Blogmas Day 17 – My Top 5 Favourite Bloggers Of December

December is truly one of the best months in the blogosphere as it’s filled to the brim with festive posts and half of your reader is doing blogmas – what could be better?  I know I love taking time out of my day to sit down all cosy and read all the festive and wintry posts, it just makes me feel so excited and really happy to be part of such a lovely community.  Blogging definitely gets me into the Christmas spirit, and now, on the 17th of December, I’m truly feeling ready for Christmas (I still have three days left at school and it’s truly killing me).

Anyway, what’s the point in rambling on about how lovely blogmas is, and how festive the blogosphere is at the moment if I’m not going to spread the love and show you all my five favourite bloggers of this December, those who are doing blogmas and who aren’t!

blogmas day 17

Velvet Navy – Siana’s blog posts always make me feel incredibly festive, and she’s so sweet and lovely.  I particularly enjoyed her roomspiraton post which gave me all the Christmassy vibes!

Busy Bee – Tabi is doing blogmas and I always look forward to reading her posts every day!  I really enjoyed doing our collab post here, but my favourite post of Tabis has to be her 33 Gifts That Wont Cost The Earth because it was such a unique post idea and really different to all the other blogmas posts!

Bethany and Books – I’ve really enjoyed reading the posts which Bethany has been doing every day, they’re like little day in my life posts and because I’m quite a nosy person I always find these really interesting!

Rosamae – I’ve loved reading Rosamae’s blogmas posts, and really enjoyed the collab we did together!  I love that she does so many collabs because it’s always fun to discover new bloggers and I love reading other people’s versions of posts.

It’s Simply Me, Jasmine – Jas isn’t doing blogmas but is producing some amazing festive content which I’ve been enjoying reading so so much! She’s always so lovely and positive in the blogosphere and it makes all her posts a true joy to read!

I really hope you enjoyed this post, as I think it’s so important to spread some love in the blogging community every so often, and what better time than at Christmas?  Will you be checking out any of these bloggers?  Whose festive posts are you enjoying that you think I should take a look at, let me know in the comments!

Merry Christmas

Soph xx


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