Zoella Today (and my Twitter)

okay so, as you all know (if you’re an avid fan who reads my brain, even when I’m not talking about it) I’m going to meet Zoella today at her Girl Online On Tour book signing in Leeds! 

Okay so before I start here’s a quick OOTD: 

My shirt is from Hollister & under is a basic white vest top. I’m also wearing my Miss Selfridge black high waisted jeans and brown boots from new look.

I’m super excited, but I figured some of you might want to keep up with me all day, as I’ll be documenting the entire thing on Twitter most of the day. 
So, if you do want to follow me my Twitter is @zalfiefanatic.  Since I made it so recently it has no pictures on it, just a plain profile with nothing in it.

I’d be really glad if you all popped over & followed me on there so you can keep up to date! 

Zalfie Fanatic Out ✌🏼

P.S – leave all your Twitter names in the comments so I know if you’re asking to follow me! Thanks💗


11 thoughts on “Zoella Today (and my Twitter)

      1. You’re very sweet! Thank you, and I’m getting my Zoella post up tomorrow afternoon, I’m travelling all morning to my Grandparents but I should have some time when I get there to put some pictures up. Zoe’s so nice and I’m so lucky to have met her!!😽❤️

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