My Writing Process|How Do I Write A Blog Post?

So, before I even get into this post, I’m going to just let you know where my inspiration came from; Jas from It’s Simply Me Jasmine did a post like this a while ago, and then I saw Smiling Dreamer write this post which was also inspired by Jas’ post and so I thought I’d also give it a go.  I think that sharing your writing process is such a great idea, because everyone’s style and method is really different.  I love it, because it shows the diversity throughout everyone’s blog!

So, when do I write?

I don’t exactly have a tonne of free time during the week, or at least when I’m at school I don’t.  This is down to the homework I get given (which is way too much for me to even think about) and also my total and utter exhaustion after a day at school; I just want to come home and curl up in bed without having to think about anything!

So, that leaves me with the weekend and school holidays for writing.  And, while my weekends are sometimes busy, I often find myself with time to spare to write blog posts.  However, as is clearly evident by my recent activity on my blog, it is during the school holidays that I am able to write a lot!

Where do I get my inspiration?

Before I actually start writing, I’ll always plan and think about what I’m going to write about.  This comes from various sources: throughout the week, if I have any good ideas they go into notes on my phone, or into the tiny notebook filled with post ideas that I keep in my bedside table.  I use pinterest a lot, as lots of things on there inspire me to write, from seeing other people’s posts or just simply looking at a nice picture, I can think of something to write about.  Sometimes, I’ll have the post already planned, for example if it’s a PR post, a collab or a series I’m doing.  However, most of the time I don’t so I can often be found on the hunt for inspiration!

Where am I writing?

When I’m writing, you always find me somewhere comfortable.  I never write at my desk, because that is reserved for things like homework, and other hell inducing activities. I usually write from my bed, or sometimes on the living room sofa but usually not because it can be distracting!

And when I start writing?

I’ll usually start writing at around 1pm on a Saturday, and finish at approximately 2am the following morning.  I know!  I must be so tired!  But not really, I sleep in for ages and generally have pretty good stamina.  This really long timeframe is only because I take huge breaks in and amongst.  I usually finish the bare bones of a post in around an hour, two hours tops. But then there are so many other things to consider!  With this hard work done, I reward myself with about a five-hour break.  When I get back to my draft, I will re read it to refresh my memory and correct any obvious mistakes. Then I move on to pictures!


So, it’s quite clear to me that I’m not the best at photography in the blogosphere, but I do try to take a decent picture and I am still learning.  Mostly, I’ll use my Iphone 6 camera, but on occasion when I really want to push the boat out, I use my Canon EOS1200 to take a picture.  However, I am really bad at using this although I would love to learn!  I’ll then edit whatever pictures I took, usually using an editing software on my computer or if I’m doing it on my phone, then I use VSCO and the built-in editing stuff in the photos app.

Edit, Edit, Edit!

So, now is where the real magic happens.  I guess, but kinda not – you probably don’t even notice, but if this didn’t happen then you probably wouldn’t be reading!  I first click on the very nifty little spell check button on the top bar of my post, and voila, pretty much everywhere are colourful lines filled with mistakes and errors that I need to fix.  They’re usually things I have mis-typed, and pretty simple to fix, and sometimes its grammatical errors.  I’m so glad for this feature, otherwise I know there would be things that my naked eye couldn’t spot and some god awful grammatical error would haunt the post for the rest of its existence.  Even so, I go through and critique every line afterwards, checking for spelling mistakes, grammar issues and just seeing if everything makes sense.  If I think something needs taking out or replacing, then I’ll do that, and just the same if I think things need to be added in.

Now, I don’t know about you (honestly, I don’t know if you even write blog posts, and if you don’t then this will make pretty much zero percent sense!), but when I’m reading my posts to myself, I sometimes read some words more expressed than others (in my head, of course, I’m not some crazy person who reads her blog posts out loud!).  By this, I mean they deserve to be in italics, or, what I prefer to do, is put the word in bold.  I just feel like by putting it in bold, it gives it more of an impact in the sentence and makes it stand out more – I sound like I’m writing some weird english language essay and this truly is giving me like flash backs to my year 10 mocks, which was a bad time for me *shudders*.  So yeah, my editing is more me making the post look more attractive and making it seem more readable!

