YSL Touche Eclat Review

I recently went on a trip to Berlin with school, and in duty free at the airport I decided to treat myself as I had loads of euros left over.  It was a really small one at Berlin Tegel Airport, but they did have a YSL stand and I had wanted this foundation for quite a while so I decided to get it.  They didn’t have super pale shades, which is what I would’ve usually deviated for, but I was pretty surprised to find that the shade ‘cool sand’ actually matched my skin pretty well; maybe I’d even got a tan over the nice weather we had a few weeks ago!


The packaging is super luxurious!  I love it, and it looks really high end.  Glass foundation bottles always seem really special to me, and the gold writing and gold lid just add to the luxury feel.

The application is amazing.  It goes on flawlessly, and blends in to create a really glowy, dewy finish.  The foundation is quite liquid, which, duh, but it is quite a runny formula but I like that.  It makes it more moisturising, which helps with my dry skin.  It doesn’t sink into your skin and end up looking cakey, which I find can be a problem when foundation sinks into my smiles lines around my mouth.  It is really long lasting and I can put it on before I go to school, and it will still be pretty much perfect by the time I’m done with the day.  It can be really natural and perfect for everyday, but it can also be made more glam and full coverage for the nighttime, which makes it a really ideal foundation.


This cost me 41 euros, but it is £33 in debenhams, and I think it’s really worth the money.  It’s a quality foundation, and it will last a good six months if not more.  I’m really glad I bought it, and would recommend it to anyone!

Soph xx


Makeup Wishlist 2017

I’ve been so busy at the moment, with homework and revision, which is why I haven’t posted for a week or two.  I’m sorry, and the schedule is back on track now.  I have a food technology mock exam on the 9th of February and then on the 1st of March I sit the exam for real – heres hoping I’ll do okay!  I’m going to be revising a lot over the next few weeks leading up to my mock and then all I’ll do until the GCSE is hardcore revision and homework.  I’m not looking forward to it, but at least it’ll be a GCSE done so I have less to worry about and revise for in year 11 (I’m currently in year 10, and we sit the food technology GCSE in this year instead of year 11, don’t ask me why!)  If posts are a little sparse, I apologise but it’s all rather hectic at the moment, I’ll be back to it soon!

Anyway, you didn’t come to read about my boring life, so I’l  get onto what this is actually about; my makeup wishlist.  I’ve been on pinterest a little too much recently (I’m super active over there, so you know, self promo and go follow me here!) and we all know what pinterest means – makeup, and nice makeup at that.  Now, as you can imagine, I want to buy all of it.  So I’ve put myself together a *little* wishlist in which I hope to get some of the things from it during this year.

Too Faced Semi Sweet Palette – I love the Too Faced eyeshadow palettes, they’re amazing quality and I already have the Chocolate Bar and Sweet Peach ones.  I am looking to collect all the bigger sized ones, which brings me onto my next one!

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette – I love the shades in this eyeshadow palette, they’re so pretty and I want this one even more than Semi Sweet!

Too Faced Born This Way – As you can see, there’s a running theme here with Too Faced, I just can’t help it, they have some of the best products.  Anyway, I’m yet to find a foundation, high end or drugstore, that I’ve loved.  I’m hoping this will be one which I love and will use none stop!

Naked 3 (or any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes actually) – It may come as a shock to you that I don’t actually own any of these palettes; they’re gorgeous and I don’t know why I haven’t managed to get my hands on one yet!  I especially love Naked 3, the rose gold tones are just beautiful!


Naked Skin Concealer – I’m also yet to find a concealer better than my seventeen one which I really like, and this is one I’ve been wanting to try for a long time.

theBalm - Cindy Lou highlighter powder - bronzer

The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer – I’ve been loving the balm’s highlighters for a while but have never tried them.  The Mary-Lou Manizer is a really popular one, but I find that gold toned highlighters don’t really work for me, especially not around winter, and so I figured I’d try this one instead.  It’s a lot more pale pink toned and so more frosty.

The Porefessional Primer – I’ve never actually tried a higher end primer before but going by the reviews on this one, Benefit’s porefessional is definitely one to go for and I can’t wait to try it out.

Benefit Gimmie Brow – I recently started using a Pixie brow gel which is amazing but now I know that I really can’t live without a brow gel, I’m heading over to benefit as soon as and getting my hands on some of their brow products, which are supposedly amazing.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette

Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette –  Ever since seeing this palette I have been dead.  I mean look at it, how goregous!?

