Back To School Stationery Haul

A few pits I picked up for back to school!

Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, I am going into year 11 in September.  Yes, GCSE year. Only a ~bit~ nervous!  Before I go back to school every year, I like to pick up some bits of stationery to bring with me that year; sometimes its a lot, other times not so much.  This year, there isn't as much as I'd usually get, however I do have a few more bits to pick up. Since I had big end of year exams in year 10, I had bought all the folders and things that I need for my subjects in year 11, and also all my books and revision guides at the start of year 10.  So, this post basically just shows you some of the staples that I need for the year that I've bought now, and then I'll pick up a couple of extra bits I need next time I'm out shopping.  I also need to get a new school bag, and so I'll do a post all about that and what I'm keeping in it, along with everything else that will be in my pencil case!

Now thats explained, I'll move onto what I actually bought! Everything in this post is from Tesco, as their back to school stuff is amazing value and super great quality.

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The first thing I picked up was my new pencil case, and this was £3.00!  It's so cute, and it's a canvas material, super roomy and not really very structured, which I really like as I can fit more into it, and it goes into my bag easier too.  I love the pattern on it, and it's lined with a really nice hot pink fabric, which will be really easy to wipe down so that it wont get too dirty! Also, another thing I like about this is that the zip is really sturdy rubber, you can't see it in this picture, but it's strong and should last me the whole year!

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I also got some pens and pencils, pretty obvious necessities really.  My favourite pens are these ballpoint ones from Papermate in the InkJoy range; they write so smoothly and they're amazing to hold.  They were £1.50 for five. I also got these Zebra retractable ballpoint pens and they were £2.00 for ten.  These are hands down my favourite pens, they write really nicely, don't smudge (so they work great with highlighters), and have really comfortable grips on them.  I also got some Staedtler pencils, and this pack is great as you get a whole variety of widths of pencil lead (I think that's what the B's and H's and numbers mean!) – they were £1.50.

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You can't see too well in this picture, but I also got five document wallets for £1.00, which is amazing value.  They came in light blue, like a normal blue shade, navy blue, black and hot pink.  I like to keep a couple of these in my bag at a time, one for loose sheets and letters and the other to keep in any books I use for english or any revision guides, because I like to have those separate from my other bits for whatever reason!  Plus, when I have one folder for loose sheets/homework sheets it makes it really easy to keep them separate, take them home and put them in the right folders or just know where my homework is for when I finally decide to do it!

I also got some rubbers (or erasers, as I know that for some people 'rubbers' has an entirely different meaning!!) in various different sizes and colours.  I like this, because it should last me all throughout the year; I use pen most often and so I don't find myself needing a rubber that often apart from if I'm drawing diagrams in Geography or something.  This pack was only £1.00, and it's great value.

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The final thing I picked up was this pack of glue sticks for £2.50, and I really like this pack as it has smaller glue sticks which are perfect for my pencil case.  School never has enough glue in some lessons and so I figured it would be easier if I just had a mini one in my pencil case.  I don't know how good they'll be, but I guess we'll see.

Thats all the main things I've picked up for year 11, things like highlighters and a ruler I already have in my house and you'll see that in another post!

Soph xx


Making You Feel Better During That Time Of The Month: Betty Box Review

Recently, Betty Box got in touch with me asking if I’d like to review their monthly subscription box which is centred around your period and designed especially for teen girls (although I can imagine that people who aren’t teenagers would love this too, it is just full of great bits and bobs that really help you feel that bit more normal during that time of the month!), and of course I jumped at the chance and said yes!  This box is filled with loads of treats to make your period less of a pain, and because you design it when you subscribe, it comes with the sanitary products you love and know work for you – all for £6.99 for your first box, then £10.50 every month after.  For the price, what you get is such a bargain!

So, how exactly does Betty Box work? I wondered the exact same, because of course, everyone’s periods are different, they fall at different times of the month and need all sorts of products.  Betty box has such a unique and personalised subscription service, so the box you receive every month is perfectly tailored to you and your body!

  • The box contains everything you’ll need to get you through the month, in a handy little pouch labelled ‘for now’, you receive liners and pads, in a box labelled ‘for later’, you receive your choice of sanitary products for the daytime, and in a box labelled ‘for night’, you receive your choice of products for the nighttime!  It’s so customisable, as Betty Box have loads of brands to choose from, and you can get a selection of all pads, all tampons, or a mixed selection!  I chose to have a mixed selection of products, in order to truly test out everything.  Betty Box have all sorts of brands, including Always, Body Form, Tampax, Lil Lets and Kotex – you’re sure to find something that you use or that works for you and your body with their huge selection!
  • Once you’ve made your box by going online and choosing all the sanitary products you want in there, you then pick a delivery date.  At first, this is where I thought how can a box like this work if there is only one date it is delivered on.  Of course, there isn’t just one date – there are three!  This way you choose either the 10th, 20th or 28th of the month to have your box sent to you, so it comes in time for your period!

Betty Box is a teen version of the popular subscription box for periods called ‘Pink Parcel’, and they also have a website, Betty.Me, where they write about everything and anything you could want to read about: style, lifestyle, body and people.  It’s like an online magazine!

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all here to see what is inside the box – so let’s get on to it!


So, in the box you get a huge variety of things: I was so excited whilst unpacking this!  In the box labelled ‘for night’, I got four longer length nighttime pads, in the box labelled ‘for later’ I got three pads and fourteen tampons, and in that gorgeous striped pouch I got six liners and three pads.  So far, I would say that you’ve got a huge bargain for what you’re paying, as you have enough to last you through your period (just about, I know I would need a little more than this but for the average light-medium period, this is perfect!).  Also, can we just talk about the packaging on this: it’s so bright and happy, so it’ll really help to brighten your mood when you might be feeling a bit down in the dumps!


