell me your opinions on the new blog name in the comments!

Welcome to 2017!  I’m ready for this year and I really want to make it as good for me and hopefully better than 2016.  It’s a shame I had to start off my year with History revision, but moving aside from that depressing fact, I’m here today to tell you about my resolutions for 2017.

I know, it may seem shocking that I’m serious about doing these resolutions, but I really am.  Hopefully by doing this I’ll make my 2017 a positive and more organised experience for myself.

  1. Eat Healthy: I’ve got some ideas of healthy meals, most from my pinterest, which I’d like to follow, especially for breakfast and lunch.  I’m the biggest culprit for missing breakfast, dying of starvation until lunch and then proceeding to gorge on an easy packet of crisps and chocolate bar I found in my cupboard for lunch.  I’m planning on making nice salads and wraps.  I don’t know, we’ll see how long this lasts.  As you can imagine, this has been the subject of much hilarity in my house this past week or so.
  2. Exercise: I really don’t exercise enough.  I’m not overweight but I feel like if I exercised more often I’d feel a lot healthier as person and I am looking to tone up too, especially for summer (I’m lazy so yes, it will take me half of the year to tone up).
  3. Drinking more water:  I need to quit my drinking of fizzy drinks and sugary things hopefully down to just water.  I’ve been drinking a considerably good amount today and I’m hoping for this to make me healthier and also clear up my skin!
  4. Do my homework the night I get it: I am such a procrastinator, so I’ll always leave my homework until the night before it is due, and then it ends up being really bad!  If I do it the night that I get it then the knowledge from my lessons will be fresh in my mind and I can do it better, I hope!
  5. Waking up early: and hopefully going to bed at a more sensible time than 4am too.  My body clock has honestly been ruined by my staying up too late and waking up at 3pm (don’t judge me, my bed is just so comfy).  I’m wanting to wake up by 6:30pm on weekdays because usually I’m up at 8:10am, ten minutes before I should go to school.  Waking  up earlier I hope will make me more tired and I’ll fall asleep before 1am?  We can only hope!
  6. Developing my blog:  This year will be the year that my blog flourishes!  I’m hoping to have made it to 500 by the end of 2017, if I do I will be so happy.  I want to produce quality content for you all, and my new posting schedule will be 6PM (GMT) on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  There will be lots of reviews and I have a few exciting posts coming up!  I would really like to go self hosted, but I don’t think I know enough about it or about blogging in general to do that just yet.

Now, after my resolutions I always have smaller, less important goals or achievements. This year I would like to read at least ten 19th/20th century novels, so any recommendations of your favourites are welcome!  I want to start to save money.  Finally, I want to do well in school and record all of my test results so that I can see how I improve.

I hope you’ve all had a fulfilling and busy start to the year.  Bring on 2017!

Soph xx

My Goals: Christmas 2016

Hi guys,

Before I get into this post, I’m going to address the issue that some of you may have been a little confused about; the lack of  a blog post yesterday.  Last night I was at my parents evening at school (which was good & also a bit depressing, I’d update you in another post but I don’t want to ruin blogmas.  Basically, all my teachers thought I was good bar French, Science who didn’t know who I was and Maths, who is moving me down to set 3 after Christmas.  Go me and my astounding intellect!) so I couldn’t make a post and I didn’t have one scheduled.  I also had homework that night and a huge English assessment to prepare for (the first three questions, which were English Language GCSE for any of you wondering, went okay I think.  I still need to tweak them a little so I’m going to leave myself five minutes tomorrow to do that, but on the whole I think I’ve done alright) the following day.  My apologies, but I’m going to spend tonight making blog posts to go up over the weekend as I’m going to be busy revising Biology and I’m also at a friend’s birthday party sleepover, which should be really fun!  So, longest introduction ever that didn’t even relate to this post at all, and sorry for the overuse of brackets!

