A Little Book Haul

A few books I bought last weekend at the Scope charity shop where I volunteer!


Most of you might not know, but I actually volunteer at a charity shop on a Saturday morning for my DofE, and whilst before this weekend I haven’t been all too interested in the actual stock they have, I have a new appreciation for the books section in charity shops.  Scope (the charity shop I work for) price all their books at £1.00, and they’re about the only section I have any interest in because charity shop clothing has never boded well for me and I never find anything I like in either the clothing or homeware departments anyway.  However, working quite closely with the book section of the shop I’ve found so many gems that I’ve wanted to buy, and this Saturday I succumbed to buying just a few!


Now, some kind soul had donated so many of the books from the wordsworth classics range, and they were all completely brand new, never used!  I was pricing them up and found the three I really wanted, although there were many others which I will be buying next week if they aren’t gone!  I got Pride and Prejudice, which I’ve never read but I’m certain I’ll love because I adore the BBC drama of it (Mr Darcy played by Colin Firth is to die for!), I also picked up The Great Gatsby which I’ve started already and Wuthering Heights, another one I really want to read.  I can’t wait to get all these read and perhaps I’ll even do reviews on them!


And the final book I got is Beautiful Broken Things which is by Sara Barnard.  Ive wanted to read this ever since Zoe put it  in her book club for WH Smiths, because I read We Were Liars from there and loved it.  I’m positive I’ll really enjoy this one as well!


Have you ever read any of these books?  What is your favourite book?  What is your favourite classics book?  Make sure to leave me a comment and tell me!  I hope this has inspired you to check out your local charity shops book section, you can find some amazingly affordable books that have barely ever been touched there!

Love Soph xx

My New Years Resolutions

Hi guys,

Quick announcement, the name of my blog has changed from I’m A Zalfie Fanatic to Love, Soph.  It may still be subject to change, but please tell me your opinions on the new blog name in the comments!

Welcome to 2017!  I’m ready for this year and I really want to make it as good for me and hopefully better than 2016.  It’s a shame I had to start off my year with History revision, but moving aside from that depressing fact, I’m here today to tell you about my resolutions for 2017.

I know, it may seem shocking that I’m serious about doing these resolutions, but I really am.  Hopefully by doing this I’ll make my 2017 a positive and more organised experience for myself.

  1. Eat Healthy: I’ve got some ideas of healthy meals, most from my pinterest, which I’d like to follow, especially for breakfast and lunch.  I’m the biggest culprit for missing breakfast, dying of starvation until lunch and then proceeding to gorge on an easy packet of crisps and chocolate bar I found in my cupboard for lunch.  I’m planning on making nice salads and wraps.  I don’t know, we’ll see how long this lasts.  As you can imagine, this has been the subject of much hilarity in my house this past week or so.
  2. Exercise: I really don’t exercise enough.  I’m not overweight but I feel like if I exercised more often I’d feel a lot healthier as person and I am looking to tone up too, especially for summer (I’m lazy so yes, it will take me half of the year to tone up).
  3. Drinking more water:  I need to quit my drinking of fizzy drinks and sugary things hopefully down to just water.  I’ve been drinking a considerably good amount today and I’m hoping for this to make me healthier and also clear up my skin!
  4. Do my homework the night I get it: I am such a procrastinator, so I’ll always leave my homework until the night before it is due, and then it ends up being really bad!  If I do it the night that I get it then the knowledge from my lessons will be fresh in my mind and I can do it better, I hope!
  5. Waking up early: and hopefully going to bed at a more sensible time than 4am too.  My body clock has honestly been ruined by my staying up too late and waking up at 3pm (don’t judge me, my bed is just so comfy).  I’m wanting to wake up by 6:30pm on weekdays because usually I’m up at 8:10am, ten minutes before I should go to school.  Waking  up earlier I hope will make me more tired and I’ll fall asleep before 1am?  We can only hope!
  6. Developing my blog:  This year will be the year that my blog flourishes!  I’m hoping to have made it to 500 by the end of 2017, if I do I will be so happy.  I want to produce quality content for you all, and my new posting schedule will be 6PM (GMT) on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  There will be lots of reviews and I have a few exciting posts coming up!  I would really like to go self hosted, but I don’t think I know enough about it or about blogging in general to do that just yet.

