Honey & Cocoa Face Mask

Okay well first, sorry about that weird absence that I feel like i have had from blogging.  I’m not sure when I last posted, but I feel like it wasn’t sinfully long ago?

Anyway, that aside, tonight I decided to have a bit of a spa night.  Anyway, if you want a post on that, then do please ask because it was really fun and super relaxing! 

During said spa night, I made a face mask.  What is great about said face mask is that: 

– it smells delicious.

– it is edible & tastes pretty damn good.

– it works miracles on your skin!

And above all that, it’s incredibly easy to make, needing only two ingredients, both of which you’ll have in your cupboards in your kitchen (I’m not lying I swear, I’m not asking you to produce strange spices & Greek yoghurt out of no where, making you think it is widely available and that your Mum buys it at the supermarket when in sad reality, she doth not).

Anywhooo, here is what you’ll need:

– cocoa powder.  I used the one that you can use for drinking/baking.  So I also assume hot chocolate powder would work the same. If you get the super posh organic stuff that’s probably really good.

– honey.  Again, I used basic honey but the organic stuff fresh out of a bee’s bottom would probably work 5272930 times better!

Before we get going, let’s have a look at the benefits of Honey & Cocoa: 


With these two combined, this is so great for your skin! Some of the effects of cocoa can only be obtained by drinking it, but that is also really great because, well, delicious. 

Anyway, let’s now get into how you make this delicious, great for your skin face mask!

1. In your tub put some cocoa & some honey.  I started with one table spoon of each and added as I went along to make more.  

2. Mix it all up, at first it is a little hard to do and if so, add a very small splash of water & some more honey.  Eventually they should bind together and you’ll be left with this sort of a dark looking mixture.  

3. Apply this to your face using either your fingers or an old foundation brush you don’t care for too much, it isn’t easy to wash out. 

4. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off. You may need the assistance of a flannel as it can be quite tough to remove. Or you can just eat some of it off, seriously – it’s so good!

That’s it! After this you’ll be left with baby soft skin and smell divine! I use this twice a week when I can get round to it, but you don’t have to. Using it as a once in a while treat for your skin is also great!

Anyway, enjoy, I hope you make it and yeah, enjoy!

Zalfie Fanatic Out 


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