Blogmas Day 17 – My Top 5 Favourite Bloggers Of December

December is truly one of the best months in the blogosphere as it's filled to the brim with festive posts and half of your reader is doing blogmas - what could be better?  I know I love taking time out of my day to sit down all cosy and read all the festive and wintry … Continue reading Blogmas Day 17 – My Top 5 Favourite Bloggers Of December


Blogmas Day 15 – My Favourite Christmas Films

Today I'm going to be writing all about my two most favourite Christmas films in the world: both are very different but still amazing and definitely some of my favourite films to watch (among others!) around the festive season!  So, we should really get into my favourite films and why I love them so much! … Continue reading Blogmas Day 15 – My Favourite Christmas Films

Why I Love Me Tag

I am so excited to write this post.  An amazing friend of mine, Tash from ThoughtfulTash, has created an amazing tag all about self-love and realising that you are amazing (which I am all for, seriously who doesn't need some self love every so often) and it is so important.  Tash is amazing for tagging me to … Continue reading Why I Love Me Tag


Carving Pumpkins For Halloween!

Hi Guys! Today I'm actually bringing you this post in collaboration with my friend Becca (blog here). Bex is also doing a post on her pumpkins, and when we went round to her house to carve them.  We also made pumpkin soup and roasted the pumpkin seeds.  So if you'd like to see that make … Continue reading Carving Pumpkins For Halloween!


I have an email!

Hey! Just thought I'd make a super quick post about my new email for my blog!  Previously, I didn't have an email for this blog, which made collaborative posts a little difficult as they were all arranged over twitter.  I now have an email for this blog so you can all email me, we can … Continue reading I have an email!