The pouch full of liners and pads is so great. I love this addition as not only does it add some variety to the box and break up the flow of boxes within a box, but it’s super useful!  I know that I’ll be taking this in my bag with me now, and it’s nice and compact but still manages to fit enough into it for what you’ll need.  Plus, the hot pink and blue stripes are so vibrant and summery!


These two boxes of supplies I really loved, not only for the fun packaging but I really like the way they open.  It makes the products so accessible and you can just have these in your cupboard and it’s easy to grab what you need!

Now, onto the bit of the box I was most excited about: ‘For You’. This box is filled with lovely bits and bobs to make you feel nice and special, and it did not disappoint! Plus, you get decently sized items and not very tiny samples, which is always a plus!


So, this is everything you get in the box.  A total of eight things, that are amazing quality, alongside a little magazine which gives loads of information on all the products, what’s not to like? My personal favourite so far has been the Candy Kittens, but I might be a bit biased because I love anything that is sweets and cats related, so put the two together and you’ve got my attention!  Plus, they tasted like blueberry and weren’t overly sour, which is just what I like!


Another one of my favourites from the box, and something I have been wearing all the time since receiving it, has been this Lisa Angel bracelet.  I love dainty jewellery, it looks so understated yet still so gorgeous, and this is no exception! I can see me wearing this with so many things, and I am loving the combination of rose gold and silver together, which is something I might not have gone for had I have seen it in shops.


I also really loved these hair ties, which I have always been so dubious about, but I’m so glad I got the chance to try them!  You know the ones, the scary plastic springy loops that claim to be ‘snag free’ and that they’ll ‘leave your hair without marks after wear’ – well they’re not lying!  These really are so comfy to wear and my hair doesn’t get damaged by them, which proves that even the thinnest of hair works with these guys!  Plus, the gorgeous neon coral colour is perfect for summer, and these not only look great in your hair but when you’ve got them around your wrist they’re the perfect addition to any outfit!

The box also contained the coconut and coffee scrub by Scrub Love: I’ve always been so interested in coffee based scrubs, but never actually gotten round to trying them.  Let me tell you, I tried this tonight and its so good! Seriously, my skin hasn’t felt as soft in a long time!  The smell of coffee is very strong, and the mixture of coconut is really quite unique, I imagine it is quite an acquired scent – if you don’t like the strong smell of coffee then you might not like this.  However, I love a good coffee smell, and I found this one particularly revitalising!  The scent does linger on your skin for a while afterwards, which is great, but I would probably mask it with a body lotion if I was going to be around people because I think it smells a little strong and you might not at first identify it as coffee.  However, this super gentle scrub makes my skin feel luxuriously soft and I really love it!


This Anatomicals hair mask was also included, which I know I’m going to love.  I always get on really well with anatomicals products and I’m sure this will be no exception; plus, the packaging is always really fun which makes for a nice product usually!


These were the final three items, and I am so excited to try them out.  The nail polish is a gorgeous pale mint shade and is from L’oreal, and the Korres bath milk smells of bergamot and pear – I think it will be lovely and summery and I am really excited to try it out.  Having used the face wash by Balanceme, I can assure you that it is great!  It felt super natural and the scent wasn’t overpowering, and it left my face feeling soft and clean!

So, that’s the end of this post!  I was so happy with this Betty Box, its great value for money and something I’d really recommend to everyone!

Also, thank you for 400 followers!  That is so insane – comment a way you think I should celebrate!

Soph xx

*This post contains PR samples and products

My Stationary Favourites

I’m a self confessed stationary junkie, and so when I find cute stationary I will buy it.  I have my selected favourites, and I’m always using them.  I use cute stationary all the time; when I’m revising, doing homework and just making notes – I have enough to sink a ship and figured I would share with you guys some of my favourite bits.


I love ring-binder folders, and I use them for everything; they’re so useful for storing my revision notes in for GCSEs and considering I’m in year 10, I assume I’m going to start to build up quite the collection!  Wilko do such amazing, but cheap stationary and their folders are no exception.  This one is so pretty, and I am in love with the gold foil writing ‘Hello Lovely’ – plus, it was only £1.25! I’m going to use this for English at the moment, and I’m going to gather myself a collection of pretty folders for each subject, it just helps to make revising that little bit easier!


Revision cards are so useful, however sometimes I find them to be a little small or flimsy feeling, so I like to use these Silvine record cards, which are only £1.00 for 100!  They’re great for writing quotes on to learn, and then I like to stick them onto my wall so I can see them every day and they’ll ingrain in my memory.  I like that they’re a clean white ruled card, and they’re not super flimsy either.


I’m a total highlighter junkie, and Stabilo Boss make the best highlighters.  I love the skinny flash ones, because they’re so easy to fit inside pencil cases, and they’re easier to hold than the fatter chunky ones.  Only, they run out quicker and don’t have as many colour options.  The chunky ones come in huge packs of eight with really interesting colours, and I love them because they’re so vibrant.


On the topic of pens, I love fineliners.  Staedtler do some great ones, and I really like to use these fineliners.  They’re great for mindmaps, or writing notes in my planner.


Finally, possibly the most used out of all my favourites, my planner.  Because all my homework for school is online, I love to keep track of it all in a planner like this cute one from paperchase, and then highlight it when I’m done. It helps me to keep track of everything I’m doing day to day, and I can stay more organised.


So, I hope you all liked these favourites.  I’m planning on doing a whole huge post on revision and how I revise, although I know it’s not very apt considering GCSEs have started (how did they go, by the way, for those of you who’ve been doing them recently?) but better late than never right!  Anyway, I have my Year 10 exams soon, so I’m trying my hardest to start revision for those and get decent grades, which is unlikely but we can pray!

