Hey guys, 

I broke up for summer today! I now have six weeks of total bliss to do whatever I want, and I’ve got major blogging things planned.  

I’m going to try and post every day.  Now I say this loosely, because I might miss one or two days here and there, which is very likely.  I’d like to start posting loads more on here, and summer is always fun because I have a lot of things to post! Even if one of the days is just me sharing pictures from where I’m going that day (I’m heading out to a good few places this summer which should be fun!) I’d really like to post daily.  

Obviously my birthday is coming up soon, the 8th August to be precise.  I’m going to do a massive birthday haul when I’ve bought everything with my birthday money etc, so that should be fun.  

If you’re interested in a back to school series I also want to do that, so leave comments & suggestions as to what posts you might want in that series bar the usual what’s in my bag, supplies haul etc.  

I’m not very fond of the name I’m A Zalfie Fanatic anymore, so that will be changing soon.  Make sure to follow me on Twitter (@Zalfiefanatic) to participate in polls about my new blog name!

Anyway, that’s all.

Soph x 


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