So, today I’m going to be giving you my goals for Christmas, but really December, for 2016. A lot of it might seem a bit boring to you guys, but I have seen people doing this over the blogosphere so I thought’d I’d jump on the bandwagon and do it too!

xmas ornament goals cover.jpg


My first goal for Christmas is blogmas, and to keep up with it.  Last year I had promised to keep up with it and I did about three posts in total, maybe a little more.  Whilst I have missed one day already, I hope that I won’t be missing too many in the future and that I can keep blogmas up all December.  I hope you’re all enjoying blogmas as well!


Of course we don’t go to school for too long in December because we have the Christmas holidays which start at the end of next week! Only six more days until I break up from school, I’m counting down the days!  However, I have my last week filled with assesments and tests, and I do want to actually do good on them.  I can’t promise anything to myself for maths, because my ability for that is shocking, but for English, Physics and Biology I would like to actually try and score well.


Of course December is the time for Christmas and all things festive, and I am going to be embracing that throughout the rest of December!  I want to go on festive walks and take pretty Christmas photos.  I’m going to do some Christmas baking – I’ve even made an unimpressive Christmas cake at school which I will possibly do a blog post on – so if you want to see a post on that then please do tell!  I’m going to order my Christmas jumper tonight and everything will be wonderfully festive.  Christmas yay!

Those were my three main Christmas goals, what are yours?  Leave me a comment!

Soph xx

Whats In My School Bag

Hi Guys!

I know I didn’t post yesterday so there *may* be a second post later tonight, one not related to back to school though.  Anyway, before  I begin I’d like to add the fact that I’m wearing a polo neck/turtle neck jumper with long sleeves in this gorgeous navy blue shade and a very dark red lipstick is making me really happy!  Today it Wiltshire we had the biggest thunderstorm I’ve been in (in England, I got into rather a precarious one in France but that’s another story) ever, it was raining and lightning and thundering and I felt so madly cosy!  The rain was so heavy it has flooded the stream in out back garden, making it so full and very muddy – it’s like some sort of small tsunami the water is going so fast.

Anyway, today I’m here to show you whats in my school bag.  Now, a lot of this you will have seen in my School Supplies Haul, but then some of it you wont.  I also will have a much fuller bag than this come September 2nd, as all my books and (extremely unfairly heavy French textbooks) will be shoved into the back compartment, alongside my lunch and whatever other random crap finds itself a home in here.  So, relish its cleanliness and perfectness while it lasts.


This here is my bag and I really love it!  It was from New Look for £19.99 and you can’t purchase it anymore because New Look don’t seem to have it on their website.  It might still be in some shops if you look quick, but it’s a real shame you can no longer get this as it is such a practical bag. There are similar ones though, so you could get one of them!

Anyway, the front quilted part has three zips, all of which function and open into large pockets.  The one right at the back of the quilted part is a really big pocket, which you can fit notebooks & pens into, the middle one is large enough to carry a small separate bag inside of, and the last one is just big enough for a scientific calculator!  The back pocket is really large and very spacious, I can easily hold all my back-aching books in it.  There are also water bottle pockets on either side, which are quite deep and could serve for holding your keys or even your phone.

The straps are really sturdy and I expect them to be able to withstand a lot of force when being packed to the brim! All the hardware is gold, but subtle gold, which I like.  I absolutely hate the gold which is all flashy flashy yellow gold.  No thanks.


Starting with the first small pocket, I have mathematical items.  My pink Casio scientific calculator, along with a weird triangle protractor thing that nobody ever uses nor knows how to use, and a protractor (which I’ve used but am still to master the art of protractor-ing).  I mean these are my least favourite things inside my bag, who likes calculators?


