My Haircare Routine

An overview of my favourite products to use on my hair at the moment!

An overview of my favourite products to use on my hair at the moment!

Haircare isn’t something I really talk about a lot on my blog, and it also isn’t something I’m super conscious of.  In all honesty, I’m like most people, and my hair is forever a mess of split ends!  However, I do have a current favourite ‘routine’ I’ve settled into and I figured I share it with you.  Just as a bit of background information, my hair is quite long and isn’t in the best of shape, though I refuse to cut any off other than 0.00005cm each time I go to the hairdressers because long hair is my thing.  I also wash it every day or every other day, and it’s quite thin and lacks volume, something which I have tried combatting in my haircare routine!


So firstly, my shampoo and conditioner.  I use the L’oreal Elvive Fibrology range which has a thickening conditioner and shampoo.  After a while, I’ve sort of started to find this isn’t doing masses for my hair anymore and I imagine that when I run out of this, I’ll most likely switch to another brand (any recommendations are welcome!).  However, when I started using these I did notice that my hair seemed thicker and a touch more voluminous and easy to style.  img_4349

For me, most of my hair care takes place outside of the shower, and I really love using things overnight.  Due to my hair being pretty thin, it tends to get very knotty and scraggly looking within a day, hence why I have to brush it so much.  To make sure it stays soft, I really love these following couple of things!


Firstly, I use the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment.  Now, if I use this for three minutes as advised,  I don’t really notice much of a difference.  Everything seems a little softer, but for really silky smooth hair, I wet my hair and leave this on overnight.  I wake up with super smooth, silky hair and all I have to do is wash it out!  I also use this Josh Wood Radiant Shine hair treatment oil which I apply overnight to dry or wet hair, usually just to my horrifically damaged ends and it helps my hair look a touch more glowy and feel more soft in the morning!


Whenever I really feel like pushing the boat out (which, let me inform you is not often – I’m lazy as heck) then I’ll use these two!  I use the Philip Kingsley elasticizer before shampoo and I find it helps to give my hair that extra bounce, and the Percy Reed Wonder Balm when I feel my hair needs more moisture, again I use this overnight on wet hair.


The final product I use on my wet hair just before I’m about to dry it, and I use a few pumps and run it through my hair for some body and bounce!

Hope you enjoyed reading about the products I use on my hair!  What haircare products are your favourite?

Love Soph xx

What I Got For Christmas 2016!

Hi guys,

Are you proud of me for getting a blog post up on Christmas Day?  Nope, probably not considering I failed dramatically on blogmas!  Sorry about that (note to self: never do blogmas again!).  Anyway, today I’m here to do something for you all which I am really looking forward to sharing with you guys; What I Got For Christmas!

Just as a quick disclaimer, I am so greatful for everything I got.  I may have gotten more or less than other people but I still feel so happy and loved, and I am not trying to boast or show off in any way by doing this post.  I’m just sharing what I’ve got with you all!  Christmas is a time for family, no matter how annoying yours may be (*hint hint**cough cough*mine)!

I got this perfume from Coach which I asked for as I was out with my friends and smelt it and really liked it, and so I got my parents/santa to buy it for me for Christmas!  I love this loads, I’ll be wearing it all the time so I’m glad I’ve got the big bottle.


Next up is my new diary and fountain pen.  I’m such a stationary junkie, and this fountain pen was so lovely and I couldn’t just ignore it!  And every year I’ll get a new diary in hopes that it will keep me organised, it never does but lets hope 2017 brings organisation!


After this I opened my pyjamas in a bag from Boux Avenue.  Honestly, Boux do the best pyjamas and when these were on a buy one get one free offer I couldn’t pass down the opportunity and I’m so glad I got them.  I have a blue, red and white checkered set & a navy background with gingerbread men and candy canes set, both of which I love!  Boux does the most amazing giftwrap ever too, so it’s reason enough to get anything from there just for the giftwrapping (which is free at checkout by the way!).


