Why I Love Me Tag

I am so excited to write this post.  An amazing friend of mine, Tash from ThoughtfulTash, has created an amazing tag all about self-love and realising that you are amazing (which I am all for, seriously who doesn’t need some self love every so often) and it is so important.  Tash is amazing for tagging me to do this tag because I want to get this out there to all you guys so you can do it too, it’s amazing!  We are constantly tearing ourselves down as a society, so it’s important to make us realise our self-worth every once in a while!


  • Post the award on your blog
  • Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you
  • Leave a link to the original tag creator (ThoughtfulTash) to get a bit more info about WHY this tag has been made!
  • Write 10 things you love about YOURSELF and WHY
  • Nominate at least 5 other bloggers
  • In the comments of the blog post, spread more self-love with compliments to each other! THE MORE LOVE THE BETTER!


  1. I Love…Being Tall –  Okay so I’m not the tallest girl I know, but I am pretty tall and I really like it.  I feel like it’s so much more convenient for me; I can reach everything in tall spaces and I don’t have to worry about not being able to see things.  I mean it does make buying jeans really hard because I have the gangliest spider legs that exist with really long arms too so everything is just a little bit short on my arms and legs but hey, tallness is cool.
  2. I Love…My Freckles – I’m the most typical pale girl covered in freckles and oh my god sometimes I totally despise them, but recently, as I’ve been getting (dare I say it?!) a slight tan, they’re blending into my skin a little bit and I really like them.
  3. I Love…My Spontaneity – Look, don’t get me wrong I am so anti social it’s insane but I like to think I’m quite spontaneous; I don’t zoom out on cute, instagram worthy adventures at the drop of a hat but I’m quite adaptable and I can be persuaded to do something pretty easily?
  4. I Love…My Love For Animals – I adore animals (apart from spiders and wasps, I could never see them again and it would be too soon) and I would never be able to live without them!  I adore my cats (here she goes again, a fifteen hour-long rant on her cats) and literally all other animals are so great and pure.  Give me any animal and I will love it so much.  Plus, people who love animals are easier to trust, right?
  5. I Love…How Outgoing I am – I can get along with everyone, even if I don’t really like them (please don’t be deceived by this – I like you all!) and I feel like I’m quite an easy to get along with person myself.  I mean I’m probably not and everyone is probably screaming at me like ‘no we hate you’ but at least I can think this and how much I appreciate that quality of myself!
  6. I Love…My Humor – I am incredibly sarcastic, if you couldn’t tell, and I often put myself down with a good old self-deprecating joke but I secretly love to joke about myself and I laugh at basically anything.
  7. I Love…My Love Of Makeup – Well doesn’t this sound a bit shallow?  Am I desperate to find things to love? Maybe. NO!  Here’s the thing; I am so unartistic it’s just mad like I can’t draw a cat it’s that bad.  But, I feel like since I invest a lot of time and money into makeup and my face sometimes looks like a bit okay and well done. Sometimes my eyeshadow looks passable and it makes me feel nice and confident, plus I really enjoy doing it so yeah, I love it.
  8. I Love…My Resilience  – I bounce back very easily from difficult and stressful situations.  If something bad happens to me or something remotely stressing then I feel like I get back up and deal with it head on without trying to ignore it; very little effects me and makes me feel down really.
  9. I Love…My Eyes – I’ve always thought my eyes were a bit weird, they’re all the ‘generic’ eye colours (I say very loosely).  They are blue-green and they have a weird  brown tinge to them round the pupil.  I never really liked them but more recently I’ve started to enjoy them more!
  10. I Love…My Blog – As much as I’m the worst at producing decent content or actually updating my blog, I love it and feel like it’s a part of me.  It’s really helped me over the years to gain confidence (even though I wasn’t a super shy person in the first place) and to improve writing skills.  It’s just an experience I don’t think many people get to go through (even though they totally could and should!) and I’m really glad I’ve got it as part of me.


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Of course, these people I have nominated but if you want to do this tag then please feel free!  I am so happy that Tash created this, it’s such an important tag for people to do!  Everyone needs a little self-love every so often!

Soph xx




Carving Pumpkins For Halloween!

Hi Guys!

Today I’m actually bringing you this post in collaboration with my friend Becca (blog here). Bex is also doing a post on her pumpkins, and when we went round to her house to carve them.  We also made pumpkin soup and roasted the pumpkin seeds.  So if you’d like to see that make sure to go check it out once you’ve read this post!

I though’t I’d take you through my pumpkin carving process step by step, although you all probably know how to do it!  This way you can at least see how I carved my pumpkins!  All the photos were taken by Alex, my brother, so thank you Al.

poompken photo cover.jpg

Okay so first, here’s everything I used (minus a black binbag and some sellotape)!  So i had a large pumpkin and a smaller pumpkin to carve, and I also got the carving kit from Tesco.  I’d actually really recommend this because it did help me carve through the pumpkin easily and not break one of my Mum’s knives.  Plus the big red spoon for scraping out the insides was great!  The stencil of the ghost was printed out from google images, just search ‘pumpkin carving stencils’ and loads will come up!


I first cut all the black bits out of the ghost until it looked like this.  This part was really fiddly, especially with the huge scissors I used.  I’d recommend using small scissors, even like nail scissors or something for the eyes.  However I did manage, and the stencil worked perfectly fine.

After this, stick your stencil onto the pumpkin with sellotape and draw it on.  I used a plain biro which I wouldn’t recommend because it was really hard to get off, i had to make sure I cut onto the lines directly.  Instead, use a sharpie and use hairspray/styling spray and a cotton pad to get rid of it.  I found it helpful to mark the places I needed to cut out with an X so I didn’t get confused.

After this, I took the pumpkin outside and began to cut the hole in the top.  I found a trick online where you cut the hole on top and a ‘door’ type thing in the back connecting to it.  Not only did this make it miles easier to scrape the insides out of, it’s easier to get a tealight in there to light it up.  Make sure to cut all the pumpkin gunk off the door/lid thing too.  The red scoopy spoon here was amazing at removing all the gunk, because it had a serrated side and a pasta-strainer type side which was really good at ragging the seeds and stuff out.  As you can see, I am very very excited about that spoon.

After all the inside gunk was out and binned, I began cutting the design out of my pumpkin.  This was really easy because of the knives that came with the carving kit.   They got around corners really easily and were strong and didn’t bend (until Alex viciously carved his pumpkin with them!).  Plus they had a serrated edge meaning they got through hard pumpkins easily!

After this, I was finished!  My pumpkin was carved and I had a cute little ghost pumpkin staring back at me.  My phone died so I couldn’t force Alex to photograph me as I carved the other one, but place your bets now on what I carved into it (and whether you’re going to be able to recognise it…!)


That’s right, it is a cat!  A cat and a ghost to suit all your halloweeny needs, you don’t have to thank me.  Alex carved two pumpkins also, and wanted me to show you them.  Here goes our little pumpkin family!!


And here they are in the dark, candles burning! However my ghost one did blow out and I couldnt be bothered to light it up again!

So, thats all for my pumpkin carving antics!  Remember to check out Becca’s blog post here to see what we got up to at her house!  Have you carved your pumpkins yet?  Tweet me a photo @ZalfieFanatic – I’d love to see what you’re getting up to!

Soph xx

I have an email!


Just thought I’d make a super quick post about my new email for my blog!  Previously, I didn’t have an email for this blog, which made collaborative posts a little difficult as they were all arranged over twitter.  I now have an email for this blog so you can all email me, we can arrange collaborations etc.

The email is sophieblog08@gmail.com – imaginative I know, cringeworthy, I know.

Thats all,

Soph x

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