My Daily Makeup Routine For School

Before I start, this is in no means a makeup tutorial.  And I am in no means a makeup artist.  I cant even draw a straight line.  I’m useless.  You guys probably won’t even find this interesting.  But if you do, and for whatever odd fluke of a feeling (you’re most likely unwell, seek medical attention) that makes you want to take inspiration from this look or even better still, copy it, I’d be honoured.  And lastly, in this odd disclaimer like paragraph, sorry you can’t actually see the final look.  You know, anonymous blogging and all.

So, today I’m showing you the makeup I wear to school & on an every day basis.  This makeup look is quite light, and I do change it up on a weekend or when I’m going out and go heavier (especially on the eyes).  Anyway, here is my light daily makeup routine.


So first I’ll cleanse my face & put on some moisturiser, but I’m not going to go into detail with that as I do have a skincare routine coming up. I will then take my Rimmel London Lasting Finish concealer in shade porcelain, which is the lightest shade so suits my ghostly skin, and taking this on a small concealer brush I will place it under my eyes, around my nose and over any blemishes or spots.  I then blend this in with a larger brush.

I will then take my Rimmel London Match Perfection Loose Powder in shade translucent and dust this all over my face, not only to set my concealer but to mattify the the rest of my face, eliminating any oiliness I may experince throughout the day.  After this I apply a small touch of Boot’s own brand Natural Collection blush in shade dusky pink to the apples of my cheek.  I really love how creamy & easy to blend this blush is, and how the colour is not too harsh.  It is a perfect colour for pale skin tones.  Sometimes if I have time I will do a light contour and highlight but most of the time I tend not to.

After this, I quickly apply some lip balm in preparation for my lipstick later on.  I use the Palmers original cocoa butter formula moisturising lip balm, which I love and is my go to lip balm.

Next is my eyes, where I will go to my absolute favourite eye-shadow palette at the moment, which is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.


Firstly, I’ll take the shade Salted Carmel and use this in my crease and just above as a transitional colour.  I’ll then take Milk Chocolate and use this directly into my crease to add a touch more depth and definition.  After that I take Creme Brulee & Marzipan together onto my eyelid.  The two together are very shimmery, as they are alone but when blended together they look quite discreet and generally lovely.  They are quite eye-enlargening if you know what I mean, and I just love the look this gives.  One tip I have is to make sure you blend everything into each other.  You want this eye look to be seamless and very well blended because then it will look more natural & just better.  It’s a pet peeve of mine when peoples eye-shadow isn’t blended and they have really harsh lines.

Lastly for my eyes, I will line my tight line (upper waterline) with a black eye pencil to make my lashes look thicker, then curl my eyelashes so they are ready for mascara.  The mascara I use is Maybelline Lash Sensational & this is honestly my favourite mascara of all time ever.  It makes your eyelashes so individual and long, which I prefer to volume.  I like my eyelashes to be perfect, so I can spend up to 10 minutes on these getting them all the right length.

And finally to complete the look, I apply some Collection lipstick in shade Rosewood.  Sometimes I line my lips beforehand, other times not.  It depends on all the time I have.

So, there you have it.  My daily makeup routine for school.  I really hoped you enjoyed this, because I did.  I hope to do many more makeup themed posts on this blog – you’ll definitely be seeing some in the very near future!




14 thoughts on “My Daily Makeup Routine For School

    1. Thank you so much!! It’s by Too Faced, which is a higher end brand. I got it for Christmas but I know for sure you can get it in Debenhams if you’re from the UK, it’s from one of those counters. If you’re in the US then definitely Sephora. I’m going to be posting a makeup look with it soon where I show my eyes so you can see how it looks, so be ready!! Xx

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