Image result for soap and glory brow archery

Soap & Glory Brow Archery – This brow pencil is supposed to be really great, and I’d really like to try it.

Image result for collection lasting perfection concealer

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – *gasp* I’ve never tried this concealer.  I’ve seen people wearing it and talking about it, and it really seems amazing.  I’ve seen it loads of times, and it’s such a bargain I don’t know why I’ve never picked it up!

I hope to get all these products at some point, it would be great to have the eyeshadow palettes because I feel like that’s what I’m best at when it comes to makeup!  Anything else isn’t really a skill of mine.  Have you got any of these products? What’s on your wishlist?

Soph xx

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

Well my God am I excited to be writing this post!  I’d been waiting just under a week for possibly the most exciting thing I ever ordered to arrive and when it did I just knew I’d love it as soon as I opened the box.  It is, if you hadn’t figured, The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette!  This was limited edition in the Summer and I had one reserved at Debenhams to buy with my birthday money, but it sold out and my reservation no longer existed, so I sat lusting over everyone else’s palettes whilst I remained peach-less, until the joyous day in December when I found out that Debenhams were in fact restocking along with the launch of the Sweet Peach Collection – and it’s there to stay!  If you want to buy this palette from Debenhams, click here – it’s £39.00 very well spent in my opinion.

Anyway, I decided that like my Chocolate Bar Palette Review, I would review yet another amazing palette brought to us on this earth by the Gods from Too Faced!  I’ve got everything; swatches, packaging and actual eye shadow photos – and don’t doubt that I’ll be creating a look or two with this palette soon! So, lets get into it I guess.


So, as you can see, the palette doesn’t look dissimilar to the other larger ones that Too Faced have out, such as the Chocolate Bar series. It has eighteen shades in it, all to do with peaches or being very peachy toned or generally quite neutral.  I love how it incorporates pops of colour into this quite daytime, neutral palette – shades such as candied peach and just peachy are a welcomed pop of bright almost neon pink and slightly shimmery less neon pink.  The green shade, bless her heart, is really nice as it does still fit into the peach theme, without being too neutral.

As always, the shadows are amazingly easy to blend and highly pigmented.  The shimmery ones are more pigmented than the mattes but only slightly, yet they both blend really nicely and easily.  They have a professional finish to them which I think helps this palette to appeal to everyone: you definitely don’t have to be a pro makeup artist to use this – look at me, I’m not good at makeup at all and even I have still found it easy to create looks with.  You can always follow the mini beauty leaflet to tell you about how to create specific looks.

The packaging is as always very gorgeous, heavy duty and luxurious.  I especially love how soft the peachy gradient is and the peach indents on the lid.  The palette itself smells so lovely, like a really summery smoothie – it reminds me of holidays.

Onto the actual eyeshadow swatches and shades now, I’m doing it in blocks of six going downwards.  Here’s a picture of the palette inside so that you can compare the swatches to the shadows in pan.


Okay so starting with the first section, we have the neutrals.  From bottom to top we have white peach, then nectar, then peaches n cream, then luscious, then cobbler, then georgia. Out of all these shades, luscious is undoubtedly my favourite.  It’s a gorgeous champagne-silver colour which is so shimmery and the shimmer is really thick on the lid so the colour payoff is great.  As you can see, the shades are visible under both bad lighting and no flash (rip my non-existent photography skills) or under flash, even the lighter ones such as white peach are just visible on my very pale skin, but show up great on a well primed eyelid (I like to use Benefit’s stay don’t stray, which you can find a mini review on here in my high end makeup collection post).

Onto the next six, we have the more peachy shades in the palette.  From bottom to top here we have just peachy, then candied peach, then caramelised, then bless her heart, then bellini, and finally puree.  From this section, and actually from the whole palette, similar to other lovers of this palette, my favourite shade is bellini.  This is a beautiful shade of pink shimmer which looks amazing packed onto the eyelid with a look really centralised around the more peach shades in this palette.  I also love the two shades just peachy and candied peach and they’re probably the most used shades for my transition colours on my eye!