Next up is the second little pocket.  In here I have my beauty essential type things.  I have a MAC Mascara sample, a Peach Delight hand sanitizer (which will be getting replaced approximately every mont because whenever you bring out hand sanitizer everyone wants some, and I use it that often because I hate germs that it is sure to run out within a month), some hair bobbles for PE/Science/Food Tech, A Body Shop lip balm and a Body Shop hand cream mini in English Rose. I also have a compact mirror.  This all fits nicely into my Zoella Lace Collar detail coin purse.  I find these things are things I need to have on hand to use quite often, especially hand cream/sanitizer when I’m bored in lessons…


The back front pocket holds very simple things.  I have a notebook, which came in a pack of three from Paperchase for Christmas about three years ago.  Therefore I doubt it will be on the website for me to link it. However, it is such a pretty note book and I love it – slim compact note books are my weakness, I have about fifteen.  I use this for writing down French notes, such as words/phrases I may find useful and verb forms and things (don’t trust me when I talk about french, I know nothing about any of it, at all).  Then there is a simple pencil case from Paperchase also, which houses my colouring pencils (because I’m a three year old, and feel the need to colour in everything I see).  You’ll notice soon that colouring pens/pencils are a firm favourite of mine (I tell myself it’s because it makes me learn more and revison etc gets stuck in my head, but really it’s just so I can procrastinate and draw cartoon trees all over diagrams of the Carbon Cycle).


Now, the very back pocket, like the very back back main compartment, holds and will be holding, the majority of my stuff.  At the moment it looks a little bare but have vision, it shall soon be filled with scruffy looking, unattractive books and other deathly items!  The first thing is my Pukka Pad, with a little USB stick attached to the bottom, and my ruler also nestles itself within this notebook.  img_2736

The next thing is my pencil case.  It is actually a Jack Wills makeup bag, but because I repurpose things I got it for £6.50 in the sale (still a bit heavy for a makeup bag if you ask me, but it’s just so pretty and I’m a sucker for Jack Wills) and decided to cram it full of pens and pencils and colourful things.  There are four pens, one blue and the other three black.  Four skinny highlighters in pink, yellow, green and blue. A glue stick from Tesco because I am always the one at school who goes to get glue and ends up with one that looks like it’s been chewed up by a year seven, been through the hands of every destructive teengaer I know, is broken, has fifteen different peoples clumps of hair stuck to it and is dried up.  I figured my own glue stick would solve this issue.  I also have three mechanical pencils, and then my host of gorgeous Papermate colourful pens which literally are on every page of every school book because colour will save my education.  I have two regular penicls (from Jack Wills, might I add.  Matchy matchy, I know, you don’t have to congratulate me),  a ruler, rubber and pencil sharpner.


Lastly I have my pack of fineliners which also add the educational colour I need.


So, thats all in my School bag at the moment. Thank you for reading!

What does your school bag for this year look like??

Soph xx














I’m Back! (and something exciting)

I’m back and I have so much to say right now, I’ve missed blogging so much and I bring very exciting news.  Like, so exciting I’ll blow your socks of news because….I’m not being anonymous anymore.  That’s right, I’m literally about to tell you my name and shove it out for the world to see!

My name is Sophie.  But you can call me Soph, or Sophie, I guess I don’t mind either way.  Most people call me Soph though.

That’s weird, really weird…

Anyway, now that’s out of the way, I was going to ask you all if you though I should chnage the name of my blog?   I think Zalfie Fanatic doesn’t reflect me as a person.  I used it as a shell to hide under but really now my name is out, I want things to be a bit more Sophie!  I still love Zalfie and watch them obviously but I need to get a new name and spruce up my blog a bit. Any suggestions are very welcome!

So, now all the important and exciting stuff is out of the way, I’ll move onto updates (seriously, more updates? Your updates are boring now…)

I moved, as you’re well aware.  And I also moved schools.  Before anyone asks, as soon as my room is done and I like it, I’ll do a room tour.  Anyway, my new house is great as is my new school, and I’ve met some really nice girls who I really like.  I miss my old friends a lot, but they’re still easily accessible (Sav and Mole, as you read this please do not think i consider you a supermarket item, for that is what sprang to mind as I compared you to something ‘easily accessible’.  I love you both v muchly♥) and we keep in touch loads.  Its weird to be in a new place I know nothing about, but it’s nearly been two weeks now and it’s easy enough to settle in and feel like its home, if you ever wanted a post on how to do that (I don’t know why you would, I must be really desperate)  I could always make one.

