DIY: 2016 Memory Box

Hi guys!

Today I bring you the first DIY of 2016, and my first proper post of 2016.  I’d taken a break but I’m back into the blogging schedule now, so expect to see me more regularly!!

Anyway, today I have a cute DIY box to store your memories of 2016, it’s extremley simple and I’m sure many millions of poeple have also thought this up.  I lack in even the most basic creativity, so don’t expect anything good.

What you need:

img_0205 A cute box you can buy from craft stores or cute hippy markets (like where I got mine)


Post it notes or basically anything you can fold up to fit in your jar.


You will need some colourful fineliners to write with.

So, this is really simple.  Basically every time something good (or bad) happens to you in 2015, you write it on a postit note and pop it into your box.  This can be anything, from photos and notes, different memories of things you did, people can write notes for you, whatever, you get me?  At the end of the year, you look back on these notes and feel really happy. Or sad.  I hope you don’t feel sad.  Have a happy year.

That’s all really, I aready have notes about conversations with my best friends about boob farms and other bits and bobs.  I just think this is such a cute ideas, and will be really nice at th eend of the year.  It also gives me some use for my new box sooooo.

Anyway, sorry for the short post but tomorrow I’m bringing something better to the party.

byeeee x




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