My Stationary Favourites

I’m a self confessed stationary junkie, and so when I find cute stationary I will buy it.  I have my selected favourites, and I’m always using them.  I use cute stationary all the time; when I’m revising, doing homework and just making notes – I have enough to sink a ship and figured I would share with you guys some of my favourite bits.


I love ring-binder folders, and I use them for everything; they’re so useful for storing my revision notes in for GCSEs and considering I’m in year 10, I assume I’m going to start to build up quite the collection!  Wilko do such amazing, but cheap stationary and their folders are no exception.  This one is so pretty, and I am in love with the gold foil writing ‘Hello Lovely’ – plus, it was only £1.25! I’m going to use this for English at the moment, and I’m going to gather myself a collection of pretty folders for each subject, it just helps to make revising that little bit easier!


Revision cards are so useful, however sometimes I find them to be a little small or flimsy feeling, so I like to use these Silvine record cards, which are only £1.00 for 100!  They’re great for writing quotes on to learn, and then I like to stick them onto my wall so I can see them every day and they’ll ingrain in my memory.  I like that they’re a clean white ruled card, and they’re not super flimsy either.


I’m a total highlighter junkie, and Stabilo Boss make the best highlighters.  I love the skinny flash ones, because they’re so easy to fit inside pencil cases, and they’re easier to hold than the fatter chunky ones.  Only, they run out quicker and don’t have as many colour options.  The chunky ones come in huge packs of eight with really interesting colours, and I love them because they’re so vibrant.


On the topic of pens, I love fineliners.  Staedtler do some great ones, and I really like to use these fineliners.  They’re great for mindmaps, or writing notes in my planner.


Finally, possibly the most used out of all my favourites, my planner.  Because all my homework for school is online, I love to keep track of it all in a planner like this cute one from paperchase, and then highlight it when I’m done. It helps me to keep track of everything I’m doing day to day, and I can stay more organised.


So, I hope you all liked these favourites.  I’m planning on doing a whole huge post on revision and how I revise, although I know it’s not very apt considering GCSEs have started (how did they go, by the way, for those of you who’ve been doing them recently?) but better late than never right!  Anyway, I have my Year 10 exams soon, so I’m trying my hardest to start revision for those and get decent grades, which is unlikely but we can pray!

Soph xx

My Top Five Favourite Christmas Films!

Hi guys,

18th December!

Today I’m bringing you a list of my favourite five films to watch around Christmas.  I wouldn’t say all of these are exactly all designed around Christmas, but they are definitely festive and I love them so much!

Image result for love actually

Love Actually – This is without a doubt my favourite film (ever, but especially around Christmas!).  I love everything about this film – the fact that there are nine stories makes sure it never gets boring, and every single time you watch it you always find something which makes it better!  My favourite story in it has to be Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon, it always makes me so happy.  I will easily watch this every day of Christmas, I adore it!  I’m actually listening to the soundtrack

Image result for elf

Elf – This is such a classic Christmas film for loads of people, including me. Whilst I don’t watch it every year, I do love it a lot and what would a film list for Christmas be without this?

Image result for the santa claus

Santa Claus The Movie – This is a really old Christmas film, and you probably haven’t seen it. Honestly, this is such a festive feelgood cosy Christmas film for me, it really reminds me of Christmas when I was younger.  Watching it again I’d probably be horrified by how bad all the special FX is and how unrealistic it looks but all the memories I have of it are so special and cosy!

Image result for snow day film

Snow Day –  I remember the one time I watched this, it was actually a snowday for my school and I found this weird film on TV on one of those cheesy film channels that come out around Christmas and I loved it!  I’ve only seen it once but I remember that it was great!

Image result for mickey's christmas carol

Mickey’s Christmas Carol – This is one I watched all the time with my brother when we were younger, and I still love it to this day, no matter how babyish that may seem!  I think the Donald Duck storyline has still got to be my favourite – I loved that.