Soph xx

Summer Goals 2017

Featured image taken by me: beach huts in Lyme Regis

I think making goals for the season ahead can be a really nice way to put your priorities into perspective and help you stay organised and on track with what you want to achieve throughout that season.  Most of my goals for previous seasons always seem to be more academic, hence why I always feel overwhelmed by them and never end up fully doing a good job at it; they’re too broad and for a procrastinating soul like myself, they’re often not achievable! I’ve decided that for the summer season (even though I’d technically say we’re still in Spring, until Saturday I think, but I’m looking forward to summer in a big way!) I’m going to take my goals and really pinpoint what I want to get out of the season through them – and try not to focus them around school too much!

1. Visit more places

I’m going to do a summer bucket list soon, as I have lots of places I want to go and things I want to do this summer, but one of my largest goals is to visit lots of lovely places in the UK.  This is my first proper summer living down south, and not only do I want to make the most of the good weather (all my friends say it’s not really that hot, but having come from the 15 degrees maximum north of the UK to the sometimes 26 degrees south of the UK, I assure you the heat difference is immense and also very lovely) but I want to make the most of this nice weather in lovely places.  We’ve recently had some amazing spring weather and last weekend I went to two lovely beaches with my family: Chesil Beach and Lyme Regis, both of which were lovely.  I fell asleep on Chesil Beach, which was a huge pebbly beach but the pebbles weren’t hard and nasty, they moulded into really nice beds, hence my sleeping.  Lyme Regis was very English seaside, which I love and the beach huts were really pretty.  My main goal really, is to enjoy what the UK has to offer over Summer and visit lots of pretty beaches and take lots of lovely pictures, especially when my best friend comes down from Yorkshire to see me!

2. Stay on top of my homework/coursework:

I know, I said I’d refrain from the academic goals but this is one I want to achieve and strive towards.  Homework piles up really quickly, especially now I’m doing my GCSEs and I really do try to tackle it in an efficient way but it still seems to be drowning me!  Do any of you also get this problem?  I’ve decided to try get loads of homework done during the evening as soon as I get back from school, and not to do it the night before it’s due.  I have serious respect for those of you who can just do your homework and coursework the day you get it, no distractions or procrastination involved  because I always procrastinate on my phone!

3. Make my life more organised

My life is a mess sometimes, I’m never organised and even the simplest things like not packing my bag for school the night before really make me go into unorganised meltdown!  I’m planning on (not that we can promise this will happen!) making my life a little more organised; keeping my room clean and tidy, keeping track of my blog posts and always having something up to schedule, getting myself ready for school the night before, waking up early and other small bits and bobs to keep me organised on a daily basis!

4. Watch everything on my Netflix watch list

Am I the only person who gets irrationally annoyed when my watch list on Netflix is a mess?  I have so many things listed on there for me to watch and so little time; having already watched Gossip Girl and Skins, I’ve decided to rewatch both (and not for the first time either!) but this leaves me in a predicament.  I have basically no time to watch any of the others I want to watch like Riverdale and Stranger Things.  I cannot wait for the Easter holidays, because lazy old me will be going on a massive binging session, especially when the new season of PLL comes out!

So, those were my goals for the spring/summer months.  I hope you enjoyed them – what are your goals?  Have you got any netflix recommendations for me, even though my watch list is too long to function! Have a lovely week!

Soph xx

Beauty and The Beast, I Love You

Cover photo taken by me at Regent Circus Cineworld in Swindon. 

On Saturday night, I went to watch the new Beauty and The Beast film, and oh my god it’s amazing
So, I decided why not dip into the lifestyle side of blogging, which I rarely venture into but I’d like to do more posts like this (it really doesn’t help when you never leave your room).  My life is going to have to start being a little more interesting though! 

We went to Swindon’s Regent Circus Cineworld, which is lovely, and I kid you not I have found my new favourite restaurant.  Coal grill & bar, you are divine. I haven’t eaten as well (or as much, rip my stomach) all year.  I had amazing food.  I went with my mum, dad and brother – as you can imagine, it was hard to persuade my dad and brother to come watch it, probably safe to say they didn’t enjoy it all too much!  For starters, we all shared some nachos, which quite frankly are my one true weakness in life; if I could live off of any form of nachos, I would.  My main was this amazing chargrilled chicken stacked on top of new potatoes with nachos (surprise surprise!), salsa and sour cream on top.  I never usually finish any meals – quite frankly I find eating a chore, but I practically inhaled this.  Chargrilled chicken is so damn good, and I have to have sauces with everything to make it digestible and this just came with it already, made my day.  I’d say if you were going, venture into the more ‘unusual’ areas of the menu which you may not usually go for; Mum got quesadillas but she didn’t really like them, she thought they were a bit boring but the chips were so good – I did try them, and can totally agree! It was more Mexican themed food, which I’m always down for (Mexican & American type foods, e.g. TGI Fridays, are my favourites!), but there was pizza, pasta and burgers too, so loads for everyone.  My desert was divine, I had the ‘Coal Mess’ which was their name for the best Eton Mess I’ve tasted in my entire life.  Now, I’m a bit of a desert fanatic & Eton Mess comes on top as one of my favourites: cream, ice cream, fresh fruit, sauces and mirangue – how can you go wrong? It was amazing, and they present the food so well! I admittedly couldn’t finish it all, having devoured my main course, but I did give it a good stab and got some help from my Mum and brother! 


It was so amazing! (That’s the desert I’ve been talking about for the past fifteen minutes, by the way.) 

