What Makes Christmas Christmas?

What actually does make Christmas Christmas?  I am here to tell you for me what makes Christmas Christmas, but I’d love you to tell me what you think makes Christmas Christmas for you!

Firstly, the smell of Christmas is a big thing for me.  There’s loads of smells I associate with Christmas, some that I’m sure you guys do also, and others that you may not.  Well cranberries and spices and fresh Christmas trees, and Yankee candles that smell like Christmas, we’ll they’re  some of my Christmas smells that are basic.  Then things like pretzels & salted nuts, and crisp cold air.  All of this makes Christmas for me.

Another thing is the decoration that goes all over the place, and it just makes everything look so festive!  My whole town where my school is is decorated with mini trees & lights, it’s beautiful.  It just fills me with joy and Christmas tingle every time I see it!

The fact that the nights get darker earlier, and I can see the lights immediately is so exciting.  Its so cosy, and I can put up as many fairy lights as I want and use them as my only light source, how bloody good!

Those are just a few things that make Christmas Christmas for me, tell me what makes Christmas for you in the comments!

Merry Christmas xx


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