So, thats my top five favourite Christmas films to watch! Do we share any of the same favourites?  What film is your favourite around this time of year?

Soph xx

October Favourites

Hi guys!

I’m shocked at how fast October went, but almost glad because that means Christmas is almost here!  I personally love November because everyone starts getting so festive and everyone seems so happy.  Anyway, I wont ramble on about how the year is almost over, I’ll just get going!

First up I have my Rimmel London Kate Moss lipstick in shade 30.   This lipstick is the most amazing autumn-winter colour ever, it’s the perfect berry red that suits all types of skin.  It goes on smoothly, and has a semi-matte to matte finish, and it stays on amazingly.  The only downfall I have about this is that it doesn’t wear off perfectly, it leaves the middle of your lips with nothing yet the outside of your lips remain this dark red which isn’t every attractive, however it does last you a good 6 hours so you should be fine!  Buy it here



Next up is my favourite nude nail polish ever! It’s the Avon Nailwear Pro + but I’m not sure of the shade. It’s a gorgeous sandy nude though which is dark enough for autumn without being too summery nude.  The application is gorgeous, albeit a bit thin but I don’t mind the fact that it needs a couple of coats.  It lasts really well and does dry pretty fast too!


Last but not least, I don’t have a beauty product for you but actually a TV show.  I love love love British dramas and things, especially when they are funny and feature people around my age (take for instance The Inbetweeners, one of my favourite TV shows ever), so when I found Skins on Netflix I was very excited to start watching it.  After about two episodes I managed to fall in love with every single character and watched two seasons in two days! I’m now well into season three and even though it’s a new generation of characters, it’s still as funny as hell and really entertaining.  You don’t have to have Netflix either, it’s on all 4 catch up, so if you want to watch it you should definitely check it out!


So, I know that was a short one from me, but I hope you enjoyed it.  I would especially recommend you watched skins, it is one of the best things to come out of TV ever!

Soph xx

My Favourite Things About Autumn

Hi guys!

Whatever you call it, Autumn/Fall/The Time When All The Leaves Fall And We All Get Very Excited (a personal fave) is near – infact, it’s the autumn equinnox tomorrow (I don’t really know what that means but I’m telling myself it signifies autumn in all its glory being thrust upon us in a massive heap of leaves..)!  Anyway, I figured a good way to start autumn would be to tell you my favourite things about autumn.

  1. Warm Drinks: Ask me any other time of the year and I’d tell you to leave and shut up, because usually I hate hot drinks (coffee, tea or even hot chocolate) but come autumn I begin to drink hot chocolate like its the best thing since sliced bread, and remain hating tea and coffee. Woo, hot chocolate though!
  2. Hats & Scarves & Gloves: I cannot wait for it to become socially acceptable for me to begin wearing chunky scarves and little mittens.  Every single outfit ever always looks better when you have wooly things wrapped around your neck, fact
  3. Dark Nights: Summer please leave with your crappy light nights, we don’t want you any more.  I’m so excited for it to get darker and darker as I’m walking back from school and it’ll be all cosy!  Recently, the nights have been getting darker a little earlier than 10pm and I have been killing myself with autumnal excitment.
  4. Halloween:  Guys halloween and bonfire night and all things wonderfully nice!  And then Christmas – is there a better time of year? (The answer to that question is a firm no, the only good time of the year is October-December)
  5. Fashion: Autumnal fashion literally has my name all over it.  I have super skinny lanky legs that don’t look good in shorts, but they look great in jeans and then they aren’t cold either!  Big warm jumpers and knitted everything – AND BOOTS!  Boots are my only choice of footwear ever for autumn and winter, I don’t know what I would do if boots didn’t exisit!


So, there goes all my favourite things about autumn/fall.  I hope you enjoyed this post, sorry it was a  little short but I have a massive and exciting post coming on saturday (which may or may not include clothing vomit in the form of a wishlist…)!  What is your favourite thing about autumn – I’d love to know, please do leave a comment! (I also need to add in a cover photo, again, sorry)!