So, after I felt suitably full (as in quick get me to a dark room where I can sit and be fat and burst out of my jeans full) we headed just across from Coal and into Cineworld. It’s a nice cinema, and we’d booked our tickets online so we didn’t have to buy any, but the man at the doors just scanned the code from my phone, which was really handy! They were playing songs from the movie in the cinema which only escalated my excitement even more (Belle is my favourite Disney princess and her film is the best).  We got sat down and it was pretty comfy, the trailers lasted for ages but then again when don’t they, and then we finally got to the film! 

I started crying halfway through and I did not stop.  I think the man next to me was laughing, but it was just too nice!  A friend had warned me I was going to cry, but Jesus Christ this was titanic levels – I practically flooded myself with tears.  I cry at the Disney film, and I cried at this.  I feel so sorry for the beast when they’re all being horrible to him because he’s so nice! It breaks my heart when all his ‘servants’ are sad for him also, but mostly I cried out of happiness.  Can I just say that Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs Potts, Chip, Plumette and all the other household objects are amazing! How they were made to be so realistic I do not know (some clever person please come teach me about CGI things!).  Lumiere as always remains a favourite character; he reminds me of myself & I just love him! Also, Gaston was amazing, Luke Evans was so well cast: his sideckick LeFou (Josh Gad) is bob on & sounds just like he does in the original.  

Also, not only is Emma Watson the perfect Disney heroine – she can sing? Yes, she can, and she can do it so well! I loved Belles storyline: her love of books (and Romeo and Juliet only my favourite Shakespeare is mentioned at the start of the play and throughout, more on that soon!) and her wit and intelligence just killed me.  The fact that she invents things too, which was rumoured to be part of the storyline a while ago, is so amazing to me.  All her costumes are as perfect as it gets.  My favourite Belle moment has to be when she is teaching one of the little girls in the village, and my favourite song of hers is ‘Bonjour!’ Which is the song that starts the film, and possibly my favourite in the film. 

Okay, so my favourite Belle & Beast moment overall, was when Belle is nursing the Beast back to health in bed after he quite scarily fights off wolves for her and saves her life (this made babies in the cinema cry, which made me want to scream because please shush), and Belle recites a Shakespeare quote and the beast finishes it.  I can’t remember which quote it was and I’ve hunted it down on the internet to no avail.  But it was such a beautiful and unique moment which was really touching of them to put in. 

The film was incredibly musical, which my Mum didn’t enjoy but I loved; I’m such a sucker for Disney songs! So beware, songs have been added but they’re so lovely and left me smiling and crying and I loved it! 

Best thing I’ve watched all year, undoubtedly. 

Soph xx

One Lovely Blog Award

My post from my nomination of the one lovely blog award & my nominees for it!

Featured image taken by me of a stream near my house.  

The lovely Alanna from imagalaxygirl nominated me (in a fashion) for the One Lovely Blog Award!  I loved the way she nominated people for this: it was so that if you were a particular like, so say you were the 20th like, and she had said that the 20th like was to be nominated , then you were nominated.  It was really creative, I just explain things atrociously so you’ll have to go check out her post to find out how she did it! Again, thank you to Alanna and I’ll get onto the rules of the award.


  • Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post.
  • They must include the rules and add the blog award badge as an image
  • Must add 7 facts about them.
  • Then nominate 15 people!


Image from Alanna’s post here


Seven Facts About Me:

In all honesty, there isn’t much to know about me that I don’t think you all know already, so some of these facts are a little weird and random as I’ve had a really hard timing coming up with them!

  1. I am not a very creative person.  That’s right – I may be a blogger but I am the least artistic person I know.  I used to be into writing stories a while ago, and would like to do that a little more sometimes but I always get stuck halfway through, give up and forget about it.  My dream was to be an author when I was a lot younger and first got into reading, but now I’m not at all sure what I’d like to do.  I envy people who can draw well or have a natural gift at writing narrative!
  2. I often indulge in a little retail therapy.  I love shopping, which may or may not be a little sad though I feel like many of you are in the same boat.  Ever since I was younger, one of my favourite activities was to go shopping but back then I’d just raid Disney Store and Claire’s Accessories and waste my money.  Now, I love to shop in Topshop and Hollister mainly.  I actually went shopping last weekend and did some pretty serious damage to my bank account – I consider myself on a spending ban for the rest of the month!
  3. I am really bad at falling asleep on a nighttime.  I find it so hard to fall asleep at night, and then I end up staying awake all night long and waking up in the morning feeling like pure rubbish!  I have improved slightly since I’ve started taking melatonin more often and limiting myself to the time I have on my phone before I go to bed (a quick tip for anyone like me would be to turn the brightness of your phone all the way down and turn night shift on when you’re looking at it in the dark as it is less of a strain on your eyes!)
  4. I’m doing DofE.  That’s right, lazy old me is completing my Duke of Edinburgh award!  I’m at the bronze level, and I was regretting it whilst we were on our ten mile practice walk a couple of weekends ago; the weather was horrible!  It rained the most part, and at one point we were climbing a hill which was really muddy and it started to hail and I fell down the hill! It was a great laugh and I enjoyed being with my friends but it was equally tiring and freezing.  For my physical section I’m doing walking/hiking – I’m not a sporty person so this was an option I felt was good and I can achieve easily on weekends with my family.  My skills section is gardening which is actually more fun than I’d expected and since this is the section I’m doing for 6 months it means I’ll get to enjoy my garden in the summer more.  For volunteering I’m looking to volunteer in some local charity shops and someone got back to me today and arranged a meeting on Saturday which I’m slightly nervous for but all in all everything is turning out pretty good!
  5. I still play Pokemon Go.  Yep, I’m that guy!  I got hooked when it first came out and although I don’t leave my bedroom very often (living a really fun reclusive life if any of you were wondering) to go catch pokemon, I do enjoy it whilst I’m out and about!  I’m a level sixteen now & I have caught some pretty decent pokemon – I still have a small moment of joy when I see a pikachu!  It may be sad, but I’m not giving up on it any time soon!  Do any of you still play it or am I alone in this game?
  6. One of my biggest obsessions (aside from cats!) is makeup.  Like you couldn’t have guessed this, I’m a bit of a makeup fanatic.  I have a whole dressing table drawer brimming with the stuff, and it never stops growing!  I’m thinking of maybe buying the Alex Drawers from ikea in their five set to store some of my makeup in, as I don’t think I’ll ever collect enough to fill the nine drawers but I reckon that five full drawers is pretty achievable!
  7. I would love to travel when I’m older.  The idea of continuing school after college and going on to get a more ‘professional’ job like a doctor or a vet really doesn’t appeal to me.  I haven’t actually got a single clue what I would like to do after college, but I’m 99% sure it’s not going to be university.  I’d love to travel, and I’m always so inspired by Charlotte from CHARLOTTE J.  She’s travelling solo at the moment and I would love to do something like that!  The place at the top of my list is Iceland to see the northern lights and go in the lagoons, though I’d also love to go backpacking around Europe and try to visit as many of the cities as I can.  The one place I’d really love to go is Italy, because as of this far in my fourteen years I’ve never been!