Tags and Categories!

I usually keep categories to a minimum, two or three that really fit the post is something I find works for me, but tags, that is a different question altogether.  I add as many tags as humanly possible – well, nearly!  I never forget to tag a post, because, well, I like describing my posts and tags help people find your post and it brings in more readers – what’s not to like? I have tags for everything, and I never fail to find ones to fit the post.

How do I choose my featured image?

Well, it depends! If my post has lots of images in, for example it’s a review or a haul, then I would probably go through all the pictures I took and find the most attractive one, and then that would be given the place of featured image.  There are usually a few criteria I go by: it needs to be well-lit, it almost always needs to be a flatlay and it needs to be eye-catching.  However, if, like this post I’m not using a lot of images, because it’s more of a chatty post, then I’ll use some editing software like Picmonkey or Canva to create a nice looking featured image.  All the images on my blog are pinnable (which means you can pin them to your pinterest boards, and you totally should!) and so I always try aim to have ones which are quite attractive looking or if I create any graphics I always want them to be professional looking so that people might want to pin them!

So, after a final check, what do I do – schedule or post right away?

I schedule!  I always have posts scheduled to go up, because I’m ‘supposed’ to stick to a posting schedule: Wednesdays and Saturdays. But guess what, it’s well established by many that I’m not very good at that, so I kind of just try stick to it but do whatever I want mostly.  My posts always go up at 6PM GMT because I find that people are out of school and work and I seem to get the most traffic around that time, so I figured it’s a great time to post at.  I usually have posts lined up in my scheduled section, ready to be posted!

And when the post is up?

When the post is up on my blog, I usually head over to twitter to share it, using blogger promoting accounts and hashtags.  I’m always active on twitter, especially after a blog post is up!  I then just go about my business, with my phone by my side so that I can reply to anyones comments instantly!  I always love getting comments and interacting with people on my posts.  I write on my laptop, but very rarely do I read blogs or interact with bloggers on there; it’s almost always on my phone – the WordPress app is so easy for that!

Thank you so much for reading this, I really hope you enjoyed it and got to know who’s behind all of the weirdly rubbish stuff on the blog!  Make sure to check out Jas’ blog, as she was the one who inspired me with her post.  Would you ever write a post like this – have you? If so, leave me your link and I’d love to read it!

Soph xx


What I Got For My 15th Birthday!

So, if you didn’t know, on the 8th of August 2017 I turned 15.  For the day, me, my mum and my brother went to Bristol to do some shopping and we also visited a cat cafe, which was so lovely!  All the cats were so cute, and the kittens there were absolutely gorgeous; I could’ve 100% taken them all home with me.  Judging by the picture below, I’m pretty sure that you can tell how cute all the cats were and that I was in crazy cat lady heaven!

little kitty

Anyway, in the morning I opened all of my cards and presents.  A lot of my relatives gave me money, which is great as I really love to buy myself my own bits on my birthday: I’m pretty bad a surprises, however the ones I did get this year were so amazing and totally perfect for me!


My Grandma got me some face masks from Superdrug, and a hair mask!  I have a massive obsession with the little face masks that come in packets; they’re really convenient and always make my skin feel super soft, so I really can’t wait to use these. I’ve been waiting to take pictures for this post before using them, so now I have I can have myself a lovely little pamper session! You can expect reviews of these, or maybe even a spa night post, I haven’t decided!

face masks

I also got a huge surprise from my brother, which I totally didn’t expect but absolutely love and have wanted forever!  He got me the Friends box set!  This is such a great thing to get me, because now I can catch up on all the episodes and my favourite bits before I go to Friends Fest in Oxford on the 24th – I’m so excited! I’ve already watched most of season 1, and I’m so happy to be watching it again.  Have you seen Friends, it’s clearly one of my favourites!

friends and pandora

As you can tell in the picture above, I also bought myself a pandora ring with my birthday money!  I’ve wanted one for ages, and when I saw this I thought it was so pretty!  It was £35, and I’ve worn it every day since!