Soph xx

Monthly Favourites: July 2016

Hi guys!

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for two days, but on Friday I had my birthday party and yesterday my Grandparents arrived and they’re here for the week until my birthday.  Today I’m bringing you my monthly favourites, seen as it is the last day of July!

monthly fave july

So, first up is fairy lights – a weird one, I’ll admit, but a favourite none the less.  I’ve been trying to  make my room more cosy, and, less white (if you know my room you know it’s entirely white, all of it – apart from a weird unpainted patch on the wall, soon to be painted) and I figured that overloading on fairy lights was the only way to do so.  I already had some white lights around my canopy over my bed, but I added to the room with these from Primark – they were only £2.50 & I love them.  They sit on my dresser and they’re on a copper wire.  If you saw my Room Decor Wishlist then you’ll know I’m making my room all things copper and this is just leading me in the right direction.


Next up is this candle from Primark which was only £1.00 and smells so summery.  I always associate candles with winter but this one, Honey & Orchid, is sweet and floral and summery.  I love it so much and the scent is really strong when burned.


My only makeup product is the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick, which I did a review on here.  I’ve been wearing this none stop for the whole month.  It’s appropriate for every occasion, every makeup look.  It’s not drying and the colour payoff is gorgeous.


Last but not least is Gossip Girl.  I don’t stop watching this, which is probably really bad for me but I’ve been at it a few months & I really do love it.  I’m actually watching it now, and I was watching it at 3am this morning.  Does that express a severe love?


Thanks for reading everyone!  Hope you enjoyed – what are your favourites for the month?

Soph xx

March Favourites

Hello April!  While April has already started, I’m doing my March Favourites today as I just haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I have quite a lot of things this month so go grab some food & drinks and get reading!

I’m going to start with skincare & body care products, of which there are three.  You might be surprised that there are no makeup/beauty items in this favourites; I guess I just haven’t tried any that I fell in love with.

Skin & Body Care:


Here are my three favourite skincare and body care products I tried this month.  First up we have Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub.  Now, my skin isn’t really at all black-heady, however, I did need a gentle scrub (which this is) to stop my skin from feeling so dry.  I use this morning and evening and it scrubs my face really gently and has definitely made my skin a lot softer and feel less dry.  Also the packaging is really aesthetically pleasing for me & it matches my moisturiser, which makes me feel very calm.

And next up, is Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser.  Now, having said I’ve got a scrub to help with dry skin, an oil free moisturiser seems not a good idea, hm? Wrong.  Well, I don’t know medically if it’s wrong but from what I’ve been seeing, wrong. My skin has felt loads more soft and actually more moisturised.  I’m not entirely sure why it does, because generally oil I’m assuming will improve the feeling of dry skin but for me this moisturiser really works.  I’m not sure how to explain it.  Just try it, if your skin sounds like mine try it & I can assure you, you will love it.   Also, it smells really nice like apricots & peaches or something.

Lastly, I have Treacle Moon’s My Coconut Island Body Scrub.  Treacle Moon is a really affordable brand that I have seen in Tesco’s (where I bought this) and I think Boots.  This smells strongly of coconut, and that scent might not be for everyone, and usually coconut isn’t for me but this scent really reminds me of summer & I need that at the moment because I’m just waiting on it’s arrival.  The scrub isn’t too rough but then again it’s not gentle either.  It’s really helped to soften up my skin & because it’s so affordable, I’m sure anyone could benefit from it!



I’ve enjoyed three books this month, the first two being books you can read and the last is a more activity book.

Starting with the Pointless Book 2 by Alfie Deyes, the second half of this blog title!  This book is one of his that I didn’t own and I managed to find it in perfect condition on Ebay at the start of this month for £1.99 & I’ve nearly filled it all in. I just find it a really relaxing thing to do & something to take my mind off of things for a while.

