Jumbo List: Long Road Trips With Siblings.

Well as you guys know I am going to France in like, two days!!  This also means a road trip of 15 hours (split up over three days) and my brother is a pain in the backside on these trips.  Well, who am I kidding he is a pain in the backside on any trip (seriously, even up to the shops makes me want to murder him).

Today, I come to the rescue!  Because I want to make this trip easy for myself & my parents I have compiled a list of how to have a nice car journey avec annoying sibling.  How to keep them entertained, keep yourself sane and happy!  An easy journey all around!  For you guys with siblings that are annoying, this is for you.  And you, are you the annoying sibling? TAKE NOTE!

  • Keeping them entertained.  And no, I don’t mean shit games of eye spy, or, who can spot the yellow car first.  I mean this: bring extras.  Extra earphones & headphones, extra food, extra blanket. Siblings often want what they’ve not got, especially the ones who have forgotten things, or worse still, haven’t even packed an entertainment bag.  If you can get one, bring an earphone splitter.
  • Laptops & phones.  So, your younger sibling has an Ipad but not the laptop & phone that you have (my situation).  Sharing is caring after all.  When the Ipad has run out & you are on your phone, not your laptop, allow your sibling to watch films on your laptop.  Say they can choose five films to bring with them that they can watch on your laptop, and if you both like the same film, then use a headphone splitter to watch it together, on one laptop!
  • headphone splitter
  • Drawing & Writing utensils.  Drawing can be really therapeutic, and time consuming which is great for a road trip.  However, it can also do a damned good job at shutting someone up when they’re being annoying, which is exactly what we’re looking to do here.  Bring a pencil case & notebook (which you don’t mind being drawn in of course, in a slightly abnormal way).  The pencil case should be filled with felt pens, pencils, a pencil sharpner, (that collects its own sharpenings) crayons & pens so you and the annoyance your travelling with can be entertained.  You could write about your trip, like have a page each to write on every hour about what you do and let out all your annoyances with each other and read it back later, you’ll laugh.  Plan out what you’re going to do when you get there and other stuff.
  • Talk to each other about what to do when you get there.
  • Don’t argue over ‘I want the bigger room’ or whatever, even if you do, be sly and you’ll probably get it.  My way this year is ‘oh, well even though I don’t want to, I’ll let you have the room with the bunk beds!’ thus leaving me with the double bed!
  • Sleep.  Understand that one another needs to sleep, they’ll be angry and moody (me) and need to sleep.  I’d say that if the other is sleeping, relish your quiet time to talk to other passengers, do stuff without being questioned and other things you can’t do when they are awake.  Same with you.  Sleep in shifts!
  • It will most likely get a bit hot, don’t moan at one another about it!  Just open a window/pop on some A/C and stay still.
  • The night before you travel, help your sibling pack a bag for entertainment, here are my ideas.  An older/same aged sibling may want: Deodorant (i’m forcing this on my brother I refuse to let him stink in the back of the car next to me), makeup if applicable, phone/laptop/ipad, books if they’re a reader, DS if they have one, writing/drawing equipment.  A younger sibling may want: Ipad/tablet loaded up with lots of child friendly entertaining apps, colouring book, blanket/comfort teddy, activity books.

Okay, so that is all from me!  Hope you guys enjoy your summer, holiday, no holiday, annoying car journey avec annoying sibling or no annoying sibling or no car journey.  Whatever you do, enjoy!!!

Zalfie Fanatic Out!


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