I’m Not Good At Keeping Up To Schedules.

That’s it.  I’m scrapping my blogging schedule.

This one, below:

Credit to Mia from It’s All Part Of The Human Experince.

While I love it and still think it is gorgeous & I want to use it, I simply cannot.

As I person, I am highly unorganised & procrastinating is a keen hobby of mine (I mean Christ, right now I’m sat in bed cuddling my cat & composing this post.  And it’s 3:10pm.  And I have lots of homework ).  Proof?

You may think that having a blogging schedule would reduce said un-organization & procrastination however, it does not.  It in fact further increases them as I feel pressurised to do things, and pressure doesn’t help me when it comes to getting things achieved.

So, I have decided to scrap it, and allow my updating of this blog to be sporadic, and I’ll post whenever I want in as many large chunks as I want.  If I get excited one day and post 13684040 billion posts, I will.  If the next few days call for a little less & some extra rest & relaxation, then so be it!

However do not worry, as you will all still be getting posts from me & I will still remain very much active on my blog (I’d never ditch this place, I bloody love it).  And I’m going to try put loads of effort into blogging now & make my posts as top notch as they can be for all of you lot! You’ll still get varied posts (DIY, wishlist, reviews, tags & much more) & I may even stick to my schedule on days where I feel like being organised. But all in all, by scrapping my schedule, I am making a change for the better which will hopefully result in more posts for you guys and better quality posts, because I wont feel pressurised & forced into doing posts, which makes it chore-like & un-enjoyable for moi!


Anyway, the reason I’ve vanished for a few days is actually because I was ill. I have been struck down with a cold, kindly passed on by my dear friend at school.  I was off school Friday & have been taken to my bed for the weekend, but I’m recovering & will be going into school tomorrow, living off of paracetamol!

But I’m going to go now & draft some posts so I’ll have some ready to post tomorrow (or whenever) if I’m not feeling up to making one tomorrow night (I intend to post, but god don’t hold me to it).

If I can be bothered, I might put a post up later today but I’m not sure.


Zalfie Fanatic Out ☻


20 thoughts on “I’m Not Good At Keeping Up To Schedules.

      1. i think its only this post, the others seem fine, its probably my computer 😦 but omg before i had one i was posting and then i got one and was like…HOW DO I WRITE A WISHLIST WHEN I HAVEN’T HAD ANY TIME TO WANT ANYTHING THIS WEEK WHAT EVEN IS LIFE OMG

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      2. love ya 😉 i mean i have 150 from shopstyle for the past two months (only just found it…cries) 150 from amazon.com (because for some reason most of my gift guide viewers are american..) and like 30 from amazon.co.uk, but this is from july/september and its a christmas gift guide, so they’re pretty good earners 🙂 i’d recommend shopstyle because you get paid per click, but i get more actual buys off amazon.. basically, these are three good affiliate programs to make ya some money xD sorry for the looong explanation

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