DIY: Tattoo Cups (Or Anything Really)

Okay so today I’m bringing you this very cute DIY which I really do rather like.  And also a quick update on my moving house, me and my family went to Bath this weekend and whilst we were there we looked at some nearby houses, I’m really excited!  When we buy a house we are (I hope, although we’re quite certain) getting a 3 storey house, which means I get the 3rd floor which is the loft bedroom with an en suite – expect my blog to be consumed by home decor inspiration & whishlists from here onwards.  Anyway, back to the DIY.

Basically, this is putting tattoos on anything.  Literally anything – I chose to do a glass & a plant pot, but you can also do candles (actually that’s all I know you can do but hey, experiment).  I’m not sure if you can burn the candles, but if you did it on a glass enclosing a candle, then you sure as hell could.

I had loads of metallic tattoos I’d somehow managed to acquire & this was a cute as heck way for me to put them into use!

Here’s what you’re going to need:

So, first you’re going to obviously need your tattoos – like I said I had randomly acquired many many tattoos, and a magazine I was subscribed to had a small obsession with them & so that’s where some of them came from.

You’re going to need a wet flannel, that isn’t soaking but isn’t too dry.  Damp, but slightly wetter than damp.  You could also use cotton wool or kitchen roll.

You’re going to need something to print your tattoos onto.  I used a cup I store Bobby pins in & a pot where I keep pencils, but it used to house a fake cacti that I didn’t like (I’m getting another cacti soon on my next trip to IKEA).

Last, but not included in the picture are some scissors to cut around your tattoo with.

What to do:

Make sure that your glass is clean before hand, as this will help the tattoo adhere to it better & last longer. I’m not saying wipe it down with rubbing alcohol (a. Who even has that? And b. Who can be arsed) but if you want to, feel free & I’m sure yours will turn out better than mine. I simply wiped mine down on my dressing gown sleeve!

Next, select the tattoo you want.  Here are the ones I chose.  They’re so beautiful, it’s like a gold that sometimes looks copper & a silver and they just warm my heart.

You’re going to want to cut these out carefully, as not to spoil the tattoo.  Make sure you cut them out with the plastic on top!

Next peel off the plastic & place the tattoo wherever you want it on the glass.

Keep on wetting it with the flannel until it is fully saturated – a little way to know this is that the paper tends to slip out of place a little which means it has transferred all the tattoo over, or at least that’s what works for me.

Making sure you have left this shot 2-3 minutes to set on to the glad, you can now fill your glass up with whatever!  Obviously, this works on decorative glasses preferably, as I don’t think a tattoo would last very well on a drinking glass going through the wash.  I filled mine with Bobby pins & I love the way the coppery colour of them contrasts the tattoos – I’m in love with this DIY and it’s the simplest thing!!

I also made a second one on the plant pot I talked about earlier.  I followed identical steps, but I chose only one tattoo this time, a larger pink and blue mandala.

The tattoo when it is on the pot goes really nicely metallic, and the blue looks silver in some lights, which I actually do prefer.
All in all I love this DIY and these little pots have brightened up my room!




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