I also bought myself the Urban Decay Naked palette, and now I kind of want to collect all of them.  I can tell this will be my palette of choice over autumn and winter; it has so many gorgeous shimmery shades and some great cool toned mattes, so it’s pretty much perfect!  This was £39.50, and because it was my birthday, the lady serving me gave me some free samples which was amazing; I got the primer potion and perversion mascara, both of which I have tested and can say I really like!


And the final thing I received from all my friends the day after my birthday.  This was such a lovely surprise, and I can’t wait to get some gorgeous pictures with it!  They got me the Instax Mini 8 polaroid camera in white, which is so pretty and looks so beautiful in my room. They also got me some fairy lights and pegs so that I could hang up some pictures I take, and some cool camera lenses to go with it!  They’re so generous and this was such a special present; thank you to all of you, if you’re reading this!


Ok so thats everything I got for my birthday!  I still have loads of birthday money left to spend, so I’m thinking I might buy another ring or some more makeup, or save it until all the autumnal clothes come out in shops (I am really excited for autumn if you couldn’t tell!)

Also, thank you for 100 instagram followers!  Make sure you’re following me over there, im @lovesophblog_

Soph xx

Blog Awards

A couple of blog awards I’ve recently been nominated for!

Featured image taken by me: Tribute wall of tiles dedicated to aids in Bournemouth.  I thought it was really creative.  

I’m dropping you in an extra post this week, you’ll (maybe?) be pleased to hear!  I didn’t think that a post such as blog awards constituted for a Saturday/Wednesday post however I really wanted to do this and I’m going to start doing the blog awards which I do receive during the week as extra posts instead of being lazy and ignoring them as I always do – I think they’re really positive ways to express your admiration of a blog and get blogs you value noticed by others.

The lovely Chloe from Marble Beauty nominated me for two blogger awards, which I am extremely grateful for!  Chloe’s blog is one I love so much – she’s incredibly active and posts quality content literally every day.  You really do need to go follow her, I guarantee you’ll love her posts just as much as I do.  I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award and the Versatile Blogger Award.  Like Chloe, I’ll be leaving my nominees for both awards at the end of the post so make sure to stay tuned!

The Mystery Blogger Award


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself.
  • Answer 5 questions from the nominator.
  • Nominate 10 or more people
  • Notify your nominees by leaving the nomination link in the “comments” of their blog
  • Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice, with one weird or funny question (specify)

The creator of this award is OkotoEnigma.

Three Things About Myself:

  1. I used to really love reading when I was younger (like 10,11,12 years old) and would devour a book in a day.  I never really read much anymore, unless I’m on holiday when I can finish a good ten books in a week!  I’d love to get back into reading though, but I read in school and it’s so boring there so I’m never in the mood to do it at home.
  2. I love more literary subjects at school like English or History.  My brain is definitely not mathematically or logically minded; I’m horrible at chemistry, maths and physics but I can do biology and actually really enjoy it.
  3. I like to think I’m a tidy, organised person and a bit of a neat freak but in reality I’m such a mess and that definitely reflects in the state of my bedroom!

Questions From Marble Beauty:

