2017: A Year In Review | Looking Back On My Year

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe that we’re almost at New Years Eve, everybody is saying 2017 has gone so so fast and I couldn’t agree more; it feels like seconds since I was writing my 2016 wrap up post, and here I am again.

2017 has been a really great year for me, and nothing majorly horrible has happened which I am so thankful for, as honestly I wasn’t in the mood to deal with anything like that!  In this post I’m going to go through the highlights of my 2017 and all the things I’ve achieved this year!


I completed my Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award in 2017, and I can honestly say it was so so so much fun.  Spending time with all my friends and doing long walks with heavy backpacks was certainly one of my fondest memories of 2017, and while it was frustrating at times and everybody’s mood got a little down at some points, overall it was so fun.  I often find myself missing DofE and wishing for another round of camping with my friends and all the giggles and gross food we were forced to eat.  I don’t miss my time volunteering at a charity shop as I didn’t enjoy that however I do think it was quite a good experience for me to have, but on the whole I found DofE really fun and it was definitely one of my favourite if not the best moment of 2017!


I travelled to Berlin on a school trip in July and while I didn’t blog about it, it was a really fun trip.  Again, spending time with your friends in a foreign country and being in airports and on planes is always so fun and I feel like so many funny things happened on this trip.  I am so happy I got to see Berlin too as it is a really wonderful city and was such an exciting place to visit and spend a few days in!



I was so lucky to be able to go to the Brighton Pride Festival in August of 2017 and it did not disappoint!  I have some of my favourite memories from this year at this festival, watching all the live acts perform and spending time on the rides at the festival was SO fun.  I have videos from the day which I watch back and they make me feel all happy and fuzzy inside and that’s when you know you’ve really enjoyed something.  My favourite acts were definitely Louisa Johnson and Years and Years, they were so exciting and did not dissapoint at all!  My friends and I all did glittery makeup and I found the day so so fun, especially going on the waltzer-like ride about fifteen times (I’m not a huge fan of rides and this one had me screaming, but the music and atmosphere in general was SO SO FUN and I just had to keep on going on it!)  It was such an amazing day and a really fun time.


Although I’m still super lazy with homework and revision, something I aim to change in the new year, I feel as though I’ve started year 11 quite well.  I’ve done pretty good in some tests and mock exams, and others have been a bit of a flop but it’s been quite good all round!  I also feel like Year 11 is going so fast, but it’s been a really fun year so far and just makes me not want to move on to sixth form!


I feel like 2017 and my blog have been best friends, it’s grown in the number of followers (hi to those of you who are newer! Make sure to leave me a comment and I’ll check out all your blogs!) a lot, from starting out with something like 300 and I’m now almost at 700, it’s mad to think that 2018 might bring me to the 1000 mark.  Of course, it isn’t all about followers and stats, but I’ve been having so many more friendly faces pop up into my comments for a chat about posts and I love knowing who loves my blog.  I’ve done many a brand collaboration in 2017, and they’ve been such amazing opportunities for my blog and I’m over the moon that I’ve been given these sorts of opportunities.  *Gushing with all the love and thank yous to you all*

That was a really nice and positive post to be writing, and I hope you all really enjoyed reading it!  What were the best points of your 2017, or the lowest points if you want to talk about them.  I’ll see you all on the 1st January 2018 (oh my god that’s only two days) to speak about all my goals and resolutions for the new year!

Soph xx


25 thoughts on “2017: A Year In Review | Looking Back On My Year

  1. Great post! I’m glad 2017 was a great year for you. Berlin sounds AWESOME… i love travelling and it’s definitely on my list! Good luck finishing year 11 and happy new year from Australia!!

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