I’m back from France!!! I missed you and I missed my gorgeous 5 bars of wifi so much! Anyway, here’s the extra small deal:

I won’t be posting any pictures until I get the time to upload them to my laptop, I got back at 1am and am currently in bed.  

It was my birthday yesterday which was annoying seen as we were travelling but I got great presents so expect a birthday haul!!

And a haul from France too!  I got stuff there.

And I also want to praise France for their excellent, excellent supermarkets.  They sold me a CREPE MAKER for gods sake.  I have now completed my life!

So expect crepe tutorials when I learn to make them!

Anyway, I’ll be posting again today just later on.  Let me give you my quick to do list for today (I don’t have to but I want to because I have to have a tidy room full of birthday presents lol):

  • My new bedding is in the wash and I need to get it dry, ironed and on my bed! I bought this gorgeous throw in France (which I had to sit on for the whole journey home because there was no room in the boot) which matches so perfectly with my white striped bedding.   I’m very excited.
  • De-rubbish & de-clutter ones room to make sure I can get all my great birthday presents on display.
  • Set up my brothers Xbox 360 in my room for when my cousins come over.  In his room will be the Xbox one.  They need entertaining, trust.
  • Get all my clothes from my holiday clean and back in my wardrobe.

It’s a very stressful life, on top of this I want to make crepes.  Which also means I’ll have to walk to the shop to get milk and eggs and flour and then probably a small food shop.  And I need to catch up on youtube, I mean the jobs are just never ending!

See you later today…..With one of the previously mentioned post ideas 😉

Zalfie fanatic out 🙂


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