I finished Pretty Little Liars TV show when the last episode aired & I really can’t wait for it to come back, I really enjoyed it.  So, I decided I’d read one of the books in the meantime.  I’ll admit, I do think the TV show is better because that’s what I watched first, I’d accustomed the characters in my head and everyone was different in the book.  For a start, Ezria didn’t feature as much as I’d have liked it to and Aria went out with Noel Kahn instead.  I’ll stop blabbering though.  However, I did love Sara Shepard’d writing style & I liked the storyline itself.  I really enjoyed this book even though I’ve moaned about it, I’d suggest you gave it a read.

Next is a book I’m close to finishing, Matched by Ally Condie.  I have the next book in this series to read too.  This is a dystopian book, based around a ‘society’ which creates all the rules to living.  I’d rather not explain it because it is a long explanation but I would recommend reading it. Ally writes really nicely and she makes the characters really alive.



Thank you ever so very much to my Mum who bought me these Adidas Superstars.  They are honestly the comfiest pair of shoes I have ever owned and they literally go with everything I own.  I seriously recommend you buy them if you have shoe issues that you get a pair of these.  Super comfy, really versatile and very much gorgeous.


This is the first time I’ve ever included gaming in my favourites, but you might not know that I’m quite keen on games.  I play both sims 3 & 4 on my laptop & I also play on Playstation 4.  This month I got a new game on playstation, Saints Row IV with the Gat Out Of Hell add on.


I’ve really been enjoying this game.  I feel like it combines my favourite aspects of GTA, the free roaming & shopping bit, with the more challenging aspect of missions to be completed.  I also like that you can use cheats and that the missions aren’t all too similar, they vary nicely.  All in all I’m glad I purchased this game & really enjoy playing on it!

Food & Drink:


Recently I’ve been visiting Starbucks a bunch more often than I usually do.  I’ve been a few times this month with my friends & also just alone to grab a drink.  I usually get a Frapuccino when I’m in Starbucks but recently I’ve been getting a raspberry and blackcurrant juice blend ice tea and it is amazing.  It’s cold and refreshing and perfect for the run up to summer, and any type of berry goes down well with me, so this completley was my cup of (iced) tea!


Next, and last in the whole of my favourites for this month, are these Whitworths Shots.  It’s basically a slim pouch filled with fruit, and I chose cranberries, raisins (though I don’t remember ever tasting raisins) and small white chocolate chunks.  They’re pretty damn good and a really quick, easy snack.

So, thats about all for this blog post.  I know I’d promised to post more regularly in my Easter break but I didn’t live up to that promise as per.  But I will try to post a lot more often as I’m really close (like two followers close) to 100 followers.  To mark my 100 followers, when I get them, I’d like to do a Q&A.  I’m going to do a more official post when I get the 100, but for now I’d like you all to know about this!  If you want to leave me a comment with a question, or tweet me here  I’ll include your question in my post!  Like I said, there will be a more official post but drop me a question!


Monthly Favourites//Collaboration

Hey guys!!

So today I’m brining you a regular, monthly post with a twist. This is my first ever collaborative post!  Today I’m collabing with Alanna from I’m A Galaxy Girl.  Today I’m going to be showing you Alanna’s favourites for January, and also mine.  Make sure you all go check out her blog and follow her, she’s amazing!!

Alanna’s Favourites For January:


Green Tea: ‘This is in my favourites because this has been my saviour.  I am suffering with my acid at the moment and I’ve found that green tea has sort of helped.  I don’t like the plain ones, I only like the mango and passion fruit.  I have also found that green tea is helping with my weight loss.’


Simple Facial Toner & Cleansing Lotion:  ‘I have heard a lot about the simple brand but never used them until this month.  I have such bad skin but using these has had a huge impact.  The cleansing lotion has really helped my skin and has kept it hydrated and soft.  The facial toner has a weird smell to it but it has helped by keeping my face look refreshed.’