  My Nominees:

  1. Charlotte from CHARLOTTE J
  2. Harriet from Harriet Day
  3. Jess from Sunshine and Teacups
  4. Naomi from Withlovenaomi
  5. Najida from The Average Gurl
  6. Jules from Blonde’s Tea
  7. PaleGirlRambling

I only have seven nominations for this post, and of course I can understand that blog award posts become slightly tedious – do not worry, I won’t be offended if you don’t post it!

Soph xx



The Big Guide on Moving Schools

This is a long one, be warned. You may or may not need this, but if you’re moving schools I thoroughly suggest you read it – it explains in detail all my moves and my tips and tricks. If not, then read it anyway (be nice ;D) and you can also laugh at my many misfortunes!

Hi guys!

With the new school year I expect some of you are moving up from Primary school to High school, or from First school to Middle school or Middle school to High school. Perhaps you’re just moving up a year in your school. Maybe some of you are even moving schools, alone, not with the rest of your class or year group, not even with friends.  But alone.  Maybe you’re moving across country to move schools.  Whatever you’re doing, I’ve done it.  I can promise you that I have done pretty much every type of school move you can imagine.  This means I know how terribly nerve wreaking it can be, how exciting but scary it is to head somewhere totally unfamiliar.   And today, I’m creating The Big Guide On Moving Schools (which also covers everything about moving schools that I’ve mentioned previously) just so that you know everything you can know, and you can be as totally prepared as possible and your transition can be as smooth and easy for you to adapt to.

I guess I’ll start on a small-scale and work my way up all the moves possible, everything I’ve experienced in hope that I’ll help you!

Moving Within Your School

This move is probably the easiest.  Not only are you staying in one place, but you’re moving up a year in school with everyone you’ve been able to get to know over the past years. The thought of it tends to be quite scary, because maybe you’re moving into a different section of the school that you don’t know much of.  Maybe you have a new teacher which you’ve heard all the nasty rumors about (in year 4, I had a teacher who was very tall – I was very small, and everyone in the school would send little whispers around about him ‘he is so big and scary!’ etc.  Turned out to be the nicest teacher I’ve ever had).  The best thing you can do for this type of move is to not think much about it. Enjoy the time before you head up a year in school and cherish the fact that you’ll at least know everyone.

I guess my tip for this would be make sure you’re prepared.  Depending on what year you’re moving into, you’ll need some different supplies or maybe your uniform requires you to change ties.  Whatever it requires, then you need to know about that and buy it in good timing – there is nothing worse than having a meltdown because you uniform isn’t available two days before you’re due to start school again.

Transitioning Between Schools

I didn’t really know what to call this, but what I mean is moving from Primary School to High School or First School to Middle School or Middle School to High School.  Those sorts of moves.  The moves where its a huge, massive change yet you’re going to have people you know by the side of you.  Even if it’s just one or two people, you still know them.  I’ve done this.  I moved from my Primary school in year five to a school which was a Middle School transitioning itself into a High School.  I went with my three best friends at the time, and some boys from our school who were also moving to this school.  We were reasonably young, moving from year five to year six (the last year of primary school ro second year of middle school) and because I was youngest in my year (August birthdays for you here guys!) I was about ten.  It was scary, but exciting.  I didn’t have too much to worry about and I also had my friends by my side.

I’d make sure to discuss this type of move with your parents really well, because it’s a big transition.  The move to a new school signifies new things to study and many changes.  Make sure you read into schools available to move to and make the right choice, it is really important to choose a school you want to go to, whether that means you’ll be following your friends and others you know or taking the leap by yourself.

If you are moving with friends, often when moving from school to school traditionally (eg at the start of a new year when a whole new year group is joining as they transition from an old school), your new school will give you a forum in which to fill out stating which person you want in your form the most. You can only choose one, most of the time, which is good and bad.  Good because you don’t have to create an order of which friend you like the most, but bad because not all your friends will end up in your form with you.  Now, there is a way which sometimes works for this – say there is four of you in your friendship group, we’ll call you A, B, C and D.  Friend A will write friend B on their forum, friend B will write friend C, friend C will write friend D and friend D will write down friend A.  This way you’re in some sort of friendship loop that can’t be gotten past without either splitting you all up and putting you into different classes or getting you all in the same class.  Notice I did say sometimes, and it may not always work (it worked for me I think but this was four years ago now I can hardly remember).  Also, when moving up to a new school there are so many new people coming into the school from different schools, just like you have.  Maybe you’ll want to not be in a form with your friends, it will give you opportunities to make new friends. I wish I had done that, and made new friends right from the start.

