A Week In My Life: 7th-14th October 2017

I’ve decided I might start doing one of these posts every month.  I’m not sure when I’ll post it, because currently my 14th of October slot is filled up with a post – maybe I’ll throw in an extra post this week anyway, who knows (you know whenever you’re reading this I suppose!).  Anyway, I’ve seen so many people in the blogosphere doing these sorts of ‘Behind The Blog’ posts and I always find them so interesting to read (Najida does some awesome ones that I love!) so I decided I might as well write one of my own, even though my life is inherently boring and all I do is homework and sleep – someone might find it mildly interesting? I’m hoping these posts might also help me to be less ‘bloggy Sophie’ and more ‘sophie sophie’ if you know what I mean, because while I do LOVE chatting to you all about makeup and whatnot, I truly am a pretty boring person who just procrastinates forever and ever and doesn’t get up to much other than being too sarcastic all of the time.  Anyway, it’s 10:21PM on Saturday 7th October 2017, lets see how this one goes.  Pretty mad to think this is going to take me an entire week to write!


Today my grandparents have been down to visit and have been for a while, but my day was mostly spent building a desk with my mum.  I say I built it, but I was probably there for moral support more so than my fine craftsmanship skills. We bought the desk online for £80, so I wasn’t expecting the best quality desk you’d ever seen (which I was fine with because the dimensions fit my room perfectly!) but I at least expected it to be the right colour!  I ordered the desk in white, but it’s literally purple, well it’s more lilac but definitely not white!  It’s also really bad quality and so wobbly, but my dad has managed to fix that and it’s now really sturdy and a nice looking desk, so mum’s going to paint it for me and then all should be well.  I’m planning on maybe doing a desk tour or maybe even a room tour post when everything is finished, so leave me a comment if you fancy that!

Other than desk building, today has been very non descript! I’ve not been that productive with homework which isn’t good because I have way too much food coursework to be procrastinating.  I’ve been mostly chilling with my family, my grandad did a quiz for us all tonight which is somewhat of a weird little fun tradition that we have; I’d like to say I won, but I probably didn’t (I did surprise everyone with my knowledge of science though, myself included.  Perhaps not paying attention in science for the past year hasn’t been that bad of a move and a token gesture of information has seeped in?).  I have been playing with my cat today too (wow, you truly have hit the epitome of sadness Sophie, well done) and got some cute pictures of her, so perhaps I’ll leave one for you all below seen as she is really cute and rather nice to look at.

First, she sleeps.  Then you give her a leaf and she’s suddenly totally awake. Weird.


Today my grandparents left and we went shopping into Swindon, which is a town relatively local to where I live.  We needed to go to B&Q to get tiles, but whilst we were there my brother and I got really bored so I bought us hot chocolate and a cuppa and we sat in the cafe and enjoyed those.  It was my first hot chocolate of the season and it was really nice! In B&Q I also got some really cute pictures of some flowers which was nice. After, we went to homesense and dunelm but I was a bit disappointed with homesense as I’d been watching all the hauls people have been doing on YouTube but none of the autumn stuff seemed to be in my store, and all of the candles were pretty rubbish.  Anyway, afterwards we all got really hungry so decided to head to the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet and we ate at Giraffe which is one of my all time FAVE restaurants.  I shared nachos and an enchilada with my mum and it was really good, I also had the mango mama smoothie which is my favourite drink basically in the entire world. After this, I went into paperchase and because everything was slightly discounted I couldn’t resist but pick up a few of their 80p postcards because I love displaying these in my room, and then my brother showed me eight mini christmas crackers that were reduced from £6.20 to £1.75 – how can you turn them down!?  I’m thinking of doing a collective haul after I’ve been shopping next saturday (ooo spoiler for the end of the week!) so I guess I’ll include them in that.  The crackers, albeit a touch early, are adorable and I think I’m going to place them in and around my christmas tree and open them every so often.

Anyway, after that I went into the Yankee candle store, but nothing took my fancy.  I then saw Jack Wills, and everything had about £20 off, so I couldn’t resist.  I bought a really nice blue shirt and a cream jumper, they look so cosy and I really am in love!  Now it’s 7pm and I’m going to tidy around my room a bit and get ready for school tomorrow, do some homework I’ve been procrastinating all weekend and pack my bag, lay out my uniform etc.  Also, this morning mum painted my desk so it’s drying now and she’s going to do a second coat tomorrow – I’m very excited to get it all up and running!

The super yum hot chocolate I had in the b&q cafe!

Flowers at b&q


Giraffe, which has some of my fave food and decor in the world!


Last night at about 9pm my little blog hit 500 followers!! I just want to thank everyone so much for that (leave a comment as to how I should celebrate!)


Today I’ve been violently unproductive. At school I had physics, double English, maths and then an afternoon of PE which is some sort of horrible interform thing where forms compete against each other. We did netball, I managed to get out of playing and I think my form won (probably down to me not being in their team and exhibiting the excellence of my netball skills). Anyway, we sat outside all afternoon which was quite cold.

When I came home I was suddenly very tired, which happens to me basically all the time, so I decided to have a bath and then a short 30 minute nap. However, my alarm went off after half an hour and not surprisingly I managed to ignore it and sleep for approximately two hours. My tiredness has not stopped and it’s currently quarter to eleven so I guess I’m going to sleep soundly tonight! I also did no homework tonight, I didn’t have any due for tomorrow but ideally I’d have liked to have done some, but I didn’t.

This morning, thankfully I wasn’t in the house, my mum saw two horrible spiders within the space of an hour and had to get my dad to remove them (even though he was about to set off for work). I’m so glad I didn’t see them as I probably wouldn’t even have survived through the day I’d be that nervous, but I’m pretty much on the look out 24/7 for spiders now!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more productive than today, and I’ll be less tired. Anyway, told you my life was violently boring! Thank you for 500 followers, I’ll be back tomorrow!


Wow, isn’t that just a compelling title for my day; actually, it describes it pretty well. Today has been much more productive than yesterday. Not necessarily at school, but then again I am never productive at school, but at home after school I’d say I’ve done well.  I actually got home at 10 past five instead of my usual 3:35pm, because we had a history revision session after school (I’d like to say this was useful, but it was mostly just messing around and laughing over a lack of knowledge for everything we’ve learnt already) and this is a weekly thing I think, so I guess I’ll be doing it most Tuesday nights.  It did make me feel more productive though so that’s good.

When I got home I had my tea and went on my phone for a while, and ate my tea.  I had a really nice prawn pasta salad from M&S, and then after that I got to work on my French homework which was SO draining.  I then had a small existential crisis about all the work I had to do, then did my biology revision for a test on the nervous system that I have tomorrow.  I used an app called FocusNow, which is basically like an app that allows you to grow a little pumpkin whilst you’re working, and you set the time you want to work for.  If you exit the app, your pumpkin dies.  You also collect your pumpkins in a little farm! I did two 30 minute revision sessions, so I grew two pumpkins in my time, and I really enjoyed using the app.  It’s now half nine, so I’ll probably go take off my makeup and wash my face, and I might do my english homework but I also might not.  Anyway, I’ve felt quite productive tonight and I managed not to have a two-hour nap!


That’s some of the biology revision I’d been doing, none of which really went in!