Still Perfectly Clear Summer Fruits Water: ‘I have been drinking a lot of water lately and it has really helped my health but I have found that I don’t like drinking plain water.  My favourite seems to be summer fruit flavoured.  I have loads of empty bottles scattered around my room.’


Alpen Cherry Bakewell Bars: ‘I struggle to eat breakfast in the morning, I just can’t stomach it, so instead I have taken to eating a “breakfast” bar.  I usually eat special K, but I thought I would try something different.  The bars are chewy but the flavour is strong (which is a good thing).  I have bought myself a few boxes just because they taste so nice.’


WordPress: ‘This has never been on my favourites before but that’s because I didn’t have a reason for it to be.  This is now my favourite app, it outshines snapchat and instagram.  I have found that since the beginning of the year, you all seem more interested in my blog and love it.  You are all the reason why I blog.  Whenever I feel stressed or I am bored, I always find myself reading peoples posts and I love it.’

My Crush But Not Crush: ‘Can he be in my favourites?  I call him this because he has a girlfriend but we share a very emotional history.  We kind of hand an argument just before Christmas and we hadn’t spoken until the other day.  He didn’t even want anything.  It was just a simple message to see how I am doing.  It’s the smallest things that he does that just makes my heart melt.  I find myself smiling at the memories I had with him.  I don’t think I would be as happy as I am now without him being a part of my past.’

My Mum: ‘Okay so this should not be included in this post, but tough.  My Mum has been my rock.  I scream and shout at her, I tell her I hate her but she still sticks by me.  I have found that I really do need her.  She has been right by my side throughout my illness, she even slept on the hospital floor because she wouldn’t leave me there on my own.  I have made her cry so many times and I regret it now.  I am so thankful that I have a Mum that will hold my hand through everything.  I mean she literally does hold my hand, especially when walking through a dark alley.’

So that’s Alanna’s January favourites all done!  I’m now going to move on to mine!

Firstly, I have my new phone.  I got my Iphone 6 in silver at the start of the month, and I have to say I really do adore it!  Everything seems so much nicer to view on big screen, and the camera quality is far superior to that of the 5c, which was my old phone.  Also, my WordPress app seems to have sped up, and the typing function no to be crippled with total slowness as it used to be.  I also have this case, which is a mint green mandala pattern.  You can buy this here, but it is an amazing, protective case.


Next up I have my favourite round of skincare for this month.  Alanna and I share the same taste in skincare, clearly!  From right to left, this is all by simple and it is nourishing eye makeup remover cream, soothing facial toner, purifying cleansing lotion and micellar cleansing water.  All these products have helped to keep my skin hydrated and moisturised, and protected it from the cold, which it usually takes a nasty blow from.  I have noticed the condition of my skin being better and that it tends not to have breakouts as often.


Next is my favourite workout app.  Whilst I don’t workout as often as I’d like to, when I do, the SWORKIT app really helps.  It is free on the app store and is generally so amazing.  It allows you to search through many workouts in various sections (strength, cardio, yoga and stretching) and also allows you to create your own workouts which are entirley personalised, from the name to the exercises in the workout and how long you do them for.  This has really helped me workout more often, although I should workout more than I do still!!


Thorntons Mini Tray Bakes: I guess that’s the only thing I can call them.  Essentially, these are mini tray-bake type desserts (brownies and caramel shortcake are the two featured, although I’m sure there are many more to find), but really what they are is amazing little drops of heaven that melt in your mouth.  They become addictive after the first bite, I’ve been eating these since the start of the month and haven’t stopped.  And 70p for a 10 pack of these divine little things.  You’ll find it so hard to say no  I found mine in Tescos for anybody wanting to try these out.


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: Come on, did you really expect me not to include this.  This eyeshadow palette is the best thing to walk the earth.  The possibilities are endless with this, I got it for Christmas however it is on the pricey side, £39.00.  I just feel like it’s so worth it because really it’s the only palette you’ll ever need, you can transform your eyes from plain to everyday to sparkly evening wear.  I wear this day in, day out and I have still yet to find all the combinations.  And the smell, good lord almighty the smell.  It honestly wakes me up on a morning, it feels and smells as if you’re putting nutella and all things chocolatey and lovely on your eyelids but it’s still not too overpowering.   And I do soon have a makeup tutorial with this coming out, like I promised so make sure to check back if you want to see that!