Obviously if you’re not moving with friends, or even people you know, you wont have these troubles.  Keep in mind that these forums are not always given out to you and you most likely wont have to fill them in if you don’t want to.  Not all schools will do this.  You will go for taster days, where you will meet people from all the other schools who are joining – smile and talk to them.  They will be as nervous as you, I promise.  It’s horrible starting new schools, but it’s easier done when there are lots of you, and more people to talk to.  Even something as simple as asking what school they came from previously can spark up a conversation and while it may be awkward at first, things will get a little more bearable soon!  Chat to people you’re sat next to in lessons – even if you’re awfully shy, people are waiting for you to make the first move, so just go for it and chances are someone will want to talk to you.  And if not, if someone is obscenely rude to you, don’t go and tell it to a teacher (unless it is constant and you’re being bullied, of course), because it isn’t Primary School anymore and teachers are a lot harsher, they don’t have time for whining children – believe me, I’ve been there done that worn that T-shirt.

Having done the whole moving school thing multiple times at multiple ages, the younger you are, the easier it is.  People, especially teenage girls, grow judgemental in high school – it’s a reasonably well-known fact.  Have you seen the movie Mean Girls (if not do go watch, five stars out of five amazing).  Younger people have a better time accepting you for who you are, and they generally don’t care about too much.

When transitioning schools like this, be friendly and confident, spread your wings and make friends outside people you already know (you’re going to have to if you’re moving up alone) and have fun in your first couple of weeks.  The workload isn’t going to be too frustratingly hard, and you’ll more than likely slot right in.  I know it sounds cheesy, but if people don’t like you for who you are, then don’t try to change just so you can fit in with them.  You may think it’s fun to be one of the ‘popular girls’ and that changing yourself to be one is a good idea, but it really isn’t – speaking from experience, you’re going to realise that mean girls are exactly that, mean.  They’re mean to others and to their friends their mean to everyone but themselves.  And there will always be the queen bee who is bossing everyone around, she isn’t the nicest person to be around.  Be you and someone, even if its only one person, will like you for it.

P.S – reading wiki how articles on any of this stuff is completely scary and useless.  It gives the biggest false representation and will make you so scared and smiling everywhere you go is not the answer, seriously, unless you want to give out the wrong impressions take my advice and don’t read heaps of wiki how articles on ‘How To Smile Nicely At A New School’ or ‘How To Join School Confidently’.  Lies, scary ones too.

New School Moves

This is the one where you’re leaving your school, lets say you’re in High School, to move to a totally new High School. It’s still near where you live, and you’re not moving houses or anything because of it, but you’re moving schools and it is happening.  You don’t have anyone at this new school who you know, or even if you do they’re distant nursery friends and there is no point in contacting them – if you do, be careful because you don’t know what they’ll be like and while it may be helpful to have them as an ally when you join a new school, it may not always work out in the long run.  The not working our part of that happened to me, and I wish I had gone into my school a fresh person that is not connected to anyone (I’m not going to explain this in too much detail as it is a long story, however if you want to know a bit more about it then ask me things in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer you, as detailed as you’d like!).  Nevertheless, I still had the joining a new school unknown experience, and I’m going to share everything with you here, what I did that helped me and more.

I moved to a new school in the January of 2015, Year 8, my old high school was not working out for me.  I made the choice to leave it, and it was to this day the best choice I ever made.  I didn’t like who I was there – I had fallen into a stigma of a nerd (I’ll admit to being a little nerdy, and I have nothing wrong with nerds – you do you and if you’re a nice person, I don’t care about your interests!), and being a nerdy type in said school was not something you wanted to be, at all.  Not only that, but the people I was hanging around with were not at all like me, I didn’t fit in with them – they were more reserved and I am quite a bold person, yet very few people realised because I spent most of my time in the library, or helping out with clubs and things with my so-called ‘friends’.  The inability to spread my wings was killing me, I’m a social person and having just one fixed set of friends isn’t my thing.  The school was a bad school anyway, certain people were giving me grief and the fact that I wasn’t doing there what I wanted to do wasn’t working for me.  I moved, and it was amazing.  If you want to make a change because something isn’t working for you, go for it.  Do not be nervous or scared, just take the leap.  You will end up happier.  Here, let Kevin from mean girls inspire you to move on with certain people.


Anyway, I did know one girl who I contacted before I moved schools.  It wasn’t the worst decision I’d made, but then again it wasn’t the best.  This person was more popular than I was in my old school, which wasn’t something I was used to.  I wouldn’t say I ever grew to a certiain popularity, and it was always very outsider-ish if I was ever doing anything with said person.  Generally, I’d say go in and start a fresh.  It’s going to be harder if you move schools later, but you can make it easier by not making mistakes (such as going out with some weird boy in your first couple of months at a new school and not living it down until you left – even if it was only eighteen hours of going out with him which really can’t be classed as going out with someone and you did nothing.  Prepare for songs and weird comments coming your way).  So yes, don’t make mistakes like I did.  One thing you’ll need is a thick skin, people might make remarks about you, mostly boys actually, and there will be a lot of rumors about people being attracted to you, even if you’re not the sort of person (cough cough moi) that people should be attracted to.  These rumors more than likely mean nothing and you just need to have a thick skin, look past them and pull a nice sarcastic smile when they come your way.  Try not to go in with a constant resting bitch face (Fun Fact: I did, and most of my closest friends from that school though I was a bitch before they became friends with me!).  Smile and say hi to people, and if introduced to someone, try talk to them, don’t just go mute and smile a good old sarcastic smile to them (that’s only for the afore-mentioned rumours!).  And if you’re not too happy with your past, you don’t have to reveal it to everyone – sure, you can be truthful but if people are bombarding you with intrusive questions, a few white lies don’t hurt!

