Blogmas Day 21 – Christmas Would You Rather Tag

A few days ago, jasmine from It’s Simply Me, Jasmine tagged me in a Christmas would you rather tag, and I’ve not been so excited to do a tag in a while!  This is super fun and exciting and I can’t wait to do it!

blogmas day 21 (1)


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Link to the original post (you can check Jasmine’s post out here!!)
  • Answer the five ‘Would You Rather’ questions written by the blogger that tagged you then list five (or more!) of your own.
  • Tag your favourite bloggers nominating them to answer your questions and then let them know.
  • Have fun!


Would you rather know every present you’re going to get before Christmas Day or keep it as a surprise?  

I’d rather know every single one as I already do, every year I choose most of my presents and buy them with my mum!  I hate surprises.

Would you rather dress up as Santa from Dec 1st until Dec 25th or tell every single kid 12 and younger that Santa doesn’t exist? (hehe I’m a cruel human I know) 

Dress up as Santa definitely, who wouldn’t want that!

Would you rather never watch a Christmas movie ever again or never listen to a Christmas song ever again? 

This is probably the hardest question and neither are things I could ditch easily; I’m obsessed with festive movies however I do have to say that music trumps it for me!  I’d have to never watch a Christmas movie ever again!

Would you rather get every single thing you’ve ever wanted for Christmas or have one thing you’ve always wished for to come true? (for example to pass all exams, become more confident, world peace…?) 

For one Christmas I’d happily just receive the knowledge that I’d pass all my GCSEs with 8/9s (A*-A**) because honestly, which year 11 doesn’t want that?  I’m currently on some mad oh-my-god-stress-is-taking-over-mocks-are-only-a-few-weeks-away mission of revision and to be told that I wouldn’t really have to revise ever again and I’d just be able to do well in my exams come May, well that would be the best gift ever.

Would you rather never have mince pies and other festive treats again or never eat anything from a Christmas dinner again? 

*Puts up shield and prepares for the onslaught of hate that will arrive with my next comment*.

Christmas dinner is overrated.  Okay, I understand that roast potatoes are to die for but it isn’t just a christmas dinner thing and you can have it all year round.  I just don’t like the whole meat and veg meals.  I don’t really eat meat much (I only eat chicken and sausages really, turkey or other meat does not appeal) and usually at Christmas either I will leave my turkey or be eating a nut roast instead.  I do like pigs in blankets though, but I can totally take it or leave it when it comes to Christmas dinner, I’m really not fussed.

Therefore, I’d never eat anything from Christmas dinner ever again if it meant I could keep eating mince pies, quality streets, biscuits, CHEESE AND CRACKERS (my all time favourite Christmas food – cheese is just great and Wensleydale and cranberry cheese is the best most festive thing ever) and all my favourite Christmas snacks forever and ever!  I’m much more of a snacky/grazer throughout the day sort of eater anyway, main meals have never been something I liked, I just feel super overfaced!

My Nominations….

Ana from Diversion3000

Erin from VintageHax

Erin from Makeup By Erin

Alanna from Life Like A Galaxy Girl

My Questions….

Would you rather never have a box of chocolates at Christmas again OR never be able to eat chocolate throughout the year again?

Imagine that your birthday is Christmas Eve.  Would you rather never get any more birthday presents because people forget about your birthday OR Christmas Day is cancelled but everyone remembers your birthday?

Would you rather do secret santa with your family with a super high price limit OR never buy them presents ever again but get to save all the money for yourself?

Would you rather be force fed sprouts but get all the Christmas presents you ever wanted OR never have to have any nasty vegetables at Christmas dinner but not get any presents you wanted?

Would you rather decorate your Christmas tree in September and everyone think you’re really weird OR not have a Christmas tree at all?

Huge thank you to Jasmine for linking me to do this tag, it was so fun and her questions were great!  If you weren’t nominated but want to do this tag feel free, I’d love to read it!

Merry Christmas!

Soph xx


13 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 21 – Christmas Would You Rather Tag

    1. Love actually is basically my favourite film ever but I decided it’s not actually a super festive film, it starts at least 5 weeks before Christmas and centres around some non-festive plots, so I’ll allow myself to watch it! X

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Omg I just realized I did the tag before commenting on this post, sorry
    I loved this post and your answers, thanks so much for tagging me, I had fun doing it!!! 😀 ❤
    Merry Christmas!! 🙂


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