I then got some shared presents for me and my brother, which included a popcorn maker, a jigsaw & board game, and something we’ve both been wanting for ages, which is a little sad that I, a fourteen year old, would want to watch this, we got Ice Age 5!  We’ll be watching Ice Age tonight with yummy homemade popcorn and i’ll be wearing my new pyjamas!  Very excited!

My parents/Santa also gave me £200 pounds as this year I had decided to get £100 worth of presents and £200 cash as I am going to Bristol shopping tomorrow to go and raid the boxing day sales; I’ll be doing a haul if I get much & if you guys want so make sure to leave a comment if you want to see that!

My Grandparents on my Mums side gave me £50 which is amazing and will greatly contribute to my shopping tomorrow, as did my Grandparents on my Dads side.  My Grandparents on my Dads side also got me these!


Too faced is my favourite high end makeup brand so I’m totally delighted with this!!  I got the Love At First Kiss set, which consists of a mini Love Flush blusher in the shade Love Hangover, which I used today – it is perfect – and a mini lipstick in the shade Naked Dolly.  I’ll for sure be wearing that to hell (school, for you normal people who actually enjoy it!) when I go back in the New Year!

They then got me the Merry Kissmas ultimate liquified lipstick set.  This has three melted liquid lipsticks one of which is the melted chocolate ones in the shades Chocolate Honey, Chihuahua and Fig and then what got me most excited and what I’m wearing today is the melted matte in Lady Balls. It is honestly the most perfect bright yet deep red I’ve ever worn!

My Grandma also got me and my Mum an beauty advent calendar to share which of course was a little wrong to give at the end of advent, however I have discovered some amazing brands and products because of it & some I’d like to try more of!  If I could recommend any from here, I’d say the Pixi eyebrow gell is amazing, the eyeliner by eyeko and of course the Burts Bees lipbalm!  I am also really excited to try the Rodial super acids x-treme acid rush peel though it does sound a little harsh, however I will be giving it a go soon & may do a review if I’m liking it.


From my auntie and family I also got £20, which was so nice of them!

Thats all I got for Christmas this year, but I’ll be adding to it tomorrow in the sales I’m sure!  Thank you so much for reading, what did you get for Christmas this year?

If you want to see what I got last year, then click here!

Off to enjoy Christmas Dinner with my family now!  Merry Christmas to all of you, enjoy the rest of the day!

Soph xx

Weekend Morning Routine

Hi guys,

Today I’m going to be sharing with you everything I tend to do on a morning on the weekends to get ready.  When I took these pictures I was actually heading out into town with my friends, so I thought it would be the perfect time to do a morning routine!


♡ My alarm wakes me up at 9am, which I find is a good time as it isn’t crazily early but then again it isn’t the middle of the afternoon!  Today though, my parents were awake from about 8:30am and so they woke me up anyway.  I usually sit on my phone for fifteen minutes to half an hour when my alarm goes off, clearing my notifications and sending streaks out on snapchat.

♡ After I’ve been on my phone, I’ll get up and go get some breakfast.  Usually I’ll have toast or a cereal bar/breakfast bar because I really don’t like cereal!  Today I had a Go Fruity Bakes bar and some apple juice.  I watched Alfie’s new vlog whislt I ate this!!


♡ After my breakfast I go back to my room and into my ensuite to have a shower. If my bed isn’t made (which it usually isn’t after I’ve gotten out of it!) and if my cat hasn’t already pounced on it (which she usually has) then I’ll make it.  In the shower I’ll wash my hair, wash my body, exfoliate and wash my face – am I the only one who washes their face in the shower??


These are the products which I use.  I love the Zoella body scrub, I’d really recommend it!

♡ After my shower, I’ll go dry my hair.  Today I decided to put some curls in it as I was going out and my hair always looks a bit better when it is curled!

♡ Before doing my makeup, I’ll do my skincare routine which is now really simple: toning my face and moisturising it.  I washed and scrubbed my face in the shower so it’s a really good time saver!  If you want to see an in depth version of my skincare routine then you can check out this post.