Starting a new school is nerve wreaking as hell.  You’re going to be very nervous. Make sure the morning before you start, you actually have things planned out.  I’d recommend getting a parent to drive you there, at least for your first morning.  I took the bus home and there every day after and on the afternoon of my first day, but just so I wasn’t late by getting confused with bus routes, I got a lift from my Dad on the first day.  It’s also more encouraging to be wished well by a parent before you step out into the unknown!  Make sure you have the right uniform.  Some uniforms have different ties for different year groups, make sure you have the right one, others give you the option to not wear ties and wear a shirt with the schools logo instead.  Jumpers under blazers are optional sometimes, and sometimes polo shirts are worn in the summer.  Stalk your new schools website and twitter for uniform photos, and even go lurk around the school (without your parents, ideally, to minimise embarrassment) when it finishes to see what uniform choices are being worn.  You want to turn up looking good, and although you do want to showcase your unique personality and be you blah blah etc etc, you also don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb and for people to straight away know that you are the ‘new person’.

You’re probably going to be assigned a person, or a few people, with similar lessons to you, to show you around the school and take you to lessons.  If you’ve already been assigned one, great.  If not, all the girls and some of the boys in your form will start begging to look at your time-table and want to compare theirs, and take you places. Just accept their offers – new friends and you’re going to find your way about easier.  Seriously, they may seem unhelpful but don’t be ignorant, you will get lost it will happen, they’re a big help to you. Getting lost is not good – I didn’t get lost until my second week at this school, where I appeared twenty minutes late to my RS lesson because it was in a different room to usual (we shared teachers, it rotated every two weeks) and I went to drama, then my usual RS room and had to go ask what lesson someone I knew was in so I could go locate the room – embarrassing, I nearly just thought about hiding in the toilets until that period was over.

You’ll be fine after about four weeks, you’ll know all your teachers and hopefully a good few people and everything will soon feel normal and you’ll start to love it, or hate it (if you hate it there is no maximum times you can make a change in your school life, remember that!)

The School Move Which Also Entails A Move Away From Everything You Know And Love

Shortly abbreviated to: The Worst.

The worst move of all time, the most horrific, scariest and nerve wreaking thing I have ever done.  Moving six hours away from Yorkshire, where I’d spent all nearly fourteen years of my life, to Wiltshire, where I’d never been and didn’t know a soul, not even family.  Where I was moved to a new school which I’d only seen once and never heard of, where the accent was different so everyone would know I was new, where I had no friends and nobody to talk to in person other than my family for a while.  I make it sound horrible – I wouldn’t be wrong, the first week or two was.

So, if you keep up with my blog you’ll know I recently moved from Yorkshire to Wiltshire to accommodate my brothers special needs.  There are various posts around my blog detailing this heavily – just look in my categories and Moving Diaries should show up, which is where all of those posts will be.  This meant leaving the school I had moved to in January 2015, to move to an all new one. It meant leaving my best friend and all my other close friends, it was heartbreaking to do that.  Later on in this post (for gods sake, when will you stop! This has been going on long enough) I’ll give you some tips on how I dealt with leaving people I loved.  The move was stressful, it didn’t go very smoothly as on the first day of going to my new school all the furniture was being delivered to the house, I slept with sleeping bag and floor the night before, and three nights before that too – the back ache was chronic.

My attitude for this move was totally different to any other move I’ve done, and I’d recommend adopting said attitude.  If you know nobody, then who is really someone you don’t want to know.  I got assigned a lovely group of girls as ‘buddies’, whom I relished the presence of considering I couldn’t just walk up to someone I maybe knew because there was no chance of me knowing anyone down here.  Most of the girls were in my form, they introduced me to loads of people.  In my food class I met B (we’ll just call her that for the sake of her privacy) who then ivited me to eat lunch with her and her friends (who are all amazing and who I love and Jaz if you’re reading this I love you ;D haha Jaz has a blog so I know she’ll end up reading this one day).  I always eat lunch with them now and it was relatively easy to make friends, I know a good few people now and school feels normal.

It’s really important to impress teachers and try hard in subjects when you go for such a big move.  They don’t know anything about you at all and getting on the right side of them will be a good idea.  I walked in when it was end of year exam time, but only for science, which isn’t my strongest subject and I didn’t do amazingly in it.  I did however do well on an English assesment and got 100% in a Geography exam, which are both very good things.  Let’s just not talk about how bad I’ve been doing in maths….!  Anyway, making a good impression on teachers is important.

I think to make things go smoothly, you need to adapt pretty quickly and have a well prepared first day.  Like I didn’t eat on my first day, because they don’t accept cash and I didn’t get my thumb print set up and I’d have to wait to get my thumb print set up.  You know, I could’ve brought snacks to avoid these sort of inconveniences. Also, I didn’t realise I’d need a pretty big school bag, so was left using a small handbag thing and went out buying a new bag that weekend – it would’ve been easier if I’d have known this.  Perparation is key!

My Tips

So, whilst I may have descibed things in a lot of depth here and my word count is nearing 4000, it’s never enough. Why not bombard you with tips on making friedns, leaving people behind, and surviving first days (wait isn’t this what you’ve done for the whole post so far?).  Also, I’ll include some amusing stories of my school moves, all for your reading pleasure!

