My Dream Wardrobe

Woop Woop!  Second post of the night!  Are you proud of me?  I’m proud of me!!

First, this isn’t France related (that starts tomorrow.  I’m going in 10 days I can’t contain my excitement!) but a post  because I have nothing to do, I’m really bored and lets face it, I HAVE BEEM GIVEN ZERO HOMEWORK IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS!! God praise our blessed teachers at the end of term!

So, here goes.  My dream wardrobe.

Adidas gazelles

Are they not just gorgeous?  Adidas Gazelles in mint green in case you didn’t know.


I seriously want this so so so badly like I have millions of outfits that would be improved ten-folds if this was added to my wardrobe, just saying.

baggy ripped jeans

Baggy ripped jeans will be the death of me I swear.  I mean, please can we just look at how amazing these are.  Like, moment of silence please.

big deal on my blog lol

Like, I know I’m not really (I only have 31 followers, and that one is me, haha.) but I just kind of liked this shirt and please don’t lie to me, this looks so comfortable.

Black crochet

What isn’t to like?  Black, crochet, fringe-y.  I would put this on, fake tan, white high waisted shorts.  Yes.

co ords 2

Now, Okaaythen has really got me into Co-Ord sets like these because she is literally putting them all over her blog and that is stopping me from functioning and like, I swear I’m searching them up daily.  I love the fringes on this one.  And the blue.  I love it all.

co ords

And this one.  This one is gorgeous and black suits nearly everyone so don’t tell me you don’t like it, I know you’d be lying.

Crop top 2

This is so me.  Like I want to order this and wear it to my last day at school this term and go shove it in Doris & Mary’s faces.  Just saying.

crop top

One word: PRETTY

Delicate necklace

I actually want all of these I am not joking especially the hamsa hand and gem ones. I’m jealous of you if you have these.

elephant co ord

I want to be her and I want to own this.  Seriously I love elephants.  After cats, they are my second favourite animals!


Just so you know, I wouldn’t leave the house in this unless I was feeling really brave. I kind of just have a soft spot for emojis so this had to happen.

hair ting

high waisted shorts

Basic high waisted ripped shorts which, FYI, I FREAKING LOVE.  These are gorgeous.  Look.


Here is a surprise: I don’t own a kimono (but soon, very soon I will do.  I swear).  I just love this one, its super simple and still so gorgeous.

lace cropped strappless

I’ll have them all, In all the colours please.  See high waisted shorts above.  Perfect for those.

lace jeans

So, maybe I found this idea in one of Okaaythen’s blog posts again (you’ll have to have good route through to find it) but it is just so so so so nice.  And now, now I know that you can actually buy ripped jeans with lace inserts.  That’s going straight in my basket (please say one of you understands me)!


I want this in Leo.  Because Leo is my sign.  And its cute. Enuff said.

mint green BABIES

These are so sophisticated and sleek and I actually need this.  The colour.  The shoes!  *please prepare yourself for a bombshell of shoes in 3….2….1…..

Nike Roshe black

Nike roshes in black.  Needed.  Simple, yet I really really need these.  I lack in the footwear department.  Anyone else have the ‘I have no shoes for this outfit’ issue too?  These would solve that I’m sure.

Nike Roshe Hawaii
Again, found these on some post from Okaaythen’s blog because, well, she has the cutest stuff in her wishlists/dream wardrobes/clothing posts.  These are Hawaiian print nike roshes. And they have the nicest colours.

Nike Roshe Turquoise & Purple

Turquoise and purple nike roshes.  Very much out of my comfort zone.  Very much.  However, I couldn’t resist they’re just so, pretty!

Nike Thea black

Nike theas.  So simple, yet again so gorgeous.  And they’d complete a hell of a lot of my outfits.  And help in the shoe department.

Nike Thea Coral

The same shoes in coral.  I love these.  Most gorgeous colour ever.

pink baabies

Idk why but these shoes really appeal to me in the strangest way possible.  They look really comfy and easy to walk in and really soft.  I really love them.


I’ve always wanted a slouchy, oatmeal coloured jumper and this one is just too gorgeous.

ripped jeans

Ripped acid wash jeans.  Yes please.


I freaking love this top.  I love the straps because they’re all strappy and cute.  I love it all. Way too much. And the sun and moon.


These are so weirdly pleasing and I just think they’ll go with so much.  I love how its made some sort of un-feminine boots feminine by popping on a heel whilst still not being girly.  Yannoe?

wrist chain thingamagig

I really want one of these.  I wouldn’t wear it because it would drive me insane but it is just so pretty!

ying yang cat

I’m a cat lady, thats all I can really say.  Purrr.

Anyway, I hope you liked that (you better have done because it took me ages to upload all those pictures)


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