So, thats my first Monthly Favourites of the year, for the month of January.  It’s also my first ever collaboration post!  That’s so exciting!!  I’d like to thank Alanna for being so cooperative with my horrible organization skills, I basically got my stuff into her twitter messages right at the last minute.  Remeber to go follow her, she’s linked at the top of this post & if you’re not following me, do, because I’m bringing out loads of exciting new content soon that you won’t want to miss!!

If you ever want to contact me about a collaborative post, or even just want to have a chat with me, my twitter is @ZalfieFanatic – make sure you follow me as well, as I’m on private so you won’t be able to see me tweet unless you do ;D


October Favourites & Meeting Zoe!

So as most of you know (not at all because I’ve obsessed over it for a large period of time), on Friday 30th October I met Zoe Sugg, Zoella on YouTube for the very few of you who aren’t familiar with her.  Zoe is my idol, I love her and find her so inspiring so to meet her was amazing!  Obviously most of the good pictures I have from the signing are of my face, and with this being an anonymous blog, I cannot show my face. However I do have a few pictures of her & my back, and some of the signing in general to show you guys!

Here is me (I was crying and shaking by now ngl) getting my book signed by Zoe.
A picture of Zoe mid signing that my Mum managed to get!

Anyway, Zoe is so sweet & lovely, and even more gorgeous in person!  I’m so happy I got to meet her, I was crying & shaking and everything by the end.  Thank you so much Zoe!

So, this leads me on to my very small, very Zoe themed October Favourites!


Everything you see in that photo, is basically (mostly) my October favourites, bar a few extra things I’ll throw in at the end!

Firstly, Girl Online on Tour!  I’m currently reading it, but book review to come!  Oh god, it’s great!  I really do rather like it!  I don’t want to give away too much for any of you who are going to be reading it, but it’s so good!!  And now that it’s signed, oh wowowowowow!

Secondly, the poster (which is now hanging in shrine form above my desk) & wristband that we got from the signing.  The wristband hasn’t exited my wrist since (apart from when I’ve had a shower/bath because I don’t want it wet!) There’s not much to say about these, apart from I love them!

Then I nipped into superdrug & got myself 3 Zoella beauty products.  Creamy Madly Dreamy her body lotion, Blissful Mistful her body spray & the lace collar mini makeup bag, which I am currently using as a purse.  I love the scent of the original collection, and I believe the pouch is part of her new, limited edition Christmas range but correct me if I’m wrong!  All the packaging is super cute & adorable.   I just love it all!

So actually, thats all I can think of that I’ve been loving through October.  Actually, thats just in the last two days of October, is that bad?  I think so.

Sorry for not giving you much of an October Favourites there but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! I’m currently trying to work out a kind of uploading schedule so I can fit in all my Christmas gift guides alongside all my Christmas posts.  That probably means about 4 posts per week, but don’t get your hopes up, as we all know how bad I am at keeping up to anything serious.

Zalfie Fanatic Out ♥

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My Five Favourite Halloween Makeup Tutorials!

I’m not sure whether or not I’ll be doing anything for Halloween this year, even so, I am super excited & am getting very festive!!  I’ve decided to gather some of my favourite makeup tutorials specifically for Halloween & put them here for you!

Hopefully this will inspire some of you as to what you’d like to be for Halloween, and don’t forget to tell me about your makeup/costume in the comments!!

And before I forget, I now have a Pinterest account, so go follow me HERE.  I’ll be posting loads of things, including what I want to do when I decorate my room (That is all I ever seem to do) & you’ll all get a a sneak peak at my Christmas gift lists!!

Anyway, let me get started!