My biology test was quite hard, but I hope it went alright. I think quite a few people found it difficult so hopefully if I fail then I wont be the only one!!  We also had a surprise French listening test which was exactly what I was looking for on a dark and cold Wednesday morning in my hellish double french lesson – I got 24/40 (French is not a strong point) which was a C, but only one or two marks away from a B.  My weekdays are really boring, tonight I just did loads of homework, I did english and history predominantly but also did some maths revision just as general practice considering I’m basically awful at maths.  I’ve also started to think about the revision I’m going to have to do this coming October half term, because when we get back to school it’ll be all about the mocks, and the pre mock exams and all sorts, and then it’s GCSEs (which is only a bit scary (note my intense sarcasm!))

So yeah, a very boring night had by me.  Tomorrow night should be more exciting though because the new Riverdale episode is out on Netflix!!  I’m so excited to watch it, I love Riverdale!


I’ve literally waited about a year ish for this?!  I’m so happy the new episode of Riverdale has finally graced Netflix, and it was SO GOOD!  I’m really wondering who exactly tried to (SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT!) kill Fred Andrews, and who killed/tried to kill Miss Grundy at the end.  I thought it could be Betty’s dad, but only based on the fact that the guy in the mask at the end somewhat resembled him, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon and people will come up with so many theories.  Either way, it was AMAZING and I’m so glad it’s back; my Thursday nights will be a lot better now! I also want to know who you prefer together if you watch it: Betty and Jughead or Veronica and Archie.  I really cannot decide!

Anyway, enough rambling about that.  Tonight has been mostly filled with work, surprise surprise.  I’ve finished some English work that I’ve needed to do as I didn’t manage to complete it during the lesson, and I’ve also started some French revision for next Tuesday’s writing exam.  Fun times for me! Tomorrow is the last day of this week and I’m SO happy because it has dragged way too much! Also, we break up from school on Tuesday of next week which is really good as it means I get an extra three days on my holiday.  We got our history tests back today, I did alright, I got a 6 (which is a B) but then miss remarked one of my questions as we’re allowed to query her marking so that we get more familiar with the mark scheme; it took my 16 mark question from 13/16 to 15/16 which was good.  I did struggle with time on that exam, and missed out one of the eight markers, so I think I’ll try and do that tonight in a little while.  I also need to sort all of my recent tests into the right wallets in my folders at home so that when I finally get round to revising they are all there.

We did have double PE today, which is the bane of my existence, however it worked in my favour as I spent most of the lesson with my friend in the medical room because someone had thrown a ball at the side of her face – oh the joys of dodgeball!

Anyway, that’s been my night.  Pretty boring, apart from Riverdale.


Okay, maybe that’s a touch dramatic, but it is Friday 13th afterall.

There was some sort of wannabe tarantula in my form this morning, and apparently I’m the only person who has a ‘Oh my god I’m going to die’ experience whenever I see any form of spider.  I had to watch it crawl around and hide in nasty places opposite me on the floor before my form tutor noticed and removed it, but she wasn’t even scared and started to show it to people around the room before she got rid of it.  Mad.  It was like the devil had descended upon the room, I was PETRIFIED.  It literally nearly walked over my foot, I had to move myself to the other side of the classroom before miss managed to safely remove it, and everyone was laughing at me because of this severe terror I’d been put through.  Not fun.

Anyway, after my highly enjoyable spider filled day (which left me permenantly on-edge all day), I got home to some blogger mail which was such a great thing, and exactly what I needed.  I’ll be doing a review soon (Wednesday is the plan, but it could be later than that if I haven’t got time), but for those of you who follow me on instagram (@lovesophblog_ if you aren’t following, or you can just click here to go straight there!) then you’ll have seen some sneak peeks of the product – it’s fair to say that I’m really enjoying it.  Anyway, in light of it’s arrival I decided the best way to try it out would be to have a full blown pamper session for myself!  I had a bath, shaved my legs (so they’re now so soft and its GREAT) and did a hair mask.  After that, I got out and moisturised my body with the amazing body milk that I got in Augusts Betty Box and washed my face and did a face mask, and tried out the facial oil I’d been sent. A full review to come, but it was so lovely and relaxing, both me and my mum love it!

So yeah, not a productive day or evening but I did really enjoy a little bit of ‘me-time’!  I’m going to go to bed basically now because I’m up early to catch the train to Southampton to go shopping tomorrow.


Today has been so lovely!  My mum and I went into Southampton for a really good shop, as we love the shopping centre, West Quay, that is there.  West Quay is so great and filled with all my fave shops, so it’s fair to say I did a bit of damage.  I went into Jack Wills and bought myself a shirt, and mum got me a bodywarmer and a purse (that matches my school bag!!) for christmas.  I always go out to buy my christmas presents with mum because I actually kind of hate surprises so I like to know what I’m getting! In hollister, I bought a long sleeved top with buttons on the chest in this really beautiful burgundy colour, and the most gorgeous, cosy jumper ever! If you’d like to see these in a haul/lookbook post then do tell me in the comments as I love a good haul post but feel like sometimes people can get bored of them!  I also grabbed myself a little pot vase thing in Tiger which I’m using as a pen pot and it’s really nice, and some postcards (again!) in paperchase, but they were just too cute to resist.

Mum and I had lunch out in TGI Fridays, which is definitely our favourite restaurant because we’ve always gone there to eat out basically since I was little. We always get loads of appetisiers to share because we can never decide what to get, so we got a sharing portion of chicken nachos, loaded potato skins and a side of fries.  It was so good, and I loved the decor (although I forgot to grab any pictures); I’d really reccomend TGI Fridays in Southampton, but the one near to West Quay as I think it’s a lot nicer!

Anyway, below is a picture of me.  I wore my Topshop Leigh jeans, Converse and my Jack Wills blue shirt, but I also had a cream jumper from Jack Wills to throw on incase I got too cold (which happened on multiple occasions!)


Please try to ignore my ‘broken’ looking foot, I have some weird habit of standing like this for photos!


So, thats the week over! This was maybe one of the longest posts I’ve done (3141 words!) so if you’ve gotten this far I congratulate you!  How was your week?  If you’ve got a similar post to this make sure to link me to it in the comments so I can have a read!

Soph xx


Whats In My School Bag 2017

Back to school season is well and truly upon us, and I couldn’t be more displeased?  The summer has truly run away with me, and now I’m forced to go into year 11, a year I’m sure will be filled with stress and inevitable procrastination.  Anyway, as we all know from my previous post, a BTS Stationery Haul, I love buying new bits for back to school, and that doesn’t stop at my school bag.

bag 2

This is my bag, it’s from Jack Wills and was £54, which is quite a lot for a school bag however with my unidays student discount (you can sign up here, and it gives you some great discounts on loads of brands and saves you tonnes of money!) it came to around £49, which while it isn’t the hugest saving ever, it’s decent enough! I love the bag, it has loads of room and lots of compartments which I find super useful for organising my things.


In the front pocket, I have this little Jack Wills bag which holds some of my essentials for every day, and also some products I need around that time of the month.  It’s quite big, so I can hold lots in it, and I love that it fits perfectly into the front pocket of the bag, which is also really roomy.  I also have some tissues in there, and some headphones for walking home or just listening to music in lessons if we’re allowed.  I also have a really small pencil case, with a pen, pencil and highlighter incase I need a spare or I forget my main pencil case.


