It’s Christmas Eve!

12:03am it’s Christmas Eve!

*this post is written on my phone, and WordPress for whatever reason works horrendously on my phone if I actually try to write a blog post, do any of you have this same issue? Basically I apologise if this isn’t one of my best!*

I’ve not actually stayed up just to witness the time change to Christmas Eve, I just really haven’t been able to sleep at the moment.  But it’s all fine!

Do you realise how excited I am for Christmas?


I’m honestly not sure if that will show up as a gif but it is, but that is my excitement! 

Yesterday I was so not festive, not even slightly – bah humbug.  

But today, well technically yesterday, we’ll call it today, I suddenly felt so insanely festive!

I’m all excited and festive, and I really am excited for tomorrow’s blog post, as I’ll be explaining my Christmas Eve makeup Routine and OOTD!

Sadly I have a bit of a mild cold, causing my nose to run like a tap :-/

I’ve used two entire tissue boxes so far, starting from just the other day!

 I’m also excited for the New Year, but I’m not going I talk about that (although it pains me not to) as I really want to continue my festivities!

I mean, I guess that’s all I have to say,

Merry Christmas (Eve) xx

PS – this was painfully slow for me to write, so bloody enjoy it!


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