Onto the last section, where the palette goes into darker colours which I do feel may slightly slip away from the peachy theme – nonetheless they are still really nice & I actually use these a lot, even though some of these darker shades may seem a little unwearable.  From bottom to top here we have got talk derby to me, then peach pit, then summer yum, then charmed i’m sure, then delectable and finally tempting.  This part of the palette houses my favourite matte shade in the palette, summer yum, which I often wear in my crease as it’s really nice and warm – I’m already in the mood for spring, winter is starting to annoy me, so I’m pulling out my warmer toned eyeshadows which usually consist of brighter shades, but if found this matte colour to work really nicely.  In my swatches, tempting and talk derby to me both look very similar, and whilst they are not on total opposite ends of the colour spectrum, they still do have significant differences.

So, there goes the whole palette over view.  I really love this palette, I think it’s easily  a match to the original Chocolate Bar palette, which I have and which is and will remain well loved!  The shadows in formula and pigmentation are lovely and I think this is for sure a great staple to have in your makeup collection!

Soph xx

High End Makeup Collection

Hi guys!

Today (after a week, which was my back to school down time before I begin my Saturday/Wednesday blogging schedule, which I’m starting today) I’m bringing you an overveiw of all my high end makeup!  Compared to some people, I really don’t have much at all.  Compared to some people, you may think I have a lot.


Firstly I have my MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Foundation. Now, don’t kill me for saying this but I really don’t like MAC foundations.  I feel like they always make me look a bit spotty, and there are drugstore equivalents which are honestly better, and for a fraction of the £30.00 price tag!  And, there are probably many better high end foundations also.  I do use this sometimes, however when I do I always want to revert back to my drugstore foundations.  When I have used this up, I won’t buy another.  I also have always had bad experinces at MAC counters/stores, and that never makes me feel happy about whatever I’m buying.


Next up is my Benefit Watts Up.  I love benefit – all their proucts are amazing quality, and the packaging is to die for!  Watts up gives an amazing, bronzed, glowing highlight which is especially amazing in the summertime.  In the winter I don’t use it as much as I prefer cooler, more white/pink highlights however for the summer this is great.  The only part I dislike so to say, is the sponge, which I rarely use as it seems a bit flimsy, however some people may like it – I prefer to use my own sponge.watts-up-closed

Next up is another Benefit product; Stay Don’t Stray.  My most recent high end purchase which I got in the duty free in Ibiza.  Honestly, I love this product.  It is a primer for concealer and eyeshadow (concealer unde the eyes) and I use it daily.  I encorporated it into my routine as soon as I got it and will be buying another when it runs out! It has such a creamy formula.  It’s also great for when I’m feeling lazy as the coverage is amazing so I can just use it in replacement of undereye concealer.

Next up is my baby, my one and only Too Faced Chocolate Bar.  I love Too Faced products, especially the eyeshadows!  If you’re ever going to buy any high end makeup, I would always reccomend you invest in an eyeshadow palette as they last so long and you can create so many looks with them!  I use my Chocolate Bar daily and I am hoping to get the Semi-Sweet for christmas!

Last up is my Clinique lipstick in the shade All Heart.  I got two of these full sized lipsticks given to me a few years ago for being ‘good whilst my mum chose her skincare’ by the shop assistant.  I think they possibly underestimated my age a little, but none the less I was delighted to get them! Both lipsticks are still going strong now!  I use these whenever I want an everyday red that is going to last me all day and give me a load of moisture too!  The colour is on the pinkier side of red, which is good for me as I feel pinkier tones work better with my skin.  The formula is veyr creamy and moisturising, and still manages to last all day.

So that’s all the high end makeup I have.  I hope you enjoyed todays post.  If any of you have any high end makeup, what is it and what is your favourite?

Soph xx


Too Face Chocolate Bar Palette Review

Yes! Finally, the long awaited review I’ve been talking about since Christmas.  I’m really excited today to be doing this review today for you guys, on one of my all time favourite eye shadow palettes!  This one is the Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced, you can buy it at Debenhams (here) for those of you who live in the UK, and for those of you who live in the US, you can get it at Sephora (here).  It’s quite an expensive palette at £39.00, but it is definetley worth it, you’ll use it ALL THE TIME. I use this palette all the time, it’s perfect for everything, from going out to general every day wear.  It has a mixture of shimmer, satin & matte shades with two highlight shades (or one base shade & one highlight), and they’re all pigmented really well.