The first thing I have inside the bag is in the little pocket on the inside of the front.  This would also hold my phone when I go to school.  For now, it holds my timetable, some plasters (these are so useful, especially if you take food technology as I always accidentally end up cutting myself on something!), my favourite lip balm, a bobble, my keys and some tictacs.

bits and bats

Now, into the main pocket of my bag.  The first thing I’ve got is my lunch box.  This is from tiger and it was only £2, and it’s so clever!  Basically, it’s collapsible, so when you’ve finished your lunch you can just compress it, and it’ll slot into your bag really easily.  I’m hoping that it’ll help me actually eat lunch at school and hopefully eat healthier!

lunch box 2lunch box

Next is my pencil case, it was £3 from tesco and I really like it because it’s so roomy.  I have in it some highlighters, pens, pencils, a really small glue, a ruler, a rubber, some page flags and some very ruined coloured pens.

I also have some books for my first day in there, and my copy of Romeo and Juliet.  In the back pouch which is actually a laptop compartment, I keep a document wallet in a navy colour which matches the bag and will be great for storing any loose sheets of paper.  I also have a calculator and a maths set, which I have to use a lot, much to my dissapointment.


So, thats everything in my bag.  It will of course fill up over the next few days with books and textbooks and other desperate requirements, however it’s roomy enough so I should be okay.  I really like this bag, and I’m sure it’ll see me through the whole year.  Whats your school bag essential?

Soph xx


Making You Feel Better During That Time Of The Month: Betty Box Review

Recently, Betty Box got in touch with me asking if I’d like to review their monthly subscription box which is centred around your period and designed especially for teen girls (although I can imagine that people who aren’t teenagers would love this too, it is just full of great bits and bobs that really help you feel that bit more normal during that time of the month!), and of course I jumped at the chance and said yes!  This box is filled with loads of treats to make your period less of a pain, and because you design it when you subscribe, it comes with the sanitary products you love and know work for you – all for £6.99 for your first box, then £10.50 every month after.  For the price, what you get is such a bargain!

So, how exactly does Betty Box work? I wondered the exact same, because of course, everyone’s periods are different, they fall at different times of the month and need all sorts of products.  Betty box has such a unique and personalised subscription service, so the box you receive every month is perfectly tailored to you and your body!

  • The box contains everything you’ll need to get you through the month, in a handy little pouch labelled ‘for now’, you receive liners and pads, in a box labelled ‘for later’, you receive your choice of sanitary products for the daytime, and in a box labelled ‘for night’, you receive your choice of products for the nighttime!  It’s so customisable, as Betty Box have loads of brands to choose from, and you can get a selection of all pads, all tampons, or a mixed selection!  I chose to have a mixed selection of products, in order to truly test out everything.  Betty Box have all sorts of brands, including Always, Body Form, Tampax, Lil Lets and Kotex – you’re sure to find something that you use or that works for you and your body with their huge selection!
  • Once you’ve made your box by going online and choosing all the sanitary products you want in there, you then pick a delivery date.  At first, this is where I thought how can a box like this work if there is only one date it is delivered on.  Of course, there isn’t just one date – there are three!  This way you choose either the 10th, 20th or 28th of the month to have your box sent to you, so it comes in time for your period!

Betty Box is a teen version of the popular subscription box for periods called ‘Pink Parcel’, and they also have a website, Betty.Me, where they write about everything and anything you could want to read about: style, lifestyle, body and people.  It’s like an online magazine!

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all here to see what is inside the box – so let’s get on to it!


So, in the box you get a huge variety of things: I was so excited whilst unpacking this!  In the box labelled ‘for night’, I got four longer length nighttime pads, in the box labelled ‘for later’ I got three pads and fourteen tampons, and in that gorgeous striped pouch I got six liners and three pads.  So far, I would say that you’ve got a huge bargain for what you’re paying, as you have enough to last you through your period (just about, I know I would need a little more than this but for the average light-medium period, this is perfect!).  Also, can we just talk about the packaging on this: it’s so bright and happy, so it’ll really help to brighten your mood when you might be feeling a bit down in the dumps!


The pouch full of liners and pads is so great. I love this addition as not only does it add some variety to the box and break up the flow of boxes within a box, but it’s super useful!  I know that I’ll be taking this in my bag with me now, and it’s nice and compact but still manages to fit enough into it for what you’ll need.  Plus, the hot pink and blue stripes are so vibrant and summery!


These two boxes of supplies I really loved, not only for the fun packaging but I really like the way they open.  It makes the products so accessible and you can just have these in your cupboard and it’s easy to grab what you need!

Now, onto the bit of the box I was most excited about: ‘For You’. This box is filled with lovely bits and bobs to make you feel nice and special, and it did not disappoint! Plus, you get decently sized items and not very tiny samples, which is always a plus!


So, this is everything you get in the box.  A total of eight things, that are amazing quality, alongside a little magazine which gives loads of information on all the products, what’s not to like? My personal favourite so far has been the Candy Kittens, but I might be a bit biased because I love anything that is sweets and cats related, so put the two together and you’ve got my attention!  Plus, they tasted like blueberry and weren’t overly sour, which is just what I like!


Another one of my favourites from the box, and something I have been wearing all the time since receiving it, has been this Lisa Angel bracelet.  I love dainty jewellery, it looks so understated yet still so gorgeous, and this is no exception! I can see me wearing this with so many things, and I am loving the combination of rose gold and silver together, which is something I might not have gone for had I have seen it in shops.


I also really loved these hair ties, which I have always been so dubious about, but I’m so glad I got the chance to try them!  You know the ones, the scary plastic springy loops that claim to be ‘snag free’ and that they’ll ‘leave your hair without marks after wear’ – well they’re not lying!  These really are so comfy to wear and my hair doesn’t get damaged by them, which proves that even the thinnest of hair works with these guys!  Plus, the gorgeous neon coral colour is perfect for summer, and these not only look great in your hair but when you’ve got them around your wrist they’re the perfect addition to any outfit!

The box also contained the coconut and coffee scrub by Scrub Love: I’ve always been so interested in coffee based scrubs, but never actually gotten round to trying them.  Let me tell you, I tried this tonight and its so good! Seriously, my skin hasn’t felt as soft in a long time!  The smell of coffee is very strong, and the mixture of coconut is really quite unique, I imagine it is quite an acquired scent – if you don’t like the strong smell of coffee then you might not like this.  However, I love a good coffee smell, and I found this one particularly revitalising!  The scent does linger on your skin for a while afterwards, which is great, but I would probably mask it with a body lotion if I was going to be around people because I think it smells a little strong and you might not at first identify it as coffee.  However, this super gentle scrub makes my skin feel luxuriously soft and I really love it!


This Anatomicals hair mask was also included, which I know I’m going to love.  I always get on really well with anatomicals products and I’m sure this will be no exception; plus, the packaging is always really fun which makes for a nice product usually!


These were the final three items, and I am so excited to try them out.  The nail polish is a gorgeous pale mint shade and is from L’oreal, and the Korres bath milk smells of bergamot and pear – I think it will be lovely and summery and I am really excited to try it out.  Having used the face wash by Balanceme, I can assure you that it is great!  It felt super natural and the scent wasn’t overpowering, and it left my face feeling soft and clean!

So, that’s the end of this post!  I was so happy with this Betty Box, its great value for money and something I’d really recommend to everyone!

Also, thank you for 400 followers!  That is so insane – comment a way you think I should celebrate!

Soph xx

*This post contains PR samples and products

Boux Avenue Haul

A haul from boux avenue featuring some very cute pyjamas and an exciting life update!