Cherry Wallis does some excellent Halloween makeup tutorials.  This one shows you how to do a black/bruised eye, and is great because you could incorporate it into so may different looks; Zombie, corpse bride, or even just someone who’s been beaten up pretty badly! She is really detailed with what she does, and makes it look super easy! While this is a really simple one, compared to some that you’ll see, I think it has a really good effect – plus it doesn’t look too far fetched.

This one I just stumbled across (very) recently as I was ambling my way through the various pages of tutorials YouTube has to offer, and it really tickled my fancy.  My immediate thought was this looks like an everyday makeup and not at all Halloween and then I thought,  Thats it! This look is really great for those of you who aren’t into the whole facepaints & blood and gore SFX makeup, and can be worn throughout the Halloween period really, if you fancy getting a little festive early.  I particularly love the eyes, as they can definitely be worn without a Halloween costume (as can the lipstick & whole look) but I particularly like the eyes.  You could also add some vampire teeth to this look (buy some HERE) and make it into two looks.

Promise from Dope2111 does amazing, and I mean amazing, Halloween makeup tutorials however this Avatar one is a particular favourite of mine.  I think she does such an excellent job at this & makes it look super duper easy (they’re good at that, these makeup experts).  I just love this, and think it would be cool if someone did this where they went with the other boy Avatar (I’ve never seen avatar, apologies for the bad names ahah).

This tutorial which shows you how to be a deer is extremely cute, and also leads you into Christmas very well. It is super cute and very different, as often people tend to go with a Cat or something similar for Halloween, not a deer.  This also looks really easy, I want to try it!

This tutorial is probably the creepiest one on the list, as I hate clowns I could NEVER go as this but if you’re willing to be a clown *shudders*, then go for this!! I think it is super realistic & really easy (or at least it looks it!)

Thanks for checking this out!! Tell me what your favourite video was, and leave me a comment if you have any you think I’d like!

Thanks again,

Zalfie Fanatic Out!

September Favourites!

I’ve just been peeling apples and I’ve ripped the top of my nail off.  That’s how successful my day is so far, you know, in case you wanted to know.

Anyway, today I’m here with my late September favourites, which is pretty huge for September as I’ve tried loads of bits & bats and loved loads of bits and bats.  And some of these products are ones I’ve mentioned before on this blog & have started using more this month & been loving.

Also can I just say how extremely happy I am that it is October because well Halloween, cute decorations, Lush has brought out their Halloween and Christmas stuff (of which I’ve bought 2 already) and leaves and candles and stuff.  Expect very many Autumnal wishlist style posts in the very near future.

Anyway, lets just get into this post (which will probably be too long)!



Maybelline New York Lash Sensational Mascara. This mascara is so amazing, my best friend had been totally buzzing about it and she was wearing it when we went on a trip to Drayton Manor and I was like ‘OMG what mascara have you got on it is the best’ and she was like ‘Lash sensational’.  So I went.  I bought,  and I wore.  It is amazing.  My eyelashes are tiny and even if I buy like the most volumising mascara ever, they don’t even look as if they’ve got any on.  This one has changed that though, because it makes my lashes look so long & defined, if you don’t have it go get it.  It has the best staying power, you need a really good make up remover to get it off.  So I have been loving this so much.

Ignore my ugly nails please 😉
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Liquid Liner.  I’m really into cat eye looks at the moment as we transition(ED – it’s officially autumn now, we transitioned) from summer into autumn.  This has been my favourite liquid eye liner to use.  It has a really great smooth application and creates a great intense black look.  I love using a cat eye because it gives a nice autumnal edge to your look.  This liner is really great for a smooth finish, and I find setting it with a touch of matte black shadow is a really great trick to keep it in place for the whole day.


Rimmel London Master Kajal Kohl Liner.  This is the best Kohl Liner I’ve ever tried I’m my life.  I use it to line my upper & lower waterline daily.  The point looks really odd but it’s actually so good, the application is really smooth and creamy and you can actually draw a cat eye on with it although I prefer liquid liner to do that.