Surviving your first day:

  • Make sure you look the part.  Follow your schools dress code, but don’t look like that year seven you once/are about to be.  Obviously, if nobody is wearing pleated knee length skirts (my first high school didn’t let us wear anything other than, and would make us kneel to the ground and measure how far the hem of the skirt was from it. Fun I know) and they’re all wearing skinny black pants (R.I.P freedom of uniform circa 2015, those comfortable jean things are missed gratley by many teenage girls) then wear them if you don’t want to stick out.  Of course, if you’re into knee length skirts, or pencil skirts, or shorter skirts or even regular trousers, wear them.  Just stick to the dress code but be aware you can sway it a little in your advantage, especially if the rest of the school is doing so.  Whatever you feel comfortable in, wear – just know the limits.
  • I’ll be doing a post on this, but go in with minimal makeup that looks clean and polished, yet don’t wear too little.  It depends on the school, but at one of my schools we were pretty much allowed to wear as much makeup as we wanted, and I had a lovely fake tanned orange stage that I’m sure somebody reading this will remember.  Spare me the memories. Anyway, don’t cake on the makeup but wear as much or as little as you want and are allowed.
  • Be confident.  If you’re not a confident person, just see this as a bit of a white lie (believe me, you’ll wind up telling a few in your first few weeks), but a white lie that you’re going to stick with.  If you’re confident, smiley and happy and you approach people, you’ll recieve nicer people approaching you.
  • You’re going to be seen as interesting, like you’ve been plonked on some table in the middle of a science lab and people are staring you out and examining you.  This is normal.  You’ll be asked tonnes of questions about your old school, where are you from, why does your accent sound like that.  Hell, most people will try to imitate your accent, if you’re from yorkshire especially.  People down south seem to find my mispronounciation of words with ‘T’ in them hilarious, and the way I shorten things like ‘in the’ to ‘int’.  It’s proved fascinating for many.
  • Have fun, and on your first day you’re allowed to ask questions.  Your allowed to be scared, confused, nervous, excited and most of all if you don’t feel any emotions towards anything at all, this is also allowed.
  • I always talked to myself in my head, mostly telling myself off for looking like what I thought was, pardon my french, but a bit of a dick. Digging your nails into the palm of your hand, or nipping your arm when you’re put on the spot is okay and pretty comforting.  Everything is very busy and new, and to be able to feel pain makes things feel a bit more real.

Making Friends:

  • Smiles are the key to everything – well, nearly everything.  As I mentioned, loads of people thought I was a bitch because I was defensive with sarcasm and resting bitch face and one of my schools.  Wasn’t the best coping mechanism.  Neither was blurting things out like ‘Oh I have no boobs’ on my first day in Wiltshire, and then putting it down to ‘Yorkshire Defensive Attitudes’ (yes that is now a thing).  Still, I smiled and people talk to you.  If you approach people with a smile they’re more likely to talk to you.  But dont just walk around the whole school smiling, that’ll just give you jaw ache and you’ll look a bit odd!
  • Be confident.  You’re allowed to approach people.  Don’t be lazy and think they can approach you but you can’t go over to them.  Some people may simply not be very talkative and not want to chat, but most will.  Just start things off with a question about the work you’re doing, or what options they’ve chosen.  Anything.  Or if you’re from Yorkshire, just speaking to someone from Wiltshire seems to make them go into some crazy frenzy about the way you say ‘y’aright’ instead of ‘how are you’ (it’s funny to watch people imitate my accent).
  • Seek out people who are like you and spark up conversation.  This may require joining some clubs (not something I’ve ever done, hello every other anti-social human here) but I do reccomend finding similar people to you.  Chances are you’ll make friends with them quciker.

Leaving People You Love Behind:

  • You will probably see them again.  I had to leave Sav, my best friend, but we recently spent a day or so together which was such fun and we had loads of laughs.  I miss her, a lot, and sometimes there are times when I just want to go see her (recent incident called for such a time, but she was driving back to Yorkshire so I could not) and can’t, but I talk to her all the time.  We have facetime. We have a snapchat streak nearing 250 days.  It is all good but still it is all sad.
  • If theres a real friendship there, they’ll stay in touch.  If not, then you’ll loose them.  This has happened many a time, with many different moves.  Most of these loss of contacts I am happy about, because if they don’t want to be there when it isn’t convenitent, I would rather they just left.  If it’s hard for you to deal with, look forward and remember there will be loads of people who are new and exciting where you are now.
  • Sometimes, friendships grow stronger over longer distances.  I feel this rings true for certain people as we can gossip with each other, safe in the notion that neither will tell anyone because we have nobody to tell who would be interested about the subjects, as usually she will be telling me something from Yorkshire and I will be telling her something from Wiltshire – who would be interested in irrelevant scandals!

And now for my last, very last thing I have to say: The Ultimate Story Of Getting Lost.  

I was not able to find my English class.  For whatever reason I had wound up in the maths department, then IT and then I was in technology.  Everything was not going well.  I went to reception thinking they could help me, then I realised I didn’t even know the name of my English teacher to find out her whereabouts.  Plus, the receptionist was on the phone and I was too nervous to wait around and too polite to interrupt her.  So, on I roamed through the halls when I heard my name ‘Sophie?’.  It was being shouted through the school.  My class had sent someone to come look for me.  I felt like a lost dog, it was horrendous.  I was greeted with an ‘Oh, there you are!’ and an awkward, small talk filled walk back to English.

So, I really hope all of that has helped even one of you who was a little nervy about back to school in one way or another.  If there is anything I haven’t covered, or anything you want to ask me about my experiences, please do leave a comment and we’ll have a chat – I love speaking with all of you!

Question:  Have you ever moved schools?  If so, what is the most embarassing story you have to share with me?

Soph xx