Life Update

Hi, did you miss me? I bet you did!

Sorry, really I truly am so sorry! I made a (sort of) promise to post more regularly as my New Years resolution in my last post and already I’ve flopped.  Aren’t I crap. 

However on the plus side I have been drinking loads more water which is s good thing.

So, ever since you last saw me, well a lot has happened and today I’m here to tell you exactly what! 

First and foremost, I got a brand new phone! The IPhone Six is now in my possession.  I had a really nice 5c before but I don’t know, my Mum needed an upgrade so I got this and she got mine – the exact logistics are complicated.  Anyway, what’s more is that the camera quality, guys it makes me weak. It’s insane, I could scream everything looks like it stepped out of someone’s really good Instagram account. 

Now, in roughly 6 1/2 hours I’m waking up to get ready to go to London! Yes I’m spending my weekend in London & I am very excited.  I will be firstly going to see Zoe and Alfie waxworks in Madame toussauds, which is most bloody exciting.  But I’m also just having a bit of a peruse and general good time.  Hopefully I can give you regular Twitter updates, so follow me on there @ZalfieFanatic to keep up with me!  I’m very excited, I may do an outfit of the day for tomorrow too, if you’d enjoy that? 

I have loads of content planned over the next few weeks, but my parents evening is coming up soon & then afterwards is my Options Evening (*shudders with total dread*) and various other academic things – January & Febuary are depressing months.

Anyway, just thought I would update you all a bit, because I have been so inactive it’s criminal. But I’m back baby! 

This was written on my phone as my eyelids are shutting so I do apologise for the shite quality and possible overuse of swear words.



12 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. OHMYGOD WOMAN I HAVE MISSED YOU…and drinking water is the best thing you could do for ..well for your everything. it’s a shame you missed the lumiere festival, i think theres a few cool festivals on in london at the moment you should check timeout ;D

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