Before I get into what is the mains of the post (the very unexciting haul I’ve order online from my fave shop for pyjamas/underwear ever) I just wanted to give you a small life update.  I haven’t posted in a while and I wanted to say that I’m sorry, posts will be a touch more regular now but I’ve been pretty busy and going back to school is never fun; you know, the general excuses!  However, back on the 1st March I sat my Food Technology GCSE exam – it’s actually a VCert, which still counts as a GCSE qualification but the course isn’t the usual GCSE one.  Anyway, they way they mark it is graded by question, and they add up the grades at the end: say if all of my questions were graded merit (roughly a B) but one was a pass (C), then my grade would drop to pass – same happens if all your questions are at distinction (A-A* level) but one is a merit, pass or even a not yet achieved (a D), your grade drops to the lowest.  It is the most unfair grading system ever, but it is what it is; when I came out of the exam hall in March, like everyone else, I was sure I’d failed.  There was a question about allergens and we’d never seen anything like it before.  Anyway, we got our results back yesterday at break and I GOT A DISTINCTION!!!  I was shaking so much, I had mentally prepared myself for a pass at best because of that one bloody question, but apparently my efforts were good enough because I got the best grade you can get!  I am so over the moon and honestly it made me so happy yesterday: if I can get distinction level on all units of coursework now (ones already down as a distinction because the moderators have been in to mark them) then i can get a distinction* as my overall grade!!  So, as you can see things are going pretty well at the moment – I also got an 8 (A*) in my recent geography assesment so fingers crossed I’ve done okay in history and biology too.

Anyway, onto the main part of this post and what you’re all here for – the haul.  Recently I spied that Boux Avenue had a sale and I went to snap up some bargains, along with some non sale items too.  All of which are pyjamas because I literally live in mine so I see no harm in having an extensive wardrobe filled with them.


I got three things overall: a pair of pyjama shorts, some longer pyjama bottoms and a set with an adorable giraffe on the front!


Starting with the shorts.  I got them for eight pounds in the sale, though I think that usually they’re ten or twelve pounds.  They have this gorgeous pink floral design on them and the fabric has a silk look to it, though I’m sure it’s not actually silk!  They’re very glam looking and so comfortable – I love a good pair of pyjama shorts, they’re so comfy to sleep in when the weather gets warmer and Boux Avenue have some amazing ones in stock at the moment (Primark also do really cheap shorts to sleep in which are so cute, but these from Boux are pretty gorgeous!).  The quality is great, they don’t feel cheap or flimsy and the ribbon is really nicely sewn together – I know that sounds like a weird thing to say but sometimes the ribbons made out of this sort of material that is kind of silk like can look really weirdly or sloppily sewn but these arent.  I love the pattern too, it’s really girly and feminine but the dark black background makes it look more sophisticated and less HI-I-AM-A-PINK-FLOWERY-SCENE!  The ribbon is also adjustable and you can pull it tighter to make it fit nicer around the waist, which is always helpful if you’ve got a smaller waist or build in general.


The next pair I got are these long, white polka dot pyjama bottoms.  I’m wearing them now and I can 100% honestly say they’re comfy as heck. These usually retail for £20, however I caught them in the sale at £10 – they have loads of styles so I’d really recommend checking them out!  Anyway, as some of you may know I’m pretty lanky and twig like, and with such height comes a need for long pyjama bottoms.  I’ve had some from Boux Avenue before which are more of a flannel material and they shrunk pretty easily and became three-quarter-length, not ideal for when you’re wanting long cosy pyjamas.  These are made from cotton so they’re not going to shrink in the wash, plus, they’re really long! I love long pyjama pants, and these are so cute with the polka dots.  They’re very spring themed and I love them!


Finally, I got this set of pyjamas for £22.  They’re so comfy and that giraffe is so cute!  They’re a really soft material and have a brushed cotton type feel to them, especially the shorts; they’re so comfy.  I totally love these and they’re really cute for the spring summer time.  Now I can wear seasonal pyjamas *small bouts of excitement*!

Anyway, thats my haul over, it was pretty small but I really love everything I got.  I have a couple of questions for you guys, have you been watching the new PLL series and if so, what do you think of it?  I’m watching the latest episode and I’m loving it so far – also, Riverdale is amazing!  Any other shows I should be watching on Netflix? Also, please leave some post suggestions because I’m lacking inspiration a bit at the moment.

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Benefit Roller Lash Review

I recently purchased Roller Lash by Benefit in the boxing day sales for £19.50.  You can buy it here on Benefit’s website.  We all know that Benefit are really rather wonderful, right?  They always create amazing makeup which never fails to live up to expectations.  I’ve been wanting to try this mascara for a long time now, and so I figured that I’d grab it when I was last shopping and give it a go.  I can tell you, I wasn’t disappointed!

The first thing which struck me about the mascara was the packaging.  I know that technically this really shouldn’t matter, because you’re not paying for the tube but for the actual product inside.  However, it always makes you feel better having forked out (a worthwhile, don’t get the wrong idea here) £19.50 when the packaging looks so amazing.  Staying true to it’s name, the packaging really reminds me of hair rollers, especially the lid.  The lid is in fact really nice to hold, which always helps to achieve a nice look on your eyelashes.  I think the black and pink looks very chic and pretty, and I love displaying this on my dressing table.

The wand on the mascara is amazing.  It has loads of hook like bristles which are gentle on the eyelashes and still manage to catch each and every single lash for optimum length.  Because the bristles really powerfully hook onto your lashes, they help achieve a really dark black look and create intense, uplifted curls.  You can really layer this mascara for a deep black long and voluminous looking lash effect, or just keep it to a simple one or two coats, wiggling the brush from the lashline to the top of your eyelashes, for a simple, long lashed, fresh eyed daytime look.  I love using this for school as I feel like it makes my eyes look bigger and more awake, which is exactly what I need!

The formula itself shocked me, as I wasn’t expecting it to be so amazing.  Don’t get me wrong, I was expecting something pretty good for the pricetag (which is totally reasonable considering how great this mascara actually is), but not something as good as this.  I feel like I really put it to the test on Tuesday at school.  I had my average six hour school day, but it was the first day back, I had a history exam first period and then also was in a new maths set, which really stressed me out.  Throughout the day when I checked my makeup, my mascara was holding up so well!  There was no smudging on my lower lashline and no wearing off in length and the curl had held itself up.  When I got home to remove it (I’m weird like this, I always will take my makeup off as soon as I can!), it was still on and in good nick, the curl was still there along with the length, and there was no smudging or anything bad.  It’s a smooth formula which is really nice to apply, it doesn’t ever go clumpy, but sometimes it feels a little bit sticky which can be weird, but if you are gentle with the brush it doesn’t do this.

Overall, I really love this mascara, and I think its a great idea to buy it if you’re looking for mascara which will last all day and give you really long, defined & curled lashes then Benefit’s Roller Lash is a really good one for that.  Personally, I think it’s better for everyday use as it can give a more lighter, daytime look, versus a smoky nighttime one.

Soph xx

Boxing Day Haul 2016

Hi guys,

Yesterday I went shopping to the Boxing Day sales and picked up a few bits from some of my favourite shops and so I thought I’d show you what I got!  The sales are still well and truly in full swing, so if you’re going to them any point today or tomorrow then make sure to stay tuned until the end as I’ll be giving some of my favourite tips for shopping in the busy boxing day sales!

So first off I headed into the mothership of all shops, my true favourite shop; Topshop.  Topshop sales are always bomb but this time I didn’t find much I wanted, I usually think that the sales progressively get better which is why I love to scout about online afterwards for some sneaky finds. So, I did find this amazing cosy jumper which was down to £22.00 from £36.00 which is quite a good deal if I do say so myself.   It’s not the sort of jumper to make you itch (if anyone gets my refrence here I will marry you), and has gorgeous black flecks of wool blended through.  It fits quite baggily and has a V neck sort of neckline but at the bottom it tapers in.  I describe it badly but you’ll for sure see it very soon!


