Chat Time

So if you didn’t already know, I announced (I say announced, it’s not much of an announcment nor a good one at that) on my Twitter last night (follow me here if you’re not, you see, you miss out on announcements!) that I was really ill, and I still am, so I wasn’t posting last night.  Not only am I ill but I had my Grandparents over after a month away last night so it was quite hectic in my house.

Sadly I wont be getting a second replacement post up today, I feel really quite ill and I want to get  to bed as soon as possible just to be cosy & try recover.

So I decided today that as my post I’d just have a chatty post.  I feel like I never have a chatty post on here, it’s always themed or about something in specific, but sometimes it’s nice for you to just listen to me rant & rave (well I don’t  know if you actually like it or not, but whatever).

This week I went to school on Monday, and having felt ill all weekend it wasn’t a great day – I felt so ill.  Cold, then boiling hot, sweating all my makeup off so that was just pointless, then sore throat, headache and every other shit thing you can think of – that is me mashed into one.  Monday night brought a shopping trip with my two friends, where I trailed about the shopping centre feeling crap, and I didn’t buy anything otherwise I would’ve done a haul.  We looked at Christmas present ideas for each other and I think one of my friends bought mine.  I felt shocking when I got back.

Tuesday left me in bed and I haven’t been downstairs until earlier on tonight.  That two days without seeing my Christmas trees. I’ve binged watched pretty little liars though so that’s good.   I also revised for maths, which I have a test for tomorrow.

Today was jammed with maths revision for my test tomorrow, which was so boring & hard because I’m not good at maths in the fist place and it’s so hard to concentrate when you feel this ill.

Tomorrow I’m going in to school for second period to do just my maths test and then I’m coming home straight away to sink into my bed and snooze.  I’m so nervous for my maths test, I really don’t want to do it and I know it’ll be so hard.

I’ve been through a box of tissues this week & two bottles of Innocent orange juice (I swear that stuff is the best thing ever when you’re ill) an a tub of quality streets – some may say that being ill in my position is not that bad.  I do wish I could go back into school though and I will try on Friday but I just feel so rough and unable to concentrate and eugh.

I do feel wintry and festive though so thats something?

I’m going to bed,

Merry Christmas xx


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