I’m Back! (and something exciting)

I’m back and I have so much to say right now, I’ve missed blogging so much and I bring very exciting news.  Like, so exciting I’ll blow your socks of news because….I’m not being anonymous anymore.  That’s right, I’m literally about to tell you my name and shove it out for the world to see!

My name is Sophie.  But you can call me Soph, or Sophie, I guess I don’t mind either way.  Most people call me Soph though.

That’s weird, really weird…

Anyway, now that’s out of the way, I was going to ask you all if you though I should chnage the name of my blog?   I think Zalfie Fanatic doesn’t reflect me as a person.  I used it as a shell to hide under but really now my name is out, I want things to be a bit more Sophie!  I still love Zalfie and watch them obviously but I need to get a new name and spruce up my blog a bit. Any suggestions are very welcome!

So, now all the important and exciting stuff is out of the way, I’ll move onto updates (seriously, more updates? Your updates are boring now…)

I moved, as you’re well aware.  And I also moved schools.  Before anyone asks, as soon as my room is done and I like it, I’ll do a room tour.  Anyway, my new house is great as is my new school, and I’ve met some really nice girls who I really like.  I miss my old friends a lot, but they’re still easily accessible (Sav and Mole, as you read this please do not think i consider you a supermarket item, for that is what sprang to mind as I compared you to something ‘easily accessible’.  I love you both v muchly♥) and we keep in touch loads.  Its weird to be in a new place I know nothing about, but it’s nearly been two weeks now and it’s easy enough to settle in and feel like its home, if you ever wanted a post on how to do that (I don’t know why you would, I must be really desperate)  I could always make one.

So, yeah, I guess that wasn’t the longest of posts, but I just wanted to say I’m back (that would be because we got internet installed yesterday) and I decided in Ibiza that I didn’t care who found this blog now, whether you know me or don’t know me, I should be happy about it (which I am) and shouldn’t care about being anonymous.  That’s why my name is now out, Sophie.

My new school gives me loads of homework, lots more than I anticipated (and more than I care to have, obviously) but I’ll try keep up to blogging alongside my homework.  Most of my homework gets done late, like 1.30am this morning late.  Anyway, that doesn’t really matter.





23 thoughts on “I’m Back! (and something exciting)

  1. Hi Sophie! It feels weird calling you by your name . . . I always thought your name started with a ‘z’! Or an ‘x’! So . . . As for a blog name, I don’t really know…

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