Next up I went into Victorias Secret PINK and saw that underwear was on sale.  Now, underwear in Victorias Secret Pink is usually £8.00 each, or you can get five for £25.00 as a deal, which is ongoing throughout the year.  But, I never find myself wanting to buy five pairs and theres never any in my size that I like left.  So. when I got there and they were reduced to £4.00 and they had nice ones in size small left over, I was speedy to start searching through them to find the ones I liked.  I only picked up three pairs but I still thought you guys would like to see them (weird as it is showing you my underwear), so here you go!  I love the simplicity of the black pair, the classic look of the pink waistbanded sporty pair but how they’re really femenine with the baby pink and I love the two toned bit of the mauvy/pink pair.


Then I went into tiger and bought an Iphone charger as all mine are broken and dying.  I don’t have a photo but it was only £3.00 and really cute, plus the wire is really long and also flat, it has lovehearts on and I just couldn’t pass it up.

Then I went to Urban Outiftters and got this gorgeous jumper which is pretty much identical to every red/burgundy/wine coloured jumper I already have but it was £15.00 and I really love the slightly different shade!  If you couldn’t tell already, this colour is one of my favourite wintry colours.  It is ribbed quite thickly on the torso and the fabric is nicely sretchy and thick.  It also has LONG ARMS!!  I’m so gangly and lanky so long arms are a must for me!


I then nipped into House of Fraser and as per usual the Benefit counter caught my eye and  ended up buying Roller Lash!  I’m so excited to use this and I’ll for sure be doing a review later.  Can we just take a minute though, the packaging is so amazingly gorgeous!


So, thats all I’ve bought so far in the sales.  I did have my heart set on finding a real techniques blending sponge but I couldn’t find one in all the superdrugs and boots in and around Cabots Circus.  But I’m for sure going to be picking some more things up when I’m out and about.

I did say I’d tell you all some of my tips for when you go shopping in crazy sales like Black Friday or Boxing day, and so here you go:

  1. Always go with an agenda: If you’re going to hit the sales, always do so knowing roughly what you want to buy.  Don’t go shopping just to buy slightly reduced different versions of the beauty sets or necklaces you got for Christmas, go with the want to buy some key and staple peices that will be good for you and your wardrobe. You may even want to establish a list, so say if you’re looking for a jumper, what is your price range and how much of a discount would you like it to have, what colour and what fit does it need to be, and what jeans or skirts or leggings do you want it to go with?  Always ask yourself questions when you think about buying something, does it almost or perfectly fit the criteria.  These are strict rules but they’ll be a good way to ensure you get what you want.  If you’ve wanted something for quite some time, get that and don’t compromise, if it isn’t there dont bother getting something a little below it.
  2. Comfy clothes & bags: You’ll be walking a lot and very fast, and you’ll need to carry quite a bit.  Comfy clotes and flat shoes with a coat that is lightweight and easy to stuff away if you needed to are eseential.  You’re also going to want to have a backpack and make sure it has a lot of room.
  3. If you can’t find what you want, don’t give up: especailly if theres none of your sizes left, theres always online.  Going to the sales to get a feel for the discounts and whats out there is a good idea, even if you cant buy it, because you can always go online.

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I bought!  What did you get in the sales?

Soph xx

What I Got For Christmas 2016!

Hi guys,

Are you proud of me for getting a blog post up on Christmas Day?  Nope, probably not considering I failed dramatically on blogmas!  Sorry about that (note to self: never do blogmas again!).  Anyway, today I’m here to do something for you all which I am really looking forward to sharing with you guys; What I Got For Christmas!

Just as a quick disclaimer, I am so greatful for everything I got.  I may have gotten more or less than other people but I still feel so happy and loved, and I am not trying to boast or show off in any way by doing this post.  I’m just sharing what I’ve got with you all!  Christmas is a time for family, no matter how annoying yours may be (*hint hint**cough cough*mine)!

I got this perfume from Coach which I asked for as I was out with my friends and smelt it and really liked it, and so I got my parents/santa to buy it for me for Christmas!  I love this loads, I’ll be wearing it all the time so I’m glad I’ve got the big bottle.


Next up is my new diary and fountain pen.  I’m such a stationary junkie, and this fountain pen was so lovely and I couldn’t just ignore it!  And every year I’ll get a new diary in hopes that it will keep me organised, it never does but lets hope 2017 brings organisation!


After this I opened my pyjamas in a bag from Boux Avenue.  Honestly, Boux do the best pyjamas and when these were on a buy one get one free offer I couldn’t pass down the opportunity and I’m so glad I got them.  I have a blue, red and white checkered set & a navy background with gingerbread men and candy canes set, both of which I love!  Boux does the most amazing giftwrap ever too, so it’s reason enough to get anything from there just for the giftwrapping (which is free at checkout by the way!).


I then got some shared presents for me and my brother, which included a popcorn maker, a jigsaw & board game, and something we’ve both been wanting for ages, which is a little sad that I, a fourteen year old, would want to watch this, we got Ice Age 5!  We’ll be watching Ice Age tonight with yummy homemade popcorn and i’ll be wearing my new pyjamas!  Very excited!

My parents/Santa also gave me £200 pounds as this year I had decided to get £100 worth of presents and £200 cash as I am going to Bristol shopping tomorrow to go and raid the boxing day sales; I’ll be doing a haul if I get much & if you guys want so make sure to leave a comment if you want to see that!

My Grandparents on my Mums side gave me £50 which is amazing and will greatly contribute to my shopping tomorrow, as did my Grandparents on my Dads side.  My Grandparents on my Dads side also got me these!


Too faced is my favourite high end makeup brand so I’m totally delighted with this!!  I got the Love At First Kiss set, which consists of a mini Love Flush blusher in the shade Love Hangover, which I used today – it is perfect – and a mini lipstick in the shade Naked Dolly.  I’ll for sure be wearing that to hell (school, for you normal people who actually enjoy it!) when I go back in the New Year!

They then got me the Merry Kissmas ultimate liquified lipstick set.  This has three melted liquid lipsticks one of which is the melted chocolate ones in the shades Chocolate Honey, Chihuahua and Fig and then what got me most excited and what I’m wearing today is the melted matte in Lady Balls. It is honestly the most perfect bright yet deep red I’ve ever worn!

My Grandma also got me and my Mum an beauty advent calendar to share which of course was a little wrong to give at the end of advent, however I have discovered some amazing brands and products because of it & some I’d like to try more of!  If I could recommend any from here, I’d say the Pixi eyebrow gell is amazing, the eyeliner by eyeko and of course the Burts Bees lipbalm!  I am also really excited to try the Rodial super acids x-treme acid rush peel though it does sound a little harsh, however I will be giving it a go soon & may do a review if I’m liking it.


From my auntie and family I also got £20, which was so nice of them!

Thats all I got for Christmas this year, but I’ll be adding to it tomorrow in the sales I’m sure!  Thank you so much for reading, what did you get for Christmas this year?

If you want to see what I got last year, then click here!

Off to enjoy Christmas Dinner with my family now!  Merry Christmas to all of you, enjoy the rest of the day!

Soph xx

Teen Girls Gift Guide 2016

Grab a hot chocolate & a snack, because this one is a long one! Hope you guys enjoy all the gifts in here ♥

Hi Guys!