So, yeah, I guess that wasn’t the longest of posts, but I just wanted to say I’m back (that would be because we got internet installed yesterday) and I decided in Ibiza that I didn’t care who found this blog now, whether you know me or don’t know me, I should be happy about it (which I am) and shouldn’t care about being anonymous.  That’s why my name is now out, Sophie.

My new school gives me loads of homework, lots more than I anticipated (and more than I care to have, obviously) but I’ll try keep up to blogging alongside my homework.  Most of my homework gets done late, like 1.30am this morning late.  Anyway, that doesn’t really matter.





Hi guys,

I’m sorry I’ve not been active for crazy time, what, is it three weeks now?? I just thought I’d update you on why I’ve not been posting, but I’ll be back to a normal posting schedule (lol not like I have one of those) after this week.  

May is exams.  And I’m doing progress tests, lots of progress tests.  This means I’m revising every night and it also just so happens to be very warm this week, so naturally I’m going to be outside soaking up all that well deserved sunshine I so rarely get in England.  So, that’s why I’m not here.  I had my first exam yesterday which was history, and my second today which was science.  I hated them both by the way! Tomorrow is maths and English and next week I have Geogrpahy & I think my languages and then hopefully I’m all done! But I’ve got most of my main ones out of the way this week so expect a post this weekend about, you’ll never guess, revision. To be quite honest, I think I’ve crammed enough in over these past few days to be quite a qualified revision instructor, and hopefully the guide I’m going to smash together will help you because I’ll be including tips, things you’re going to need, websites and YouTube channels I found helpful and more so keep your eyes out for that! 

So yeah, wish me luck in all my exams and I’ll be back this weekend! Meanwhile, here’s a picture of my cats enjoying the sun for you 🙂

Well, actually only one because the other wouldn’t cooperate, typical when I try to take nice pictures of them! 

Bye xx

All images are mine 🙂

Where Am I

Truthfully, I’m not quite sure.  

I still want to move, yes.  I want a change of scenery from dull, dreary Yorkshire down to fresher, less grey Wiltshire.  But with everything comes doubt, or at least for me this seems the case.  

I’ve been at my new school just over a year now, and I’ve made some amazing friends and gotten rid of all the people who were being a negative influence to my life. The people I have are so important to me and I don’t want to let them go.  Everything now seems so real, and even though I didn’t think this would effect me, it really has done.  I sit on a night and think about how badly I’ll miss my friends & how much they care about me, how much I love them and would do anything for them.  What’s worse, my friends don’t want me to leave and it makes it so hard leaving such caring people behind.

But I waffle, and I’m sure nobody really cares *lauging crying emoji*.

The reason I’m not super active at the moment is because of the reasons mentioned above & that I have tons of school work piling up around me, literally it is suffocating me which is horrible.  I’m tying to dig my way through it, but it’s taking a considerable amount of time. 

Soon though, before the week-end, I’ll be putting up a ‘notebook collection & uses’ post and I’m going shopping on Saturday with my friends so I’ll have a haul post coming up for you I reckon! 

I’ll be back next week, and better than ever.  I just needed a few weeks (partially) away to just think about stuff.

Bye xx

*featured image is mine

My Daily Makeup Routine For School

Before I start, this is in no means a makeup tutorial.  And I am in no means a makeup artist.  I cant even draw a straight line.  I’m useless.  You guys probably won’t even find this interesting.  But if you do, and for whatever odd fluke of a feeling (you’re most likely unwell, seek medical attention) that makes you want to take inspiration from this look or even better still, copy it, I’d be honoured.  And lastly, in this odd disclaimer like paragraph, sorry you can’t actually see the final look.  You know, anonymous blogging and all.

