My Top Five Christmas Songs!

Hi Guys!

2nd December

Today I’m here for the second day of Blogmas with my top five favourite Christmas songs! I love so many Christmas songs, and I found it so hard to choose these five.  If you’re looking for a great place to find all sorts of Christmas music in many a different playlist, I recommend Spotify;  you’ll probably all know about it already, but Spotify is the hub of music!  Zoe Sugg has an amazing Christmas playlist!  You should check it out! I’m going to be including links to the YouTube videos for all these songs, but you can find them all on spotify!


  • Fairytale Of New York, The Pouges & Kirsty McColl – This has to be my ultimate favourite Christmas song ever!  I love Fairytale Of New York, it’s definitely a good one to sing along to.  My friends and I do a particularly good duet performed in PE when we are desperately bored!
  • Merry Christmas Everyone, Shakin Stevens – This is one of my all time favourites and is always on in my house around Christmas time!
  • Last Christmas, Wham – This one is the major heart breaking one on my list, and I’ll listen to it a billion times whenever  I can!
  • All I Want For Christmas, Mariah Carey – This one is the one you always sing along to, and you’ll never be able to sing it well, but you’re never going to stop trying!
  • Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord, Boney M- I feel like I didn’t really know about this properly until about three years ago, although it had been played in my house apparently ever since I was a baby!  It’s just so jolly and nice and I really love this, it definitely is the sort of song to get stuck in your head!!

So, I hope you enjoyed this post about my favourite Christmas songs.  What is your favourite Christmas song?  Are there any I haven’t included on this list that should be there?  Tell me in the comments!

Soph xx


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