♡ Afterwards, I’ll get changed and do my makeup.  Depending on how much time I want to spend on my makeup, I’ll generally just wear a basic face (concealer, powder, blush and bronzer) and then go a little heavier on the eyes using my Too Faced Chocolate Bar.  My lips usually stay quite neutral, I’ll wear a nude-brown colour which I especially love in September on the run up to Autumn!  If you want a tutorial on this makeup, leave a comment and I can do one for you guys! Also sorry you can’t see anything very well, I’m not totally to grips with decent eyeshadow photos!


So, that was my morning routine for the weekends!  Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed, I’ll see you Wednesday.  What is your favourite thing that you do on a morning?

Soph xx

Aussie Hair Review!

Hi guys!

Today I’m here with a review on Aussie hair care products.  Before I get into this post I just want to say that I went back to school today (yesterday for you guys but whatever) and it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be – getting up at 6:30am only took its toll half way through double geography, when I realised that it in fact is painful to get up so early!  I also have a new posting schedule: every Saturday & Wednesday at 6pm (GMT) you can expect a new blog post from me!  And I have loads planned and efficiently written in a diary so I will try my hardest not to deviate from this plan.  Also, another quick thing before I start the post properly, my two lovely friends Becca & Jaz both have blogs now!  I urge you to go follow them both – Jaz’s blog is here (she does amazing book reviews & Wattpad recommendations which you’ll all love!  And she’s generally just a pretty much wonderful human so you should just follow her because of that!!) and Becca’s blog is here (Bex’s blog is really new like yesterday new, but while she hasn’t posted much yet I happen to know of a fantastic blog post coming up soon which you’ll love and she’s a lovely person so you need to follow her for all things lovely!)

Now, actually into the post!  Today I’m reviewing some Aussie hair care.  I love Aussie’s hair care, it never fails to make my hair feel amazingly soft, lightweight and smell amazing!

Aussie Haircare Review Cover

Starting with the Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo (purchase it here).  This has Australian ginseng extract and pearl powder in it to ‘re-ignite your hairs shine’.  Okay, so I haven’t ever smelt ginseng before (how do I pronounce that? Is it like gin-sing?  I mean I don’t need to know but how?) but oh my god do I want to smell it daily.  Seriously, the smell of this shampoo is amazing.  The smell of the whole range is amazing as they all have the same ginseng scent.  It smells kind of citrus-y, kind of sweet, and really refreshing.  It has a gorgeous silky consistency and it lathers really well which I think is so important in a shampoo because you don’t want to have to use loads of product for the shampoo to actually do it’s job.  It always makes my hair feel so thick as im washing it (my hair is really thin, so this is such a new phenomenon to me!) and it makes my en suite smell so amazing! It definitely does an amazing job at making my hair shiny and swishy and gorgeous.  I’m honestly obsessed with this shampoo.


Next up is the Aussie Miracle Shine Conditioner (purchase it here).  This stuff smells just as amazing as the shampoo, with that amazing ginseng smell which I will be shoving all over my house in all possible ginseng forms.  This makes my hair so bloody soft and shiny.  Not only soft and shiny, but I feel like it really locks in the scent so I *feel* like my hair is swishing about and smelling amazing.  I would really recommend this range to everyone who wants their hair to smell nice and look amazing!


Lastly, I have the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment (purchase it here).  This is a deep treating hair mask which you put on after you shampoo, leave on for three minutes then wash out.  It is the best time saver ever. Because it takes literally three minutes for your hair to feel like you’ve just stepped out from a hairdressers, there’s no reason not to do it every time you see the bottle (I may be a little guilty of this…)!  I always use conditioner after I’ve washed this out because my hair can get really knotty so I really like to extra-soft it (wow what impeccable language) but you don’t need conditioner at all after you’ve used this because it just makes your hair so soft.  Plus, ginseng is now my life and this seriously smells so good and so strong – stronger than the shampoo & conditioner!

Overall, I would really recommend these products and if you need a boost of softness and silkiness to your hair, you must try them!

Have you ever tried anything from Aussie?  How did you like it?  Have you ever/will you be trying these?

See you on Wednesday!

Soph xx

What I Got For My Fourteenth Birthday!

Hi guys!

