OOTD & Broadband 

Bad news! My Grandparents broadband is broken which means I cannot access the Internet while at their house.  I will use my 4G on my phone to check Facebook & Snapchat etc, and to reply to you guys, but otherwise I don’t really want to go using my 4G because we all know how fast that runs out! As you can imagine both me and my internet crazed Mum find this horrendous – my plan was to patrol the Boxing Day sales from my Grandparents lounge, but all my hopes and dreams have been crushed under the essence of no Broadband.

Obviously this means that I won’t be able to post tomorrow & until the evening of the 28th at the latest, so I decided today to bring you a post before I set off to keep you all going! 

So, here is a quick OOTD as to what I wore for my reasonable length journey today.  Keep in mind that I also am going for a brief shopping trip to pick something up for my brothers birthday, so I couldn’t not wear makeup & decent clothes.

I am wearing the scarf mentioned in my Christmas Haul, I think you can see how warm and fluffy it is here quite well.  I completely adore these colours, they go so lovely with the grey batwing long jumper that I’m also wearing.

There you go, a bad demonstration of the sleeves wings ever so Ridley interrupted by the issue that is my hair!

I am also wearing this necklace I got for Christmas – I forgot to mention this in my post yesterday so I’m going to have to get that in there soon when I’m back to wifi! 

It’s from Topshop & came with the most gorgeous packaging! It has some meaning about conversation, communication and amplifying ones vocal chords which I thought to be quite fitting as I do love to talk! 

I’m wearing my trusty black high waisted Joli jeans from top shop.  They are my favourite type of jeans ever , so comfortable and versatile.

You can also see my very cute and warm fox socks which are from Marks & Spencer*laughs*! 

Finally, the brag I am wearing is a small River Island satchel in this beautiful red berry colour. 


6 thoughts on “OOTD & Broadband 

    1. It’s honestly the comfiest, cosiest thing ever. Lucky for you nearly everywhere does ones like these at the moment, so you’ll probably be able to get one. Just not mine, unless you come to Leeds & go to this amazing hippy market (you should)😂😩😻

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