A Little Book Haul

A few books I bought last weekend at the Scope charity shop where I volunteer!


Most of you might not know, but I actually volunteer at a charity shop on a Saturday morning for my DofE, and whilst before this weekend I haven’t been all too interested in the actual stock they have, I have a new appreciation for the books section in charity shops.  Scope (the charity shop I work for) price all their books at £1.00, and they’re about the only section I have any interest in because charity shop clothing has never boded well for me and I never find anything I like in either the clothing or homeware departments anyway.  However, working quite closely with the book section of the shop I’ve found so many gems that I’ve wanted to buy, and this Saturday I succumbed to buying just a few!


Now, some kind soul had donated so many of the books from the wordsworth classics range, and they were all completely brand new, never used!  I was pricing them up and found the three I really wanted, although there were many others which I will be buying next week if they aren’t gone!  I got Pride and Prejudice, which I’ve never read but I’m certain I’ll love because I adore the BBC drama of it (Mr Darcy played by Colin Firth is to die for!), I also picked up The Great Gatsby which I’ve started already and Wuthering Heights, another one I really want to read.  I can’t wait to get all these read and perhaps I’ll even do reviews on them!


And the final book I got is Beautiful Broken Things which is by Sara Barnard.  Ive wanted to read this ever since Zoe put it  in her book club for WH Smiths, because I read We Were Liars from there and loved it.  I’m positive I’ll really enjoy this one as well!


Have you ever read any of these books?  What is your favourite book?  What is your favourite classics book?  Make sure to leave me a comment and tell me!  I hope this has inspired you to check out your local charity shops book section, you can find some amazingly affordable books that have barely ever been touched there!

Love Soph xx

LUSH Bathbomb Review: Pumpkin

Hey guys!

I am sorry there were no posts last week, I was super busy with homework & things to even get one written!  However I’m back this week and in true autumnal spirit I’m going to be reviewing one of my favourite LUSH bathbombs: Pumpkin! 

Now my bathbomb looks a little disfigured here, however he is really the cutest little pumpkin ever!  The bathbomb is an orangey-yellow colour & has a pumpkin Halloween face carved into the front.  The colours are very autumnal, when it fizzes there is a massive splurge of yellows and oranges in loads of different shades.  Also, it fizzes pretty slowly which means you can enjoy the colours for longer! 

The bathbomb itself smells amazing & is a really strong scent which made the whole of my upstairs of the house smell like Autumn! It has berry oil, cinnamon and vanilla in it, so as you can imagine it’s a very warm scent which is spicy and not sweet!  It does remind me of the scent of the bathbomb Yogabomb (also from LUSH & the only bathbomb which gets me through the year when Autumn lush products aren’t out!).  

It makes the water extremely silly and moisturising, as do most of the LUSH bathbombs and you leave the bath feeling so fresh, warm and soft!  The scent also carries on your skin really well which is always a great thing to have from a bathbomb.  

What is your favourite LUSH bathbomb from the Autumn collection?  Will you be heading into LUSH any time soon to pick up some autumnal bits (PS, the Christmas products are out too and I just couldn’t help myself to snow fairy scented everything!)?  Let me know in the comments! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll see you Saturday! 

Soph xx