So, today I’m showing you the makeup I wear to school & on an every day basis.  This makeup look is quite light, and I do change it up on a weekend or when I’m going out and go heavier (especially on the eyes).  Anyway, here is my light daily makeup routine.


So first I’ll cleanse my face & put on some moisturiser, but I’m not going to go into detail with that as I do have a skincare routine coming up. I will then take my Rimmel London Lasting Finish concealer in shade porcelain, which is the lightest shade so suits my ghostly skin, and taking this on a small concealer brush I will place it under my eyes, around my nose and over any blemishes or spots.  I then blend this in with a larger brush.

I will then take my Rimmel London Match Perfection Loose Powder in shade translucent and dust this all over my face, not only to set my concealer but to mattify the the rest of my face, eliminating any oiliness I may experince throughout the day.  After this I apply a small touch of Boot’s own brand Natural Collection blush in shade dusky pink to the apples of my cheek.  I really love how creamy & easy to blend this blush is, and how the colour is not too harsh.  It is a perfect colour for pale skin tones.  Sometimes if I have time I will do a light contour and highlight but most of the time I tend not to.

After this, I quickly apply some lip balm in preparation for my lipstick later on.  I use the Palmers original cocoa butter formula moisturising lip balm, which I love and is my go to lip balm.

Next is my eyes, where I will go to my absolute favourite eye-shadow palette at the moment, which is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.


Firstly, I’ll take the shade Salted Carmel and use this in my crease and just above as a transitional colour.  I’ll then take Milk Chocolate and use this directly into my crease to add a touch more depth and definition.  After that I take Creme Brulee & Marzipan together onto my eyelid.  The two together are very shimmery, as they are alone but when blended together they look quite discreet and generally lovely.  They are quite eye-enlargening if you know what I mean, and I just love the look this gives.  One tip I have is to make sure you blend everything into each other.  You want this eye look to be seamless and very well blended because then it will look more natural & just better.  It’s a pet peeve of mine when peoples eye-shadow isn’t blended and they have really harsh lines.

Lastly for my eyes, I will line my tight line (upper waterline) with a black eye pencil to make my lashes look thicker, then curl my eyelashes so they are ready for mascara.  The mascara I use is Maybelline Lash Sensational & this is honestly my favourite mascara of all time ever.  It makes your eyelashes so individual and long, which I prefer to volume.  I like my eyelashes to be perfect, so I can spend up to 10 minutes on these getting them all the right length.

And finally to complete the look, I apply some Collection lipstick in shade Rosewood.  Sometimes I line my lips beforehand, other times not.  It depends on all the time I have.

So, there you have it.  My daily makeup routine for school.  I really hoped you enjoyed this, because I did.  I hope to do many more makeup themed posts on this blog – you’ll definitely be seeing some in the very near future!



2015: A Year In Review

2015 has been quite the year – nothing that I would’ve expected; that’s for sure.

I’m not going to bore you with the whole ‘new year new me’ (oh no, we have all that in a separate post coming up in the new year) but be warned, I may accidentally through my stone heart let out soppy feelings of love and joy towards you all. But for now, before we start, in case I actually forget to say it throughout (which I most likely will do – sin’t it odd how you can write a post all about the year gone by and the year coming yet forget to actually wish everyone a happy new year), here is a happy new year to you all.

happy new year

In 2015, the birth of this blog happened, and so I met all of you guys!  I appreciate you all so much more than you might think, and I’m so glad I started blogging.  Anonymous blogging is weird really, and I’ll admit has probably got me less followers, not being able to have social media accounts massively like other people do to advertise their  was hard, but I’ve really learned to overcome that and appreciate you all for what you are, and how I’ve managed to get all 62 of you reading this blog.

To even think that 62 of you read this blog regularly enough to have followed me is insane 0 when I started out I never expected to have such a nice group of followers who are all so kind and lovely – I really do love you all for making my blogging experience so wonderful.  Long may it continue!