  1. What is your all time favourite makeup item? – I absolutely adore mascara and couldn’t live without it, my favourite has to be Benefit’s Roller Lash.
  2. Best holiday you ever went on? – My favourite holiday has to be my two and a half weeks I spent in the south of France in 2015 in the French Riviera.  We went to St. Tropez, and visited lots of rivers which I swam in (they were pretty chilly but it was warm when you got out, so it was fine).  My favourite place has to be Pont Du Gard in Avingon area, it was so lovely and swimming in it was amazing – there were lots of little fish and the water was so warm.  Plus, the supermarkets in Avingon are insane, they’re great all over France actually.  Hopefully we’ll be going back when I’ve finished my GCSEs!
  3. Favourite way to spend your free time? – This sounds like a question from my recent French speaking exam! I usually like to cosy up in my bed or on the sofa with my laptop and phone and just browse the internet and maybe play some Sims which is my complete obsession.  I usually have chocolate with me too, my diet is just shocking!
  4. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose? – I have two cats, whom I love so dearly and couldn’t live without.  Cats are my favourite animal, but I wont be classic crazy cat lady and answer this question with ‘more cats’.  I’d actually really love a tiger for a pet, they look so fluffy and cuddly, although I’m sure they’d probably rip my face off!
  5. What are your top 3 staple clothing items? – I’d probably say black joni jeans from Topshop, I wear these literally all the time.  Then a light jacket, such as one I’ve been really loving from Hollister recently – it’s khaki and goes with almost everything.  Finally, I’d say white converse – I wear these with pretty much every outfit and they always go!  I’m so basic haha!

My Questions:

  1. What are you wearing?
  2. What is your ultimate comfort food?
  3. Which song reminds you of a holiday?
  4. When was the last time you went shopping?
  5. If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?


Versatile Blogger Award

Again, this nomination came from Marble Beauty!

The Rules:

  • You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog!
  • Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice.
  • Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself (being truthful!)

My Facts:

  1. I don’t clean my makeup brushes and tools anywhere near as often as I should.  I can see them now and they really need a clean!
  2. I’m absolutely addicted to Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide.  It’s playing right now, and my favourite song has to be ‘What do I know?’ or ‘Nancy Mulligan’ – I especially think Nancy Mulligan is so sweet as it’s about his grandfather, William, and Nancy is his grandmother!
  3. I’m the biggest procrastinator that you’ll find! All my homework is left until the very last minute, e.g 10:30pm the night before it’s due, or at lunch on the same day it’s due.  However, I do sometimes  have extremely productive days, which can be odd and quite disconcerting!
  4. I’m a big person in writing things down!  My desk cupboards are filled with beautiful, half filled notebooks of random ideas.  The thing is, I never finish them and I still buy more.  I have enough to sink a ship!
  5. My favourite country I’ve been to has to be France, and I would really love to visit Australia and the Maldives.
  6. When I’m older I honestly have no clue what I want to do for a job, but I was thinking about doing biology A-Level.  I know I don’t want to go to uni, and I’d love to work with animals.
  7. I really don’t want children, they annoy the hell out of me and I don’t think I could stand having any!


My Nominees For Both Awards:

  1. Alanna 
  2. Elin
  3. Amelia
  4. Madi
  5. Tash

I only nominated five, but of course if you’d like to do one of these awards feel free – you’re all nominated!

Soph xx


My Top Tips For New Bloggers

I’ve been a blogger for two years plus now, and my blog is definitely not the greatest, although I feel like I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way to make blogging easier, some which I really wish I’d known earlier.  I also have some general advice that probably stands for every single blogger.  So here it all is, compiled into one, huge messy post which may or may not help you.


1. Always Check Your Posts

Before you post something, make sure to read it over, even if only skimming.  It’s important to know what you’ve written, and try read it from a viewers perspective.  Is it engaging and down to earth, do you think the reader will enjoy reading it?  Of course, only ever post what you want to post and post which reflect you, but make sure they’re interesting and you’re passionate about whatever you’re talking about; from a book, to a lipstick to poetry or even current news in the world, always be passionate.  Also, spellcheck before you post!  Spellings are really important, as not only do they infuriate the common grammar police when they’re reading, but they make your blog seem unprofessional.  We’re all humans and we all make mistakes but they can be rectified due to the lovely internet, it’s red squiggly lines and your best friend the spellcheck button.