4th December!

Now, we all know a teen girl.  In fact, most of you reading this probably are teenage girls. And Christmas is fast approaching, which means people are going to start asking the dreaded question “what do you want for Christmas?”.  And if we’re all honest, we’re difficult as hell to buy for around Christmas time!  We say we want something, we mean another thing, and then nobody even knows what to buy us.  There are millions of gift guides all over the internet, however I thought I’d add to the extensive collection and throw what I think would be a good thing to get someone of the teenage age for Christmas.

I guess I’ll split this post up into multiple parts;  Monetary gifts, Large and expensive gifts, Fashion gifts, Stocking fillers, and then Cheaper/Gesture type gifts!  Also I’ll include a little ‘Pop Culture’ gifts section at the end for things like YouTuber merchandise, bands etc etc.

A quick disclaimer, I own none of the images in this post nor do I take any credit for them.  They have all been found on the websites where linked alongside the images.

So get reading, click the links to see where everything is from, how much it is and how you can get your hands on it, and lets dig in!


Monetary Gifts

I feel like to properly identify the type of gift you should get the teen you’re buying for, you need to know them well or have some knowledge of their personality.  If this isn’t something you have, like for instance you’re not very close and you’re more distant relatives than close family, money is always a safe bet.  This way, she can go out and buy anything she wants for herself without the pressure of having to open something and say she loves it.  I know that I always opt for this route, even with most relatives I’m comfortable and familiar with, simply because I like control of what presents I get!

  • Gift Cards: One of your ‘money’ related gift options is to buy a gift card.  Honestly, pretty much everywhere does gift cards so really you’re spoilt for choice.  If you don’t know the person you’re buying for all too well, then a safe bet is usually boots/superdrug or any highstreet makeup/cosmetics store.  This way they can buy themselves makeup, which a lot of us like and use on a day to day basis.  If you know your teen well enough, you can pretty much get them a gift card from wherever it is that they shop most often (ask them via a text if you are unsure, or ask their family!).  Generally, Newlook, Topshop, H&M and other highstreet brands are a good choice.  If you are totally stuck, then get them a shopping centre voucher.  Most shopping centres do vouchers that apply to all of the shops in their shopping centre so if you buy one of them for her nearest shopping centre she can go crazy and pick whatever she wants!
  • Cash: Giving people straight up cash in a card for some reason often isn’t seen as very ‘gifty’, however I think it’s probably one of the best gifts you can give a person, especially if you can’t decide what to get them.  It’s simple things like the wrong shade of lipstick or the wrong eyeshadow palette colours that can be easily prevented by giving someone some money to simply go out and choose their own item – plus after Christmas we have boxing day sales so really they can get more for their money than what they usually would, it’s a great gift.  I always ask for money because then I can buy my own stuff!
  • Experiences: Buying someone a physical experience is probably something I’d class as a monetary gift.  This would be like buying them a spa day appointment, or tickets to a concert they’d wanted to go to. Take them on holiday.  If they have something they want to do on their bucket list e.g I would love to see the Northern Lights & fully intend to, take them there!  Check out their pinterest if they have one before hand as some of the travel things they may pin can advise you well on this. Obviously this could come at quite an expense so you would need to be really sure they’d like the gift first!


Large/Expensive Gifts

By a large or expensive gift I mean either something very big or something which costs quite a lot, something which could be classed as a main present. A lot of the time, this is either technology related or high end makeup/fashion related eg. Naked Palette.  Whilst some people may not class an item of high end makeup as a main gift, I decided to include it in this section as it is a more expensive gift.

Image result for iphone seven rose gold

IPhone 7 32G Rose Gold – Every single girl (well, person, but you know, for the sakes of the post) that I know or that has ever touched an apple product more than likely wants to get an Iphone 7.  Obviously here it’s a matter of preference – do you want a different colour or a more expensive memory – however you can easily customise the gift to meet your needs. It is pretty pricey but it is gorgeous and the rose gold finish is beautiful!

Image result for CANON EOS 1300D DSLR Camera

Canon EOS 1300D DSLR Camera – These larger cameras are amazing quality and perfect for anyone who is obsessed with photography or if your teen is a blogger, she’d well appreciate this.  They take amazing photos and are a great gift!

Fuji Film Instax Mini 8 – Again on the topic of cameras and photos, the cheaper Instax Mini 8 is an amazing Polaroid camera and they’re so pretty – they come in all sorts of colours.  I think cameras like these really let people have fun and Polaroids are such cute memories to have, they can be displayed so nicely!

Buy Apple MacBook Pro, MD101B/A, Intel Core i5, 500GB, 4GB RAM, 13.3

MacBook Pro – I’d love a MacBook, but as for most people they’re far out of my price range.  If you have the money to spend on a gift like this, then I’m sure anyone would love it!  MacBooks are insanely useful, schoolwork, general-late-night-procrastinaiton-internet-surfing and of course, blogging!  Plus, they’re so gorgeous.  You could even splash out and get your teen a Mac Computer, but they’re very expensive!

APPLE Watch Series 2 - 38 mm

APPLE Watch Series 2 – 38 mm – Rose gold apple watches are so insanely pretty, and whilst I don’t know if I’d personally find an apple watch useful, I’m sure many teens out there would.  I’m not saying I don’t want one, by the way…!


HP Sprocket Mobile Photo Printer - White

HP Sprocket – I need one of these, therefore so does everyone else!  This is basically a printer which you connect to your phone and it prints out photos directly from there for you.  You can add in emojis and text when using the app and it’s  great way to print out memories from your phone easily!  Plus, rose gold and white looks incredibly gorgeous and chic!

BEATS Solo 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Rose Gold

Beats Solo 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – Beats are great headphones, they block out sound really well so that you can listen to music/Netflix in peace!  Plus, they’re rose flipping gold!

ROBERTS Revival RD60 Portable DAB Radio - Duck Egg

ROBERTS Revival RD60 Portable DAB Radio – Duck Egg – This radio is so cute, I’ve wanted one for a while but because I rarely listen to the radio I’ve never asked for one, though I would like one.  I think radio is a lovely thing to just have on in the background whilst you’re doing your homework or something.  Even if you know your teen wont listen to the radio, they’d probably be happy with this for the fact that it looks so great.

Clarisonic Aria Sonic Cleanser 


Artise Elite Mirror 5 Brush Set – Any of the Artise brushes I am sure any teen would love to receive because they’re so hyped in the beauty world.  They’re gorgeous, look at them.

LuMee Perfect Selfie iPhone 6/6s Case

Lumee Perfect Selfie Case Iphone 6/6S – Possibly the best present you could get a vain teenager (lets not lie, this is something each and every one of us would value).  Essentially, this is a light up case.  Actually, it isn’t just a light up case; it’s a selfie perfect case.  What more could you ask for.

Crosley Cruiser Mint Vinyl Record Player – And you should probably include a few records with the gift.

Fitbit Charge 2 – Any of your teens who are obsessed with fitness or generally like to keep in shape (lol @ me, I’m writing this eating a chocolate orange, are you jealous?), A fitbit would be a really great thing to get them!

NutriBullet Rx

Nutribullet RX – Smoothies are great for the fitness teen, but then again they’re great for anyone who likes to drink things that taste nice.  Nutribullets are some of the best on the market, enough said.

Philips Sonicare HX9311 DiamondClean Electric Toothbrush – Oh my good god a rose gold toothbush everyone wants it who does not.