Now, after my resolutions I always have smaller, less important goals or achievements. This year I would like to read at least ten 19th/20th century novels, so any recommendations of your favourites are welcome!  I want to start to save money.  Finally, I want to do well in school and record all of my test results so that I can see how I improve.

I hope you’ve all had a fulfilling and busy start to the year.  Bring on 2017!

Soph xx

Summer Bucket List 2016

Hey guys!

Today I’m bringing you a summer bucket list post, which is basically everything I want to do this summer.  Since I broke up from school today, I thought this was very apt considering it was my first day of summer (well, technically) and I can refer to this over summer and change the text colour to show what I’ve done.  Hopefully this will be really good to link in the end of some of my posts (if I complete one of the ‘tasks’) and you can see what I’ve been doing all summer long!  If any of you guys want to make a summer bucket list, I think it’s an amazing idea because it’s going to be really fun to do and you can track your progress alongside mine.

Summer bucket list op 2

  1. Posting often: In the post I put up tonight (here) I explained how I want to post more often for summer.  I have a notebook full f ideas and I just hope to post a lot more!
  2. Visit Bath: There’s a city near me that you’ve probably heard of, it’s called Bath.  Anyway, I’ve been a few times before but I want to go again this summer and spend a lot of time there, take pretty pictures and do some shopping!  Its such a gorgeous place – if any of you are ever in Wiltshire area you have to visit, it’s so pretty. I’ll be sure to do a post when I go!
  3. Seaside: Now, I know that this summer we’re going to loads of places and I think we’re going to Cornwall, Devon and Bourenmouth for the day.  Not only will I be going to three beaches, I’m going to Devon & Cornwall which are so gorgeous.  I’ve been to a beach before, obviously, but I cant wait to go this summer, especially with the weather being so nice!
  4. Get a tan: Like I said previously, the weather down here is amazing at the moment.  Seriously, I was just in the (paddling, but large) pool in the rubber ring sun bathing.  I never tan, I just burn (sometimes), however usually I just multiply in freckles and remain pale!  I really want a tan this summer, and I’m part the way there because my arms are looking browner than usual!
  5. See a gorgeous sunset: The other day I was outside an I saw a really pretty sunset, but I don’t just want to see a pretty sunset.  I want to see a really gorgeous sunset, all pink and orange skies and the sun setting, I mean I guess thats what a sunset is…  Anyway, I saw a nice sunset in Ibiza recently, it’s also the main photo on my blog, but I want to see more!  cropped-img_2007.jpg
  6. Eat healthily: I saw a post on Mia’s blog (post here, go check out her blog!) about how she’s been eating healthily for two weeks and it inspired me to try eating better for the entire of my holidays, and hopefully I’ll work up a habit.  The thing is that she still ate the things she liked, but in moderation, which I *think* I can do.  I also really want to eat more fruit, drink more smoothies and do workouts.
  7. Ride a bike: I feel like when I say this, I’m implying I can’t ride a bike.  I can, calm yourselves.  However, I dont have a bike (becuuase I very rarely use one) but I want to start going on bike rides with Alex.  I’ll borrow my Dad’s because seriously who wants to spend money on a bike, but theres some really pretty bike rides around my area so I want to bike ride around them – plus I can hatch all my pokemon eggs at the same time (oh for gods sake are you really on that craze. Duh, what did you expect).
  8. Films: I have so many films to watch/see this summer.  I want to see Ice Age 5 (I am a religious follower since age five), Finding Dory (again, who hasn’t been sat on the edge of their seats since they were three waiting for this), and Netflix has added loads of new films I want to watch recently – TFIOS being one, even though I’ve seen it already!  I need to revisit my old faves too (Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Cocktail).
  9. Bake: I really want to bake loads of lovely things this summer (which totally contradicts with point 6) because I would like to start experimenting with decorating cupcakes, new recipied etc.  This is also going to be beneficial for my Food GCSE.
  10. Books: I have books to read guys, like so many.  I’m currently reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – amazing.  I want to have read enough so that at the end of the summer I can do a round up of books I want to show you guys!

So, that was my Summer Bucket List.  I really hope you enjoyed it.  I think it’s important to keep it short, so it’s realisitc.  If you fill it with 100+ tumblr fueled ideas, chances are you wont complete it, and then you’ll feel sorry about your life and how sad it is.  Anyway,I digress.


Soph xx

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