2. Be Active With Other Bloggers

You can’t expect to grow your blog and have people who want to visit it unless you interact with other bloggers.  I always check out lots of blogs in the comments of other peoples posts, like and comment on some posts and if I like what I see, I follow them.  You can do this on wordpress pretty easily, and platforms such as Bloglovin’ (which you really should get right now) allow you to easily interact with blogs from blogspot or ones which have their own domains.  Some of these people are going to come back to your blog and check it out, maybe even give you a follow.  You shouldn’t beg for them to come follow you in comments, as this genuinely can be annoying, however a ‘I really enjoyed this post & would love for you to check out my blog!’ isn’t going to be too annoying – I know I don’t find these sorts of comments annoying as I like to help blogs grow, but it varies from blogger to blogger.

3. Social Media Is Your Friend

really wish I had known this sooner, because it was only at the one year mark when I got twitter, and even more recently Instagram.  Personally, I prefer twitter for promoting my blog and interacting with other bloggers but Instagram is great for discovering other blogs.  Twitter is my main social media, and I love it because you really can get good engagement from there.  Promotion accounts are great and I’d really encourage that you used them (I love @thebloggershub_) and hashtags such as #bblogger, #lblogger or #fblogger, can be really useful for finding blogs and having people discover yours.  The hashtag #PRrequest is also great for finding brands to work with, which will make your blog seem a lot more professional, and lets be honest, it’s just too exciting when you get free stuff!  I’m going to plug myself now, because how can I not, so follow me on twitter here and Instagram here.

4. Don’t Compare Your Blog To Anyone Else’s

This literally can be so damaging.  I used to compare myself to people with 100 followers, back when I only had about ten.  I try not to compare myself to anyone now, because someone is always going to be more successful than you and you can’t change that, but you can grow your blog and improve it.  If you love the way someone takes pictures, learn from it and try improve yours! Find somewhere which has good lighting, search for good editing software and apps, and get inspiration from places like Pinterest!  You can always improve, learning from other people’s blogs instead of comparing yourself to them is so much more constructive.

5. Photography Is Key

Having nice looking pictures on your blog is something that I think really matters.  As people, we like to look at things and make split second decisions as to whether we’re going to take the time to look at something, and I think this choice is greatly influenced by pictures; if they look nice and Instagram worthy, if they’re eye catching and show something we want to see – all this tells us if we’re going to click something.  Therefore, you should make your images as good as possible in order for people to want to click something.  If your pictures are dark and hazy and grainy, nobody will want to look at it but if it’s bright and airy with a flawless white background, or bold and exciting, chances are people will want to see what you’ve got to say.  It doesn’t take much to make a nice photo, and don’t put me up there as the queen of photography because as we all know, I’m pretty shit, but all you need is a decent camera on your phone.  You don’t need to have a really huge canon DSLR camera and studio lights, your phone camera will do fine.  Some great editing apps are VSCO, or the editing features within Instagram.  I usually use my IPhone 6 to take pictures, or a larger canon camera which I have.  You need some basic props which you more than likely have or can get really cheaply, and this post outlines some of my favourites, all the while giving some great advice on photography.

I hope these tips were useful to you, what tricks and tips do you know of which I haven’t included?

Soph xx


My New Years Resolutions

Hi guys,

Quick announcement, the name of my blog has changed from I’m A Zalfie Fanatic to Love, Soph.  It may still be subject to change, but please tell me your opinions on the new blog name in the comments!

Welcome to 2017!  I’m ready for this year and I really want to make it as good for me and hopefully better than 2016.  It’s a shame I had to start off my year with History revision, but moving aside from that depressing fact, I’m here today to tell you about my resolutions for 2017.

I know, it may seem shocking that I’m serious about doing these resolutions, but I really am.  Hopefully by doing this I’ll make my 2017 a positive and more organised experience for myself.