As a lot of you are aware, yesterday was my birthday and I turned fourteen! I had an amazing day shopping in Bath with my mum, after opening my presents in the morning and all my cards! I really love everything I got and in true tradition, I decided to share it with you!  I’d really like to thank all of you (and yesterday I did a small post but I’ll do it again), I’m so insanely greatful to celebrate my birthday with so many friends on the internet I never expected to make!!  Especially thanks to Alanna who made a post, you’re amazing!!

What i got for my 14th birthday

So, starting with the main present I got, which was from my Mum and Dad.  THEY GOT ME A NEW LAPTOP!!  To be fair, I knew this was coming, because I helped my Mum (and Dad, but really my Mum chooses everything for my birthday!) choose it so she knew the right one.  It’s the best thing ever.  My old laptop was three years old, and while I still use it to play Sims on, I can leave it under my bed now safe in the notion that a brand new, shiny laptop is waiting on my desk to run so fast and not be all old and decrepid!


So yes, there is my laptop thriving with it’s lovely watermelon background – you can get the background on my pinterest, it is linked within my lockscreens board!

Up next are all the presents I got from my friends.  I’m super greatful they got me these and they didn’t have to, but all the presents are so lovely.

I recived this gorgeous notice board full with pictures of my friends and myself!  Its so cute and matches my decor 100%!


I also got this mug, which epitomises me! It also came with Dreamies, my cats favourite treats inside of it!!


Next was two gorgeous bath bombs which I have used already, they smell amazing and made my skin so soft.  Plus, the first one looks like you could eat it!


I also got this owl ornament which looks gorgeous on my dresser and holds my fairylights in place perfectly!


With this also came the Zoella Scrubbing Me Softly body scrub, which is amazing, and a cat teddy because everyone knows I’m obsessed with cats.


I also got this adorable boofle mug which is so cute as I literally collect boofle things, this was perfect!  Plus, I don’t have enough cute mugs anyway!

The nailpolish by Barry M I mentioned in this post comes next, alongside a gorgeous hand cream and shower wash from the body shop!  They are so nice & the hand cream is the perfect size to keep in my school bag.

Last from my friends is a GORGEOUS scrapbooking kit from Cath Kidston.  I can’t wait to start this scrapbook, if you’d like to see any posts about scrapbooking then I’d be more than happy to do some! However, the picture I took won’t upload for whatever reason, and I don’t have enough time to figure it out!! But if I ever do a post on it, you’ll see it then.

A lot of these presents came with chocolate, which I’d show you but it’s currently being digested in my stomach :\

So, up next is the few items I got with my birthday money.  The money I got from family and friends came to a total of £150.00, yet I only spent £30.00 of it yesterday in Bath!  I always save lots of my birthday money for the winter months, as I find buying clothes in August is always quite pointless because A, its never warm anyway, and B, I’d rather wait to buy something nice for winter versus a top I’m going to wear for about five more weeks!


Firstly is this top from Topshop.  It’s one of their cropped vest tops, its ribbed material and really strecthy and comfy.  Alone, this was £6.00 however I got two for £10.00 in a deal. My other one is gray and looks just like this, but I’m wearing it now and I couldn’t be bothered to take pictures to show you.


Jack Wills had a sale on, and while I wanted to spend loads in there on summery tops, I refrained and instead got this gorgeous makeup bag which I am actually going to use as this years pencil case.  It was £6.50, and it is very spacious inside.


In superdrug there was a three for two deal on Aussie products, so I took advantage of it.  I bought a shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment.  I have tested them all out this morning and can 100% say they smell amazing and made my hair so smooth!

I also got this facemask in superdrug, which I again tried today and I found out that I loved it and would definitely repurchase.  I also got these makeup wipes by St. Ives.

I believe that concludes it for everything I got for my birthday! Now the fact that theres money sloshing about in my bank waiting to be spent this winter means lots of hauls, I have a collective summer haul to be going up also at the end of summer when I’ve bought everything, so watch out for that.

Again, one huge thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday, left me comments or tweeted me.  You’re amazing!  Thank you to everyone who got me gifts or money and cards, I appreciate everything.

Love Soph xx