My Skincare Favourites: Sensitive And Dry Skin

My favourite skincare products with some horrible pictures – better ones are to follow!


I’ve never done a post specifically targeted to drier, more sensitive skin, which seems odd to me considering that is my skin type.  Typically, I have dry skin which is pretty sensitive, although (luckily for me!) I don’t break out often.  While some may experience breakouts when it comes to using the wrong products for their skin type, I tend to just experience dryness or redness, or a stinging sensation, especially around my eyes.  Anyway, over recent months I’ve managed to compile a selection of skincare which is PERFECT for any of you dry/sensitive skin sufferers around here!  Hopefully this will help you if you’re looking for some products to add moisture to your skin, or a new favourite product even if you don’t have the need for sensitive skin tailored products  – seriously, who doesn’t want some super moisturising, gentle skincare once in a while!


So, starting with my more moisturiser related products, I have the Superdrug Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mask.  I had reviewed this a while ago, but I just want to reinforce the point; this is so amazing for stopping dry skin right in it’s track.  I totally love to use this, and when it’s soaked in I’ll wash it off with the scrub I’m going to talk about in a bit and it makes your skin so soft and it is so gentle!  It’s a win win situation.  Sadly for me, I get dry skin pretty much all over my body, especially my legs and this Nivea Creme is something that I feel has been around for ages – I have some memories of it from when I was younger, which is just weird!  I guess it shows that it sticks around, probably because it works.  I lather this on quite thick whenever I have dry patches of skin and leave it on overnight: by morning, my skin is smooth and soft!  My final dry skin saviour here is the Nuxe Paris Multi Purpose Dry Oil, and I love it.  When my face is really dry, I tend to use this under my moisturiser and it’s guaranteed to fix my issues!


The next thing I’m going to talk about is right in the back (sorry you can’t see because these pictures are so horrible!  I took them last night, bad lighting etc, I’m going to take some better quality ones very soon and update the post!) and it’s the Garnier Soothing Vitamin E Enriched Toner.  This is such a gentle yet effective toner, and it really helps even out my skin after washing.  Toners are really important after you’ve cleansed your skin to rebalance your pH levels, and so I always make sure to use one – this Garnier one is really refreshing and I look forward to using it every day!

Finally, from what I think is one of THE BEST high street skincare brands out there, the Neutrogena Spot Stress Control daily scrub.  I love this so much, it’s a gentle scrub which really helps to keep my skin soft and it claims to keep spots at bay – I use this daily, so perhaps this is the saviour to not having too many spots at the moment.  It smells very refreshing, like cucumber, and so is very calming on the skin.

I hope this post maybe helped some of you find some new skincare favourites!  Have you got any skincare holy grails?  Make sure to tell me in the comments!

Soph xx

My Summer Skincare Routine

Hi guys!

Today I’m bringing you my skincare routine for Summer.  I tend to not change the products I use too much from season to season however I change moisturisers and face wash quite often.  I’ve done a skincare routine on my blog before I think but it was an older post and most of my older posts are pretty bad quality and I’m not very proud of them.

summer skincare routine

First I cleanse my face with the Simple Purifying Cleanser.  This is a lotion you apply with cotton wool and I really love it because it’s very moisturising.  It helps with dry skin a lot, which I used to have a problem with but now I don’t!img_2396

Next, I remove my eye makeup.  I tend to wear a lot of mascara, and quite often heavy eye shadow.  I need something really powerful to remove the makeup, yet without being too abrasive to my eyes.

Most of the time I use the simple eye makeup removing liquid and the eye makeup removing lotion.  I like both of these because they don’t affect my vision, and they generally do a good job at removing my makeup.  If my makeup is being particularly stubborn, I tend to use the No7 beautiful skin cleansing oil.  This is highly moisturising and makes eye makeup slip off very easily but makes your vision cloudy and blurred for like 20 minutes and so I might not recommend it for that reason.

Next up I head to the sink and wash my face.  I’ll tie back my hair in a very ugly, miss trunchball style messy bun and use the Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel.  I really like this because it’s a gel, it foams really easy but is weirdly cooling to the face.  I find it really helps to reduce spots and also removes any leftover traces of makeup.  I like to use warm water for this because it opens my pores and really lets the cleanser do its job.  Next I use the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating face scrub.  This removes all the dead skin and leaves your face feeling baby soft!


After this, I tone my face with the Nivea Refreshing Toner which you can see I’m pretty much all out.  I love this toner.  Toner is so important, I feel like so many people forget this step because it just seems a bit useless, but it really isn’t.  It’s super cooling and refreshing but also helps to even out any dark or red patches in your skin.


Finally, I moisturise using the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser.  I really love this moisturiser for summer because its light so not only does it not feel too thick under makeup, it still feels like a thick moisturiser doing a great job.  I’d change this in the winter to a thicker, more targeted to dry skin moisturiser.  It’s really important to keep your lips moisturised too, even in summer.  I use the Palmers Cocoa Butter lip balm – really cheap but the best lip balm I ever tried by miles.  If I’m spotty that day I apply some of the Tea Tree Witch Hazel Spot Wand from Boots (cheap and effective).  If I’m majorly spotty I’ll apply a thick layer of Sudocreme and leave it to soak overnight. img_2399

That’s all for my skincare routine guys!  I hope you liked it!  What products do you use for your skin, have you got any recommendations?

Soph xx

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