The Problem I Have With Winter.

Right, If you know me you know one thing; I love winter.  August ends & I’m now I’m embracing winter & all that lovely cosiness.  But now however, today and the past few days have been so cold.  So, so cold.  In P.E I couldn’t button my shirt up when I got back in my hands were so numb from the cold it was that cold.  It’s freezing up north.  F R E E Z I N G.  It’s 10 degrees at 11:27am.  I’m so cold.  So, bitterly cold.  Anyway, here are the problems I have with winter.


Wearing a blanket is basically one of my layers.  I am a very cold person, more cold than the average being.  I sit on the sofa with a blanket, always.  In winter, I will always carry a blanket with me.  Anyway, my problem here is I always have to wear a blanket because otherwise I freeze.


This also includes having our very warm glass fire on because that projects enough heat to stop my teeth chattering.


Wearing three layers.  Thick ones too, a shirt, a vest top under it and leggings under my jeans.  I’m still not warm.


Regular socks have to be covered by fluffy socks because otherwise I have numb toes.


That is actually not a bad thing because I enjoy skidding around my house in them, as shown in the above picture.


HAHA SECOND BLANKET THIS IS WHAT IT HAS COME TO.  Two blankets & a warm fire. Multiple layers, fluffy socks.

So, do you see my problem, I’m very cold.  Very cold.  A very cold person & this is my problem in winter.  Though I do like it because I enjoy cosiness.

Anyway, I was bored & decided to construct this pointless post but for anyone who is like me and wants tips on staying warm in winter, I could definitely do you a post on that?

Zalfie Fanatic Out


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