Blogging Schedule

Well, I’ve made one, and I’m going to try my hardest to keep up to it.

Like seriously, I promise. Oh no, I’ve made promises I most probably wont keep again. What am I doing?

Anyway, thank you to the lovley Mia over at It’s All Part Of The Human Experience (former blog being Okaaythen, mentioned a lot on this blog) made some quite honestly beautiful blogging calenders for her followers, one of which I have taken and written on in a horrible way as I wasn’t actually sure how, or with what app?  Or what thing she even used to make them? However she did, they are wonderful and I am using one.  So, here it is, and here is my blog schedule.


So as you can see, I’ve put some shitty font all over this and hoped it looks okay, which it probably doesn’t.  Anyway, here is the explanation:

WIW days mean Whatever I Want, stating that I can write about anything & everything I want, whether that is one of my frequent school rant/dairy style updates or another list of some description, it will happen on those days.

List days are exactly that.  I will do wishlists, monthly favourites, gift lists and many more.  Lists are my life.  Just so you all know!

On a Wednesday I’ll do a DIY which could be anything from room decor to recipes.

Fridays will be inspiration posts, from wardrobe inspiration to christmas decor.

Sundays are going to be a random post from my drafts, seen as that is basically full of stuff I want to post but haven’t gotten round to.

Where the lovely calender says ‘Unassigned Date’ I’m basically just saying my drafts folder again and those are some posts I want to post.

Anyway, here are some of the posts that are coming up for you lot:

  • Murder Notebooks – book series review.
  • Winter wardrobe inspiration.
  • Desk tour (organisation etc)
  • Drugstore makeup favourites
  • Starter kit for makeup

That is only a few posts as I have way more that I’d like to do, but today is just another short post to let you all know!

Zalfie Fanatic Out!


7 thoughts on “Blogging Schedule

      1. Omg ik me too, my French teacher has made me:
        -learn a page of French in one weekend to perform infront of the class on Monday
        -double page spread on learning French verbs
        -copying out 5 worksheets into our books.

        I swear to god he is mad. And I have science. I can’t wait to drop French when I choose my options.

        Liked by 1 person

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