24 Days Of Zalfie Fanatic

First can we just note the changes to the WordPress post-maker thingy now, which may not have changed for you guys but it has for me & the layout is so different and nice & it automatically saves drafts for me.  Thank you so much, WordPress.

I’ve been gone, I’m aware, however not only have I been gone, but I have been scheming.  I’ve been plotting & planning a way in which I can reasonably get lots of cute Christmassy content up here without breaking my promise to you guys.

My plan is that you will get 24 posts over Christmas,  all leading up until Christmas eve.  Starting on December 1st, right until December 24th.  Then I’ll be back on boxing day with a Christmas Haul, and then my boxing day haul a few days later when I’ve scoured every shop available to man.

I’m super excited, I don’t think you realise my excitement.

I mean, chances are there will be a few days where I miss a post, in which case you’ll get two posts in one day.  But thats good, yes?

Say I miss 5th December, I’ll give you two posts on the 6th December.

I’ve got loads of ideas for posts but I’ll gladly welcome & receive with open arms some ideas because I need ideas too.  Just tweet me with your ideas!

I guess that’s all I can really say on the subject.

Oh and I get Thursday & Friday off school because teacher training.  How jealous are you? Don’t worry too much, you can fill your boring school or work filled day with my blog posts, as I plan to pop one up each day.

And I apologise for my slackness on the gift guide side of everything, I learned the hard way & realised I should’ve started in summer!  I’m trying my hardest to gather stuff up for them but it’s hard man.


Anyway, nice info post for you there!

Zalfie Fanatic Out ☺



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