  1. Eat Healthy: I’ve got some ideas of healthy meals, most from my pinterest, which I’d like to follow, especially for breakfast and lunch.  I’m the biggest culprit for missing breakfast, dying of starvation until lunch and then proceeding to gorge on an easy packet of crisps and chocolate bar I found in my cupboard for lunch.  I’m planning on making nice salads and wraps.  I don’t know, we’ll see how long this lasts.  As you can imagine, this has been the subject of much hilarity in my house this past week or so.
  2. Exercise: I really don’t exercise enough.  I’m not overweight but I feel like if I exercised more often I’d feel a lot healthier as person and I am looking to tone up too, especially for summer (I’m lazy so yes, it will take me half of the year to tone up).
  3. Drinking more water:  I need to quit my drinking of fizzy drinks and sugary things hopefully down to just water.  I’ve been drinking a considerably good amount today and I’m hoping for this to make me healthier and also clear up my skin!
  4. Do my homework the night I get it: I am such a procrastinator, so I’ll always leave my homework until the night before it is due, and then it ends up being really bad!  If I do it the night that I get it then the knowledge from my lessons will be fresh in my mind and I can do it better, I hope!
  5. Waking up early: and hopefully going to bed at a more sensible time than 4am too.  My body clock has honestly been ruined by my staying up too late and waking up at 3pm (don’t judge me, my bed is just so comfy).  I’m wanting to wake up by 6:30pm on weekdays because usually I’m up at 8:10am, ten minutes before I should go to school.  Waking  up earlier I hope will make me more tired and I’ll fall asleep before 1am?  We can only hope!
  6. Developing my blog:  This year will be the year that my blog flourishes!  I’m hoping to have made it to 500 by the end of 2017, if I do I will be so happy.  I want to produce quality content for you all, and my new posting schedule will be 6PM (GMT) on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  There will be lots of reviews and I have a few exciting posts coming up!  I would really like to go self hosted, but I don’t think I know enough about it or about blogging in general to do that just yet.

Now, after my resolutions I always have smaller, less important goals or achievements. This year I would like to read at least ten 19th/20th century novels, so any recommendations of your favourites are welcome!  I want to start to save money.  Finally, I want to do well in school and record all of my test results so that I can see how I improve.

I hope you’ve all had a fulfilling and busy start to the year.  Bring on 2017!

Soph xx

2016: A Round Up

Hi guys!

happy new year

Happy New Year, whether it has hit midnight for you or not, I hope you have had an amazing night surrounded by all your friends and family! I also hope that for you 2016 has been a year which you have enjoyed and achieved in.  For the world and humanity as a whole, 2016 has been a rough year, but without focusing on the negatives, you will find a lot of good in it.

I’ve decided that tonight I’m going to do a small roundup of 2016, since it has been a year for me which has been very hectic but in which I feel I have achieved a lot, both in my blogging life and outside of my blogging life.

1. I have moved across the country! If you haven’t been here for long, you may not know that in May I moved from West Yorkshire (UK) all the way down to Wiltshire. This was because of my brothers need for a specialist dyslexia school.  This move has changed me in many ways, and whilst I might not have wanted to go because of my amazing friends in Yorkshire, it has made me much more acceptable to change and I have made some wonderful friends because of it – not to mention kept my old friends who I know are there for me always. This also meant moving schools as we started or GCSE course which was one of the most stressful things ever, but I think I’ve just about managed to pull that off; I moved schools in 2015 and 2016, lets see if I do it again in 2017 (place your bets everybody!).

2. I hit 100, and then 200 followers on my blog!  This may not seem a huge deal to many of you but being in triple digits on my blog made me ecstatic – to know that loads of you read my posts makes me so happy and gives me the want to keep creating them!  Here’s to 300, right?

3. I became unanonymous!  At the start of the year, my blog was anonymous and the Sophie that you all know went by the name I’m A Zalfie Fanatic, however I am so glad I became public as I feel more true to myself and like this blog is totally mine now!  I’m actually wanting to change my name and the majority of twitter said I should when I voted on a poll, so within the next couple of days the name of my blog will be changed (follow me on twitter here to keep up with these changes) as I feel the current one is too immature and does not reflect who I am.  My URL will not be changed but my name will be, so please bear in mind it’s still me when you see a random name pop up in your reader – any suggestions please leave a comment as I’m a little bit stuck!

