Some Little (And Slightly Larger) Things That Happened This Week.


  • Ugh school started


  • My room stayed tidy for one whole week
  • I took pictures like this one thinking I could be artistic but miserably failing.
  • I got very excited for winter❄️! That emoji is in my top three.  I have actually started watching winter look books on YouTube and writing about what winter themed posts I can do.
  • I bought a friends TShirt & watched friends in it & it is officially life.
  • I got little sleep.

And that is a rough round up of my week so far!

I have a few questions to ask anyway, so I guess I’ll fire through them quickly.

Well it’s only one actually…

Would you guys like to see me do a ‘photo a day’ challenge for some months? I know I’ll do it in December but maybe we can sample it in October? I want to include some of my own photography on here more, make it a bit more personal and memories & shit.  Your choice.

I’m not sure what that post was…it’s half twelve at night & I’m tired – cut me some slack.


Zalfie Fanatic Out🎀


18 thoughts on “Some Little (And Slightly Larger) Things That Happened This Week.

      1. YASSSSSSS WHAT A GOOD IDEA THAT IS JUST YES…..except for the one minor flaw, He’s at his Dad’s and his dad just got a Hot tub & he put NR’s on his snapchat story….but I’ll go onto Facebook at midnight to say happy birthday!


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