Ibiza Update!

Hi guys,

Since last Monday, I’ve been in Ibiza which is lovely and I’m here for another week and a few days.  When I’m back in England we’ll be heading to the new house that wasn’t ready for us until then, that’s why we have to go on holiday, at which I’m not complaining!

I’m going to do a more detailed post, on Ibiza, my new house, moving schools and leaving everyone I love behind (including my best friend ever Sav, and I have not yet got over the heartbreak of leaving you💜) but for now I’m just updating you on my whereabouts.  When I get back to England I have loads to blog about and I’m going to have to fit that in through moving into the new house, unpacking my things, starting a new school and much more.  It’s going to be really hard😂

Ibiza is gorgeous though, I’d post a picture but my wifi is horribly bad!

Goodbye x


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