W7 In The Buff Eyeshadow Palette. This is a palette I have been screaming about to anyone who will listen.  Oh My God (*imitates Janis’s accent from F.R.I.E.N.D.S*).  The colours are so good for everyday use & can be transitioned into a night look so easily.  Most of the colours are matte but some of them have a lovely iridescent shimmer to them.  I’ve used them daily, matte brown & the gold-brown colours are my favourite.  I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a cheap eyeshadow palette of amazing quality.


Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick Shade 21 Rosewood.  This is a really great lipstick, it’s very cheap (£2.50 now at Boots, 49p off) and it has amazing staying power.  The colour Rosewood is really natural, so perfect for school.  When teamed with a lipliner & gloss when I feel like it, it is a rarity that I will need to re-apply.  It has a beautiful application, very silky soft if that is a good way to describe a lipstick.  It is a more satin finish, which I prefer to matte, but its not bob on satin I don’t think.  But this is a great lipstick & yeah, it’s in my favourites…..


Royal Cosmetic Connections Bronzing Pearls.  As we’re heading into Autumn I’m getting more into blushing my cheeks vs bronzing, however reminiscent of Summer, throughout September I’ve been using these bronzing pearls to give me a healthy glow.  I prefer these to a shimmery  bronzer as they are more subtle.  The colour stays on the whole day and I just really like these bronzing balls.  And they’re really cheap too!

Nail Polish:

I’ve really gotten into painting my nails in the more wintry seasons; I’m not sure why, but it feel more enthused to complete an outfit in winter and painting my nails makes it feel complete.  September found me loving these couple of shades.


Rimmel I Heart Lasting Finish in 239 Your Majesty is a gorgeous silvery colour and is great for chipping, in the way that it really doesn’t chip.  It is a very thin colour I find so I often put on a couple of coats, and this makes it great at being even more chip proof.  It just adds that nice touch of glamour, and it also looks gorgeous as an accent finger with purple nail varnish.


W7 Nail Polish Space Debris.  This colour is so interesting, and I really love interesting nail polish colours.  It is a pinky red shade, and dries so that you can really feel the glittery bits in it, which is what I love about it.  When your nails have texture on them they are so much more interesting.  This colour reminds me of the reddish fallen leaves at this time of year, it is super pretty & cheap, and it stays on for a really long time!  The brush is a bit hard to handle, as it is quite big but otherwise it is a great nail polish!



My F.R.I.E.N.D.S T-shirt is an item I have worn so much.  Sadly I cannot link where to get it from exactly, as Primark don not have a proper website, but it was £6.00.  It is so comfy and obviously allows me to show my devotion to friends while I sit & watch it.  All night, every night.

Entertainment/Random Favourites:


Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody.  This book is about a Mother, Betty & her daughter, Mahtob who are locked away in Iran by Moody, Betty’s husband & Mahtob’s father.  They came over from America to see Moody’s family for two weeks, however Moody has other ideas and forces the two of them to stay in Iran forever.  As Mahtob reluctantly settles in to Iranian life, Betty is searching for a way out, finding that very few people will actually help her.  They get smuggled out of the country through Turkey & make it back to America in the end.  This book is a true story & is so tense.  You really get to know the characters & for anyone who is looking for a gripping book, this is definitely it!


This cup, I cannot remember for the life in me where I got it from or how much it cost, allows me to embrace Christmas.  Therefore, it is a favourite.  Plus it makes me drink more water as I fill it up with water and ice every night and sip away.


This notepad was from IKEA and it was £3.99,  I can’t seem to find it on their website though.  Its so cute & excellent quality & I take it with me most places in case inspiration strikes, for anything. I have a multitude of lists in there, blog post ideas and it is the most helpful thing I have had all month!

I believe that is it for my favourites this month, so I would say this is goodbye.

Zalfie Fanatic Out♥