Buy Estée Lauder Modern Muse Eau de Parfum Collection Fragrance Gift Set Online at johnlewis.com

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Fragrance Gift Set – These bottles are just so pretty, and plus, this one isn’t even too expensive at £34.00.

Interflora Winter Sparkle Arrangement With Chocolates – I love the idea of getting flowers for Christmas, as I think they’re quite an unusual gift which you wouldn’t usually think of giving.  These are made especially wonderful not only because they’re gorgeous, not only because they come with chocolates, but because Interflora allows you to send the flowers to the recipients address all lovely and boxed which cuts out the awkward gift giving socialisation, you know, unless you’re weird and you enjoy awkward forced smiles exchanged in a room of silence.

Image result for urban decay naked vault 2

Urban Decay Naked Vault II – So Much Naked, so much gorgeous.  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want this.  I currently think on Debenhams this is out of stock but I’m sure it will be back in stock soon.

Image result for too faced choc bar

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette – All the Too Faced palettes are amazing, and any girl who is interest in makeup would love to receive one!

Image result for too faced melted matte

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipsticks – Again, these are perfect for any makeup lover.

Kylie Cosmetics The Holiday Collection Bundle – With Kylie Jenner bringing out all her to die for Christmas range, why don’t you treat your teen and get them the whole lot.  All of this photo makes me want to scream with makeup fuelled joy!

Fashion Gifts:

We all know a teen who is the first to tell us about a new trend and start wearing it immediately, or is the best at showing off their unique style.  Many a time have you heard of them sat up waiting for the new such-and-such a shoe to come out so they can be the first to have it. Ranging from under £20.00 to over £200.00, there’s something for everyone in this section. With these gifts, you’re sure to please your fashionable teen!


Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Saffino Leather Tote – This is such a pretty, girly colour and the bag itself is huge with many compartments for storing things in!

Classic Sheffield 36mm Daniel Wellington Watch – A classic watch like this could never go amiss in your teens wardrobe.

Burberry Classic Check Cashmere Scarf – These are classic (pricey) and gorgeous scarfs which would compliment many outfits.  Make the gift more personal by adding their initials onto the scarf too.


Orange and Blue Check Scarf

Topshop Orange And Blue Checked Scarf – For a less classic take on a scarf, why not look for this Topshop Orange and Blue checked scarf which looks huge and cosy, and we all know the best scarves are exactly that!

Pandora Love And Friendship Gift Set 


T-bar gold wire detail sunglasses brown – These sunglasses from Missguided are so gorgeous for the measly sum of £5.00, and it’s such a lie that sunglasses are for the summer.  You can definitely wear them on crisp, winter days when the sun is out!

Topshop Brooch Bow Chocker Necklace – This choker is perfect for the winter time and the festive period with its gorgeous burgundy colour.  The fact that is has a brooch is so gorgeous too, it’s really unique!

converse all star oxford leather 1

White Converse All Star leather Oxford Trainers – Classic white converse but with a leather twist makes these shoes perfect for your teen at Christmas.  They’re so useful, comfortable and they go with everything.

Sweaty Betty Lateral Run Leggings – These leggings are so pretty, and perfect for your sporty teen who loves to run.  You could even just buy them for us lazy internet goers, I’m quite sure we’d appreciate a new pair of comfy leggings to lie down in and wear for the rest of our lives.

Seamless Racer Bra by Ivy Park

Seamless Racer Bra By Ivy Park  – At £10.00 in the Black Friday Sales (although it wont be when this goes up, but remember my money saving thoughts were with you), this is a steal for Ivy Park sports wear.

Topshop Embroidered Denim Skirt – Personally I do not have the guts to pull this off, but many of my people do, and I wish I could.  If your teen is into more unique clothing pieces, this is surely something to get them!

Leather Studded Cross Body – Everyone needs a small bag which they can use every time they’re out to throw their essentials in, and this studded cross body bag is the perfect one.  It’s more glamorous than your average plain black bag, but is still casual and laid back.

adidas - Superstar Shoes Footwear White/Core Black C77124

Adidas Superstars 

Monki Image 1 of Kitty bag in Black

Monki Kitty Bag

Stocking Fillers

Stocking fillers are great gifts to either put inside of a stocking, as the name suggests, or to give for secret santa presents or to your friends.  This stocking fillers section will all be under £20.00 because literally none of us are that rich that we can buy anything over that price range, unless of course you are a billionaire, in which case, congrats, you might want to look at the previous sections (or another gift guide filled with VERY luxury items).

Oh K! Trinket Tray

Oh K! Trinket Tray – What can I say, it’s pink, it’s a cat and it’s really cute.  And you can put pretty rings on it.  Who doesn’t need this in their life

Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate Pizza – Don’t tell me you don’t want this, it’s amazing.  It looks divine.  I’d be more than happy to receive this!

Christmas Cat iPhone 6/7 Case












Topshop Christmas Cat Iphone 6/7 Case – Cats, have I featured too many already?  No.  Correct answer, you can never have enough cats!

Image result for topshop christmas cupcake kit

Topshop Christmas Cupcake Kit

I Like Hanging With You Christmas Bauble Slogan Socks – Socks are great because from teen to teen present buyer, none of us ever have the time nor the inclination to go out and purchase socks.  But don’t get plain white/black ankle socks, we steal these from other family members or wear the same pair that have been comfy since we had size three feet – get us cute ones, which have Christmas baubles on.

Red Santa Bootie Slippers  – Cosy and festive, what more could your little feet be asking for?

Urban Ouftitters x Ohh Deer White Marble Notebook

Urban Outfitters Sketch and Sparkle Pencils

Pink Pizza My Heart Pyjama Set | New Look

Pizza Pyjama Set – These pyjamas are so cute.  Love them, and they look so comfy.

Tangle Teezer The Original Coral

Tangle Teezer In Coral

Festive 2 Medium Jars Gift Set

Festive Two Medium Jars Gift Set – Yankee candles are great gifts for anyone who likes their place to smell nice.  Get them these and they can have christmas smell nices.

With A Twist Teacup

With a Twist Teacup – Antrhopologie have gorgeous teacups and mugs so if you’re looking for some gorgeous mugs you should look there!

Gold Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – Perfect for your healthy teens, or anyone who just wants a gold waterbottle because who doesn’t.

Skinnydip Rose Gold Bumbag

Rose Gold Studded Bum Bag

Buy Mi-Pac Gold Art Deco Wash Bag, Blush Online at johnlewis.com

Mi Pac Gold Art Deco Wash Bag


Personalised Luxe Stretch Bead Bracelet – Perfect for she who hates wearing bracelets because they’re too slack around her wrists, but does like to have something cute around her wrist.  And, it’s personalised so it looks more thoughtful than it is! Win win!

Moon Wall Hook

Copper Moon Wall Hook – This wall hook is not only copper, therefore gorgeous, but really unique and original so will make her room look really different!

But First Coffee. Travel Mug


Kate Spade Initials Tumbler

top of the line pen set

Kate Spade Top Of The Line Pen Se

Image result for soaper spa

Soap and Glory Soaper Spa

Hanging Glass Bauble Succulent Terrarium Kit

Hanging Glass Bauble Terrarium  – Terrariums are so cute, and you can put loads of cute succulents in them.  Anyone who goes near tumblr will want one, so what better way than to fill someones desires than with this?

Pink and Grey iPhone 6 Case

Pink and Grey Iphone 6 Case

Heart Coin Purse – This is honestly just really cute, I’d love this.  Plus, I don’t think this colour is that common in peoples wardrobes so it’d be a nice one to introduce!