4. I did my first ever PR related post!  Which you can read here!  Things like this are huge steps for me in making my blog more successful and I am fully aware that blogging is not about the ‘free stuff’ and it really isn’t for me, but it does help to make a blog more popular and well known.  I may have a couple PR posts lined up for the new year, so stay tuned for that!

So, I’m sure that I’ve achieved more than four things in 2016 but these are the most prominent ones I can think of!  I wish you all a very happy new year, and I thank you all for taking your time to be here with me for this upcoming year!  I hope it brings us all joy and happiness and is considerably more enjoyable than 2016!  Happy new year!  I love you all!

Soph x

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

Hi Guys!!

So firstly let me just apologise for not blogging for three days, I couldn’t be bothered.  Anyway, today I’m here with a review of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.  NYX is a brand previously unavailable in the UK, but which has been creeping over from America and we can now find in most Boots stores across the country.  I’m so glad that NYX has been introduced to the UK, because it sells amazing makeup for reasonable prices.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Cover

I’m reviewing the Soft Matte Lip Cream in shade 11, Milan.  This shade looks like a muted pink through the packaging, yet is a bolder, richer shade of pink in formula.  It is sold for £5.50 and you can buy it here.

The Formula:

The formula is not at all drying, it is very creamy as the name suggests.  It does not dry my lips, and looks nice when applied, not clinging to dry patches of the lip as some liquid lipsticks do.  It is very thick, having an even coverage which coats the entire lip. It glides on to the lips easily, and does not set into cracks or fine lines, which makes it really easy to remove.


The colour is highly pigmented, as you can see in the swatch below (excuse my ugly freckly hand).  It is very bright and covers the whole lip evenly.



I really love the packaging.  I think it’s really good quality and looks quite expensive.  I love the matte lid, as it is obviously very similar to the finish of the product. The writing on the bottle is not too in your face, however it adds a really nice touch as it tells you briefly about the product.


Overall I would recommend buying the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream.  It is an amazing product and with so many shades there will definitely be one to suit you.   The only bad thing I would have to say about the shade Milan is that it is very bright Barbie pink and therefore is not very versatile.  I would recommend a more neutral shade like Copenhagen. It also dries very quickly, which is a good thing that lots of liquid lipsticks lack.

Do any of you have any NYX products? Can you recommend some I should be getting next time I’m near a NYX counter?

Hope you enjoyed!

Love Soph xx

2015: A Year In Review

2015 has been quite the year – nothing that I would’ve expected; that’s for sure.

I’m not going to bore you with the whole ‘new year new me’ (oh no, we have all that in a separate post coming up in the new year) but be warned, I may accidentally through my stone heart let out soppy feelings of love and joy towards you all. But for now, before we start, in case I actually forget to say it throughout (which I most likely will do – sin’t it odd how you can write a post all about the year gone by and the year coming yet forget to actually wish everyone a happy new year), here is a happy new year to you all.

happy new year

In 2015, the birth of this blog happened, and so I met all of you guys!  I appreciate you all so much more than you might think, and I’m so glad I started blogging.  Anonymous blogging is weird really, and I’ll admit has probably got me less followers, not being able to have social media accounts massively like other people do to advertise their  was hard, but I’ve really learned to overcome that and appreciate you all for what you are, and how I’ve managed to get all 62 of you reading this blog.

To even think that 62 of you read this blog regularly enough to have followed me is insane 0 when I started out I never expected to have such a nice group of followers who are all so kind and lovely – I really do love you all for making my blogging experience so wonderful.  Long may it continue!

2015 saw me moving school, which was a tough change, but one I’m proud of and am so glad I did.  I’ll soon be doing a post all about this, but I want to say now, if you are having a tough time at school moving school could be the answer to your problems – sometimes a fresh slate is all we need!  I’ve met some amazing friends & people who I love so much, and even though they’re not reading this I just want to say a huge thank you to all of them.

