Unidays (why it is amazing and why you should 100% sign up now!)

Hi guys,

So, I’m well aware I missed yesterdays post and you should all hit me…BUT DONT!  I’m here today to bring you some really exciting and wonderful money-saving news.  What’s that, you say?  Well, there is this thing I’m going to show you which is going to save you tonnes of money – all you need is a school email address to prove you’re a student, it’s literally that easy.

This wonderful, heavenly exciting thing is called Unidays & you can sign up using my referal link – pretty please because it gives me ten pounds credited to my account.  it’s exactly like the usual sign up, so theres no difference there, except because I’ve introduced people to unidays I get ten pounds credit.  You’ll also get a link and then you should go and force all your friends to sign up and you can claim vouchers to spend in ASOS or Itunes – it’s honestly amazing!

myunidays.com/r/AI5vZaw6cdE – copy and paste that into your browser to sign up, it won’t take you longer than five minutes.  You can get spotify premium for half price, 20% in Topshop, Newlook and loads of shops which is going to save you so much money!  I really recommend this to all of you because let’s be honest, we’re not rich and we need to save money as much as we can.  You can use this discount online, in store and all from your simple student ID on your phone – all shops recognise it too which is great!

REMEMBER THE LINK! myunidays.com/r/AI5vZaw6cdE


Soph xx


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