Before we start, let me tell you this, I am showing swatches.  On my arms.  I have horrible, freckly and oddly hairy arms *feels very awkward* so if you have anything to say about them, I’d adore it if you just kept those thoughts to yourself as I do hate my arms.  I know they’re freckly and hairy & that I’m pale but you really don’t need to tell me. They’re my arms, I know them very well, I have to look at them every day so I know how freckly, hairy and pale they are.  Thanks.

So, on that joyous and awkward note, shall we begin?



Okay so here is the packaging.  I love it, I find it really cute & it looks so perfect.  It’s designed like a chocolate bar, as you can probably tell.  It has that beautiful writing on it & yeah, that’s that.  The packaging itself is really well built, very robust & slim so you can fit it into your makeup drawer with no trouble, and it’s very good for travel.


Here are your colours.  The two long large ones are highlight/base shades.  I use the top large one, White Chocolate – this is matte, as a base & the bottom large one, Champagne Truffle, as an inner corner and brow highlight.  Then you have your matte shades, of which there are 6: Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Semi-Sweet, Strawberry Bon Bon, Cherry Cordial and Triple Fudge. Your more shimmer shades are: Gilded Ganache, Marzipan, Creme Brulee, Black Forest Truffle & Candied Violet.  The rest are more satin with a touch of shimmer shades, and they are: Hazelnut, Haute Chocolate & Ammaretto.  I think I’ve covered all the shades there.

As for the formula, all the eye shadows are nice and creamy, with high pigmentation & really easy to blend.  They last for a good while, easily for me a whole 6 hour school day (when I can refrain from rubbing my eyes, which is an annoying habit I have), but they definetley last longer.  I find mine tends to loose pigment slightly after this 6 hour mark, but not drastically and they last a really long time.

Next, swatches (MIND MY ARMS):


These shades are (from left to right, that will be the way I say ALL the shades now) Gilded Ganache, Salted Carmel & Hazelnut.  Gilded Ganache looks more green on the eye, as if you look at the palette it is an olive toned shade (very wearable, don’t worry).  Salted Caramel is my go to transitional colour, and Hazelnut is a shade I reach to often for my lid.


Here is White Chocolate (which you can’t see very well at all because I’m so pale), Marzipan & Creme Brulee.  White Chocolate is a really good colour for cancelling out any discolouration on your eyes, which is why I use it as a base shade.  Marzipan has to be one of my favourite shades in this palette.  You see the colour much better in person, but it is a super iridescent shade, with an almost rose gold tint, it brightens your eyes no end and I mean wow, I just love it.  I also use Creme Brulee all the time with Cherry Cordial, it looks super luxury & ugh I love it!


Next up is Semi-Sweet, a light matte brown shade which I often use in my crease.  The colour is very build-able and easy to blend into other areas of your lid.  Then we have Haute Chocolate, a dark shimmery/satin brown.  I use this not all too often, but when I do I use it on my outer V or smudged along my lower lash line.


Here is Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Bon Bon (which is very light, andwould show up better on non ghostly skin) and Cherry Cordial.  Milk chocolate I use often as my crease/transitional colour or even just to blend, it’s very versatile.  Strawberry Bon Bon is lovely, very pigmented after you load it onto your lid, it’s also a lovely highlight.  Cherry Cordial is a more burgundy tone in real life, and is very beautiful & another of my favourite shades.


Here is Black Forest Truffle, Candied Violet & Champagne Truffle.  The first two are deep brown & purple shimmery colours – candied violet has LOTS of glitter.  Champagne Truffle is a lovely, creamy and intensely shimmery highlight shade.


And last but not least we have Triple Fudge, a browny-greeny-black matte shade which is beautiful for blending throughout the crease for a heavier look, and one of my personal favourite shades, Amaretto.  Amaretto is a satin shimmer finish purple pink brown and the colour pay off is amazing.

Overall, I would rate this product an 8.5/10, because while I personally think it is amazing, I know some of you will be put off by the £40.00 price mark (although it is definitely worth it’s money).  I also love the fact that the shadows are chocolate scented, it helps to wake me up as I do my make-up and it’s not too overpowering; nobody can smell it on your eyelids when it’s on.  However some of you might find it not to your taste (don’t eat it, please, I was tempted but please refrain).

I’m off school for two weeks now, so I’ll be posting more often (I’m going for every day but lets see how that fails?)