So today I’m here with a few questions to myself, to wrap up the year and document it.  Maybe you guys might just find this interesting, I hope so, but if not, try these questions and just feel good about yourself & all you’ve accomplished!

1. How has 2015 been for you?

2015 has been everything, a complete roller-coaster.  And I totally hate roller-coasters, but this year was one I didn’t mind.  I’ve had countless happy moments, great achievements not only in my life but on my blog right here – like when I hit 50 followers & 1,500 views! Like I said above, I moved school & made new friendships, all of which I’m so proud of myself for. 2015 hasn’t actually been too hard of a year for me, just hard to adjust to.  I’m so thankful that I’ve experienced no sadness in huge waves in 2015 & I hope the exact same will happen for 2016.

2. What are your three proudest achievements?

I started a blog, which was a major step into something I had no idea about but I’m so glad I did.  I’m proud of all the amazing friendships I’ve made & the fact that my blog has got so far is so amazing & I thank you all for that!

I defeated my far of roller-coasters (partially)!  This is a super big deal for me because roller-coasters are the enemy, but it stops me from having fun when we go on school trips like the one in September to Drayton Manor.  I went on a ride the went upside down, I’m really proud of myself for doing that and hope it makes me able to have loads more fun at theme parks with my friends!

I spent 5 days (4 nights) away from home in a foreign country when I went on a school trip to Spain.  This meant me travelling alone with my friends & battling against Stanstead Airport in the early hours of the morning – obviously teachers were there but the whole trip was an independence thing so it meant us doing things by ourselves.  I ordered food on multiple occasions & the right food turned up, and I had the most fun!  I’m proud of myself for staying away from home and being independent, and not letting the fact that I was desperately ill ruin my trip!

3.  Two memories from 20115 that you never want to forget?

Going to France with my family, we had the best time!  It was so warm & pretty, the South of France is gorgeous & we went swimming in rivers – it was the best thing ever.  We also went to Pont Du Garde which is this amazing river with loads of little fish in it and you can swim about in it.  It was so fun & I had so many laughs, the weather was the hottest I’d ever experienced (45 degrees Celsius) and I loved it.

Then probably Drayton manor where I properly met my best friend!

3.  What are three words to desribe 2015?

Memorable, Funny and Distinct.

4. What do you want to leave behind in 2015 & what are you bringing into 2016?

I’m leaving behind all my mistakes & worries, everything that leads to my worrying can just stay behind & anyone who is a snake can also do the same.  I’m getting rid of toxic people in my life & having only people I love & have time for, and people who have love & time for me.  If the feelings not mutual, then you really can just go away, get in the bin and don’t come back.  I really don’t need people with negative influences in my life.

Into 2016 I’m bringing lots, friends who love me & good vibes being mainly two.  Like I said before, bad vibes be gone.  I am bringing productivity (or at least what I have left of it) and good (as good as they can get) grades on my work.

So guys, those were all my questions that hopefully summed up 2015 for you and for me.  If you’re wanting to make a stab at one of these posts & would like to use those questions, feel free – infact, I urge you all to do so because it’s just really nice to have everything documented and down in one place looking lovely so you can look back on it this time next year & compare your years.  Hopefully it will bring you lots of happiness & if not, it will be a good vent to get your worries out before the new year.

I set you all one goal, aim to start 2016 on a positive note!  Last year New Years Eve brought me falling out with some friends from my old school and I can say it wasn’t pleasant going into 2015 with bad stuff bubbling away in my head, it stopped me focusing on important things & stole all my attention. Make sure that you all head into 2016 full of positivity & with love.


 I tried to find on the wordpress dashboard how to find all my most popular posts clubbed together or even just an overview of the year, but I couldn’t and I was too lazy to search through my blog and compile on myself.  If anyone could inform me on how to access something similar to this I’d be super duper grateful. I’d rather like to update this post with that information, if not only for myself.

Thank you all so very much for such an amazing year, I’ve loved it and I hope you all have too.

Have a happy new year xx