Cat hot water bottle and cosy socks set

Cheaper/Gesture Gifts:


We all have the need for cheaper gift inspiration because we usually all need to buy someone a gift who we don’t need nor do we want to spend more than £10.00.  That is why I have compiled you a list of gifts which all come at/below £10.00, and actually look like you put effort into it, and didn’t just run out of the house and buy them a box of chocolates and some earrings!  Fear not, because I have you sorted!

ASOS Christmas Snowmen Slippers – These are really cute, cosy little slippers perfect for the Christmas period!

Snowman and Robin Lip Balm Duo

OH K! Drink Bottle

Outfit Of The Day #OOTD: Fashion Flat Lay Colouring Book

Fashion #OOTD Colouring Book – The adult colouring books that are out at the moment are amazing – I have one and it’s super relaxing to colour things in when you’re feeling stressed, they can be great for exam stress!  This fashion one is really unique and different, I haven’t seen anything like it before.

Zoella Deck The Baubles – I guess I’ve got to rep Zoe in here!  Plus, how cute is this gift.  You could hang this on the tree for Christmas day!

Image result for happy jackson hello lovely pencils

Happy Jackson Pencils

Nail Polish

Urban Outfitters Nail Polish

Image result for real tech miracle complexion sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – This makeup sponge is used widely in the beauty community, I’m sure your teen already has one, but if not she’d love it & another one for when her current one gets tatty is probably just what she needs!

Solid Thigh-High Socks

Solid Thigh High Socks – These socks from Urban Outfitters are so cute, and the colour is so pretty.

Red Panda Slipper Socks | New Look

Panda Fluffy Socks

Shoot For The Stars bath bomb

Lush Shoot For The Stars – Any of lush Christmas range would be received with open arms this Christmas!

Unicorn Power Bank  – Powerbanks/portable chargers are so useful, I know I rely on mine most of the time when I leave the house – IPhones die all too quickly!  This unicorn one is too cute to just pass by!

EOS Lip Balm  – These are usually quite hard to come across in the UK (for all my Americans these wont be!) and therefore they’re quite coveted.  Any teen would love one of these, and Sweet mint or Pomegranate Raspberry are amazing flavours/colours!

MAD Beauty Fruity Hand Sanitizer – Hand sanitizer is so much cuter in a spray bottle!  I know someone who has one of these and they’re honestly so amazing!

I Did Not Wake Up Like This Mug


Cream Faux Fur Oversized Pom Pom Keyring  | New Look

Cream Fluffy Bag Keyring

Clear Acrylic Storage Drawers – These storage drawers are not only an amazing organised way to store all your makeup, but they’re also very attractive on pinterest and chances are your teen will also want to do the high end makeup on display in these drawers too!

Dead Sea Mud Pac Tube

7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Pac Face Mask – 7th Heaven do amazing facemasks for a fraction of the price of other brands.  Their packet face masks are usually around 95p, and the tubes of facemask are usually £6.00 which is amazing value considering how many uses you can get out of them.  They sell them all over too: boots, superdrug, the supermarkets, this one is from Wilko!

Rose Gold Diamante Cat Ears Headband | New Look

Rose Gold Dimante Cat Ears Headband – I can’t get over how cute these headbands are.  Whilst they’re not all too wearable unless you’re very brave, unlike me, you can always use them to keep your hair away from your face whilst you’re doing your makeup.  I think any teen girl would love this pretty headband!

Pop Culture Gifts:

Now, many of your teens will be obsessed with certain people, they may even be part of a fandom.  All these people are going to want merchandise related to their favourite person, because why not.  Now, luckily for me, I had many an obsessed friend to use as research for this section of the post (Teen wolf, Suicide Sqaud/Jared Leto, YouTube, The Vampire Diaries, The Vamps, The 1975, Marvel, Harry Potter – the list is endless!), but for those of you who don’t, fear not, I’m sure someones fandom that you’re looking for a gift for will pop up & if in doubt, always ask them – nothing worse than getting a present which doesn’t relate to you at all!  These gifts will either relate specifically to fandoms, or just popular culture in general!


What Would Kanye Do? Pencil Set – LaLaLand do the most amazing pop culture gifts, and their extensive range of slogan pencils never fail to impress.  I will certainly be getting some for people this year, but this Kanye West pencils are funny & you will more than likely be able to gift these to someone!  Fear not though, more pencil suggestions coming your way if you know Kanye isn’t your teens thing.


Cat Person Pencils – Somebody PLEASE GET ME THESE!  In all seriousness though, these are amazing.  If you know a cat lover, you must get them these (they also do dog lover ones because we don’t discriminate between animals!)

I AM THE DANGER Breaking Bad Pencil Set

Breaking Bad I Am The Danger Pencil Set

Custom Popcult Pencil Set

Custom Popcult Pencils – Personalise the pencils with any quote you like with this pack – perhaps a favourite quote, song lyric or saying!

VIVA HATE Morrissey Pencil Set

Morrissey Viva Hate Pencils – Dying inside because LaLaLand have Morrissey pencils and that is my love!  Anyone wondering what they should get me, search Morrissey into the search box.  I had to include these, I’m sorry for those of you who don’t even know what I’m talking about.

FRIENDS Badge Pack

Friends Badge Pack

The 1975 Album Cover Poster

Suicide Squad Movie – Obviously this is one of the most popular movies of the year, and knowing many people who love this I think any teen who loves suicide squad would be perfectly happy to receive this for Christmas!

Funko Pop! TV: Walking Dead - Negan Vinyl Figure

The Walking Dead Negan Funko Pop!

Tanya Burr Lipstick in Pink Cocoa 

Image result for zoella pamper hamper

Zoella Pamper Hamper

Image result for harry potter wands

Collectible Harry Potter Wand

Buy Online The Vamps - Bundle #4 (Deluxe) – Sweatshirt + Mug + Gloves + Stocking + Santa Hat + Greeting Cards

The Vamps Christmas Merch Bundle

Hope you guys really enjoyed this post!  It took me hours and hours to make – I’ve been at it since October.  If you have any more suggestions for the list then I’d be grateful if you left a comment, I want to update this as often as I can with your ideas so it can be really helpful for all you guys!  Which gift was your favourite?  Which ones would you like to receive?

Merry Christmas,

Soph xx

Christmas Jumpers: A Wishlist

Hi Guys!

3rd December

Today’s post is going to be filled with cosy Christmas jumpers of all sorts of (relatively) affordable prices! I hope this inspires you to go out and buy your jumpers if you haven’t already!  Christmas jumpers are one of my absolute essentials for December because they really help you get into the Christmas spirit.  If you aren’t in the festive mood just yet, which I cannot understand because I’ve been feeling festive ever since August, hopefully this post and it’s many Christmas jumpers will help you!



Asos/New Look Christmas Jumper – £14.99

Asos/Boohoo Penguin Bobble Hat Christmas Jumper – £18.00

Asos/Boohoo Deer And Snowflake Jumper – £15.00

Asos Christmas Jumper Dress – £35.00

Novelty Polar Bear Christmas Jumper

Next Polar Bear Jumper – £28.00

Emmy Santa's Coming Christmas Jumper

Boohoo Santa Jumper – £15.00

I hope you enjoyed this post guys.  Have you bought your Christmas jumper(s) yet?  Tell me in the comments!  Hope you’ve enjoyed blogmas so far, and go check out all my previous Blogmas posts for the past few days under the tag ‘BLOGMAS 2K16’!

Soph xx