2015 saw me moving school, which was a tough change, but one I’m proud of and am so glad I did.  I’ll soon be doing a post all about this, but I want to say now, if you are having a tough time at school moving school could be the answer to your problems – sometimes a fresh slate is all we need!  I’ve met some amazing friends & people who I love so much, and even though they’re not reading this I just want to say a huge thank you to all of them.

So today I’m here with a few questions to myself, to wrap up the year and document it.  Maybe you guys might just find this interesting, I hope so, but if not, try these questions and just feel good about yourself & all you’ve accomplished!

1. How has 2015 been for you?

2015 has been everything, a complete roller-coaster.  And I totally hate roller-coasters, but this year was one I didn’t mind.  I’ve had countless happy moments, great achievements not only in my life but on my blog right here – like when I hit 50 followers & 1,500 views! Like I said above, I moved school & made new friendships, all of which I’m so proud of myself for. 2015 hasn’t actually been too hard of a year for me, just hard to adjust to.  I’m so thankful that I’ve experienced no sadness in huge waves in 2015 & I hope the exact same will happen for 2016.

2. What are your three proudest achievements?

I started a blog, which was a major step into something I had no idea about but I’m so glad I did.  I’m proud of all the amazing friendships I’ve made & the fact that my blog has got so far is so amazing & I thank you all for that!

I defeated my far of roller-coasters (partially)!  This is a super big deal for me because roller-coasters are the enemy, but it stops me from having fun when we go on school trips like the one in September to Drayton Manor.  I went on a ride the went upside down, I’m really proud of myself for doing that and hope it makes me able to have loads more fun at theme parks with my friends!

I spent 5 days (4 nights) away from home in a foreign country when I went on a school trip to Spain.  This meant me travelling alone with my friends & battling against Stanstead Airport in the early hours of the morning – obviously teachers were there but the whole trip was an independence thing so it meant us doing things by ourselves.  I ordered food on multiple occasions & the right food turned up, and I had the most fun!  I’m proud of myself for staying away from home and being independent, and not letting the fact that I was desperately ill ruin my trip!

3.  Two memories from 20115 that you never want to forget?

Going to France with my family, we had the best time!  It was so warm & pretty, the South of France is gorgeous & we went swimming in rivers – it was the best thing ever.  We also went to Pont Du Garde which is this amazing river with loads of little fish in it and you can swim about in it.  It was so fun & I had so many laughs, the weather was the hottest I’d ever experienced (45 degrees Celsius) and I loved it.

Then probably Drayton manor where I properly met my best friend!

3.  What are three words to desribe 2015?

Memorable, Funny and Distinct.

4. What do you want to leave behind in 2015 & what are you bringing into 2016?

I’m leaving behind all my mistakes & worries, everything that leads to my worrying can just stay behind & anyone who is a snake can also do the same.  I’m getting rid of toxic people in my life & having only people I love & have time for, and people who have love & time for me.  If the feelings not mutual, then you really can just go away, get in the bin and don’t come back.  I really don’t need people with negative influences in my life.

Into 2016 I’m bringing lots, friends who love me & good vibes being mainly two.  Like I said before, bad vibes be gone.  I am bringing productivity (or at least what I have left of it) and good (as good as they can get) grades on my work.

So guys, those were all my questions that hopefully summed up 2015 for you and for me.  If you’re wanting to make a stab at one of these posts & would like to use those questions, feel free – infact, I urge you all to do so because it’s just really nice to have everything documented and down in one place looking lovely so you can look back on it this time next year & compare your years.  Hopefully it will bring you lots of happiness & if not, it will be a good vent to get your worries out before the new year.

I set you all one goal, aim to start 2016 on a positive note!  Last year New Years Eve brought me falling out with some friends from my old school and I can say it wasn’t pleasant going into 2015 with bad stuff bubbling away in my head, it stopped me focusing on important things & stole all my attention. Make sure that you all head into 2016 full of positivity & with love.


