Small Haul

So, Yesterday was my brothers birthday.  We went shopping and I picked up just a couple of bits that I needed to grab & splurged out on a couple of tops.  One of the items was in the boxing day sales, but otherwise I found them to be a little bit crap this year – nothing there was my size as all the small sizes had been picked over, and anything that was my size was really ugly.  I have 180 pounds to spend so I decided to buy a couple of nice tops from the full priced section of the shops.

The first thing I got was this phone case in TopShop.  It is so me, because cats that are unicorns yes please.


This was £15.00 but was marked down by half price to £7.50.  I have an Iphone 5c which is so hard to find cases for so I was thrilled when I found this.  It is an insanely bad picture so I do apologise, but this also came with a screen wipe & screen protector.

Next from Topshop I got this cropped jumper.  It’s very tight fitting but I really do love it.  This was £26.00.  The colour looks black here but it is actually green which I’ve never had anything of the colour so I thought I’d try something new.IMG_3457

This next top is a top that everyone has in one colour or another.  Mine is in burnt orangey-red and is from Miss Selfridge.  It is one of those lace up around the boob area tops and I have to say I really do rather love this.  This was £16.00.


This last item was a necessary one, but was free from boots on my advantage card!  It was £3.99 and I had £4.00 on there, so by a stroke of luck I could afford to buy it without actually paying for it.  It also proved seemingly hard to photograph considering the fact that my cat found it very fun to bat about my bedroom floor.


So I apologise for the bad photo, but this is the Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening concealer.  I have used it today and so far found it so good, The application is really easy because of the brush tip, and you get more than enough product out of it in a controlled manner by twisting the end.  It has pretty good coverage & does just what it says, brightens & illuminates.  I got this in the lightest shade which is shade #1 Naked.

So, that is all for my haul but expect a few more as I’m planning on doing (a touch) of internet shopping soon!

Thats all for today but I’ll see you tomorrow with another post!

Bye xx



6 thoughts on “Small Haul

    1. The case I know omg it’s my dream rn I haven’t stopped talking about it, and I went shopping again today and got the best bargain ever I can’t wait to show you all if you want to see let me tell you boots that were 60 pounds now 30pounds and they’re my life. I’m excited really

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I TOTALLY WOULDNT STOP TALKING ABOUT IT IF I WERE YOU. and YES SHOW US PLEASE you know how much i love haul posts, its a mild addiction…I CANT WAIT TO SHOW YOU ALL THE COOL ROOM STUFF I GOT YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT. and i love boots…im excited for you!


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