About Me & This Blog

Hi, my name is Sophie, I’m fourteen and I live in Wiltshire in the UK.  I was born and lived in Yorkshire for thirteen years but have since moved to Wiltshire.  I have long (ish) brown hair and loads of freckles, and my eyes are green-blue with a ‘shitty brown tinge’ as my Dad would say.

I created this blog as not to be bored, but now it is something so much more!  Everyone on here who reads my posts I absolutely adore, and I’m so glad I began blogging.  If anyone is wondering about starting blogging I would say go for it, you wont regret it!

You can look at this post here to find out a little more about me, but it’s pretty old now, so I’ll just run through a little for you right now! I’m obsessed with cats, and I have two whom I mention all the time (you’d think they were my children, they are).  My life revolves around them, and the internet which is where I spend most of my time.  I love myself some good old music: The Smiths/Morrissey (my absolute faves, I mean can we take a minute for Morrissey please), P!ATD, Pulp and many more but the list would grow too long.

Please do take a mosey around my blog, I hope you find something you’ll like! And if you do, then please click the follow button because I’ll be eternally grateful and you’ll get to join a gorgeous community filled with loads of lovely people (it’s a win win situation, so just click that button!) If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comments!

Head to my contact/PR page to find all the links to my social media and to drop me an email if you have any questions or you are a business wanting to get in touch!

Soph xx


9 thoughts on “About Me & This Blog

  1. Hi beautiful! I’m Shreya from Pastel Orchid. Firstly, thank you for the follow! I love your blog so much, and I love Zalfie too:) I was actually just watching their videos before I came over to your blog. Your cats are the cutest ❤
    Best of luck blogging and stay sweet xx

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