 I tried to find on the wordpress dashboard how to find all my most popular posts clubbed together or even just an overview of the year, but I couldn’t and I was too lazy to search through my blog and compile on myself.  If anyone could inform me on how to access something similar to this I’d be super duper grateful. I’d rather like to update this post with that information, if not only for myself.

Thank you all so very much for such an amazing year, I’ve loved it and I hope you all have too.

Have a happy new year xx



Back To School With ZF: Organisation & Study Tips

So, here is the first part to ‘back to school with ZF’.  Sorry it took such a while to get to you, but my laptop died and I have only just found the charger after I came back from my Grandma & Grandad’s.

So, here are my organisation tips for a successful, procrastination free school year!

1. When writing notes or studying, writing in colour rather than black/blue ink.  The information will stay in your mind much better.

2. Another study tip, introducing a new scent/taste while studying and have the same scent/taste while doing the test you’re studying for.  This will make you remember what you were studying.

3. Write things down.  I always write things down to make myself stay organised.  I think everyone should own a diary/planner.  I get one provided by school & I write most school related things in it (homework due dates, events etc).  It helps me stay organised and on track with my work.  Then at home I have a weekly planner (like pictured below) to write down blogging details etc.  This helps me keep updated with my (un apparent) schedule.

That is my exact one.  If you’d like a more detailed guide to how I plan this out then I can definetly do that for you guys!

4. Make sure you are prepared! There is nothing worse than not having pens/pencils or couloiringg items.  You’ll need these for projects and other homework, so it’s best to have them.  I recommend that everyone at school has at least the basics:

*optional/if teachers require it

A pen & a spare pen

A pencil & a spare pencil

A sharpener and rubber/eraser

A ruler

A highlighter

*green/red biro

I think those should be in anyone’s bag as a minimum, and that is what I bring with me to school in a pencil case.

Then for at home you should have some colouring things for if you’re making a poster etc.  Also havin a few spare pens, pencils and other basics at home is a good idea.

This way you can try and complete your homework on time and to a decent standard!

5. Organise your computer.  I don’t know if it’s just me (it probably is, and it’s probably weird) but I tend to do a lot, if not all of my homework on the computer. So, here’s the weird part, I organise my computer.  Take for instance this:

School Work – would be the name of my file. Inside the file I’d have mini child files, which are subject names.  Say I’ll have Maths, English, Geography…. You get the gist?

So, all my work will be organised into certain, subject appropriate files.  And inside those subject files, I’ll have more files separating my homework from notes.  And inside the notes file I’ll have topics, and in the homework file I will have draft files/the real thing.  This is what my Maths file would look like:

School Work


Maths H/WK.          Maths Notes.

Drafts.                      Algebra

Final Pieces             Data

So that’s just a (bad) representation of how my files are set out so I can be super organised!

6. Take notes when you’re in class, even if only very rough.  Write them up to be more understandable later, and you’ll benefit from them later.

7.  When you study with cute stationary you’ll feel more accomplished.  I don’t know that for sure, I’ve not tested it or anything but I’m pretty sure it’s true.  At least it effects me like this.

8. When studying you need a spot that is comfortable, well lit, free of distractions & a good size.  This way you’ll work way more & be much more efficient.

9.  Specifically if you’re studying for a big, important test, you should limit your time on the internet to only an hour a night unless you’re using internet resources for studying.  This is one of the steps to stay distraction free while studying!

10. Make sure your room stays in a tidy state to allow you to be calmer.  Then when studying you won’t be worrying about what you have to do.  Another thing to do is create to-do lists.

Okay so that is all the tips that I have come up with for you guys today!  I’m really sorry that this first post took such a while to get to you!  I’m spending most of my day today making lots of posts that I can post for you guys, so hopefully we can stay on a daily schedule!

Please comment with your ideas for what you guys want in the back to school series!!

Zalfie Fanatic Out!♥