2015: A Year In Review

2015 has been quite the year – nothing that I would’ve expected; that’s for sure.

I’m not going to bore you with the whole ‘new year new me’ (oh no, we have all that in a separate post coming up in the new year) but be warned, I may accidentally through my stone heart let out soppy feelings of love and joy towards you all. But for now, before we start, in case I actually forget to say it throughout (which I most likely will do – sin’t it odd how you can write a post all about the year gone by and the year coming yet forget to actually wish everyone a happy new year), here is a happy new year to you all.

happy new year

In 2015, the birth of this blog happened, and so I met all of you guys!  I appreciate you all so much more than you might think, and I’m so glad I started blogging.  Anonymous blogging is weird really, and I’ll admit has probably got me less followers, not being able to have social media accounts massively like other people do to advertise their  was hard, but I’ve really learned to overcome that and appreciate you all for what you are, and how I’ve managed to get all 62 of you reading this blog.

To even think that 62 of you read this blog regularly enough to have followed me is insane 0 when I started out I never expected to have such a nice group of followers who are all so kind and lovely – I really do love you all for making my blogging experience so wonderful.  Long may it continue!

2015 saw me moving school, which was a tough change, but one I’m proud of and am so glad I did.  I’ll soon be doing a post all about this, but I want to say now, if you are having a tough time at school moving school could be the answer to your problems – sometimes a fresh slate is all we need!  I’ve met some amazing friends & people who I love so much, and even though they’re not reading this I just want to say a huge thank you to all of them.

So today I’m here with a few questions to myself, to wrap up the year and document it.  Maybe you guys might just find this interesting, I hope so, but if not, try these questions and just feel good about yourself & all you’ve accomplished!

1. How has 2015 been for you?

2015 has been everything, a complete roller-coaster.  And I totally hate roller-coasters, but this year was one I didn’t mind.  I’ve had countless happy moments, great achievements not only in my life but on my blog right here – like when I hit 50 followers & 1,500 views! Like I said above, I moved school & made new friendships, all of which I’m so proud of myself for. 2015 hasn’t actually been too hard of a year for me, just hard to adjust to.  I’m so thankful that I’ve experienced no sadness in huge waves in 2015 & I hope the exact same will happen for 2016.

2. What are your three proudest achievements?

I started a blog, which was a major step into something I had no idea about but I’m so glad I did.  I’m proud of all the amazing friendships I’ve made & the fact that my blog has got so far is so amazing & I thank you all for that!

I defeated my far of roller-coasters (partially)!  This is a super big deal for me because roller-coasters are the enemy, but it stops me from having fun when we go on school trips like the one in September to Drayton Manor.  I went on a ride the went upside down, I’m really proud of myself for doing that and hope it makes me able to have loads more fun at theme parks with my friends!

I spent 5 days (4 nights) away from home in a foreign country when I went on a school trip to Spain.  This meant me travelling alone with my friends & battling against Stanstead Airport in the early hours of the morning – obviously teachers were there but the whole trip was an independence thing so it meant us doing things by ourselves.  I ordered food on multiple occasions & the right food turned up, and I had the most fun!  I’m proud of myself for staying away from home and being independent, and not letting the fact that I was desperately ill ruin my trip!

3.  Two memories from 20115 that you never want to forget?

Going to France with my family, we had the best time!  It was so warm & pretty, the South of France is gorgeous & we went swimming in rivers – it was the best thing ever.  We also went to Pont Du Garde which is this amazing river with loads of little fish in it and you can swim about in it.  It was so fun & I had so many laughs, the weather was the hottest I’d ever experienced (45 degrees Celsius) and I loved it.

Then probably Drayton manor where I properly met my best friend!

3.  What are three words to desribe 2015?

Memorable, Funny and Distinct.

4. What do you want to leave behind in 2015 & what are you bringing into 2016?

I’m leaving behind all my mistakes & worries, everything that leads to my worrying can just stay behind & anyone who is a snake can also do the same.  I’m getting rid of toxic people in my life & having only people I love & have time for, and people who have love & time for me.  If the feelings not mutual, then you really can just go away, get in the bin and don’t come back.  I really don’t need people with negative influences in my life.

Into 2016 I’m bringing lots, friends who love me & good vibes being mainly two.  Like I said before, bad vibes be gone.  I am bringing productivity (or at least what I have left of it) and good (as good as they can get) grades on my work.

So guys, those were all my questions that hopefully summed up 2015 for you and for me.  If you’re wanting to make a stab at one of these posts & would like to use those questions, feel free – infact, I urge you all to do so because it’s just really nice to have everything documented and down in one place looking lovely so you can look back on it this time next year & compare your years.  Hopefully it will bring you lots of happiness & if not, it will be a good vent to get your worries out before the new year.

I set you all one goal, aim to start 2016 on a positive note!  Last year New Years Eve brought me falling out with some friends from my old school and I can say it wasn’t pleasant going into 2015 with bad stuff bubbling away in my head, it stopped me focusing on important things & stole all my attention. Make sure that you all head into 2016 full of positivity & with love.


 I tried to find on the wordpress dashboard how to find all my most popular posts clubbed together or even just an overview of the year, but I couldn’t and I was too lazy to search through my blog and compile on myself.  If anyone could inform me on how to access something similar to this I’d be super duper grateful. I’d rather like to update this post with that information, if not only for myself.

Thank you all so very much for such an amazing year, I’ve loved it and I hope you all have too.

Have a happy new year xx




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  1. just had to get that out of the way because I HAVE SO MANY REACTIONS TO THIS. like…..DID I MISS OUT ON BOY DRAMA? Who is general arse hole? AND ASDFGHJKL YOU WENT ON A DATE AND THATS SO CAYUTE. idec like this is a happy moment for me

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