Don’t Judge Challenge & An Apology

Hi there 😳 

I thought so😉
I apologise for my whereabouts, I am just going to tell you outright, no fancy excuses or anything.  Outright, pure honesty:

I couldn’t be bothered to post.  I wasn’t in the blogging mood in the slightest, and I really didn’t want to create some half hearted, shitty post for you and so decided not to post.  But I’m back now!

Anyway, enough with the apology! I’m sorry & I proper missed you! 🙎🏽(and I’m sorry that my first post in a while is a rant, if that’s not your kind of thing then you should probably leave right about now! 😎! But don’t forget to whizz down there👇🏻& like this post, because you love me and you missed me😉)


If you’ve not yet guessed by the title, I’m here to rant about the ‘don’t judge challenge’.

Or #dontjudgeabookbyitscover for those of you who work on hashtags.

Basically, if you’ve not seen these lurking around your news-feed on Facebook, Instagram etc then you’ll be glad, but just so you know, here’s what they are:

A person, male or female, or a group of people, who are usually, stereotypically ‘aesthetically pleasing’ or ‘fit’ will draw acne, black mouldy teeth, fake braces, uni brows or bad eyebrows and other stereo typically ‘un-pleasing’ features onto their faces.  They also wear various ‘ugly’ accessories such as glasses, false braces, and putting their hair into pigtails and slicking it down to their heads.

They will then look at themselves in disgust, and grab something in a bottle (this can be anything, shampoo, moisturiser, I’ve even seen honey) and fake squeezing it out and putting all over their ‘ugly’ faces, making sure to go over problem areas.

They put their hand over the camera for a second or so, usually when the music they are playing reaches a key point, usually the chorus. Then when they release their hand, BAM!

They are now, what they would call, ‘fit’, ‘attractive’, ‘gorgeous’.  And basically, what is under the cover of their book, hence the name ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. Their acne, drawn on in eyeliner is gone, as are the glasses, uni brow, black teeth and those other ‘ugly features’ are vanished.

What replaces them is a face full of makeup, pouting and looking back at you saying ‘aren’t I gorgeous’. They’ll be posing dramatically, head tilts, head twists, the works.  They’ll look into the camera, astonished at their new, gorgeous appearance.

Same for lads, they’ll pose with that squinty eye look and probably have have their top off, exposing their six packs and the likes.

Then the video ends, and silly people will send the persons who through the roof, with comments like:

Oh my god you’re so pretty😍

I wish I looked like you 😔

Your fit 😍👌🏼👊🏽💯


‘Various tagged friends’ she/he is so gorgeous/fit/stunning, don’t you think😍

So the person you’re commenting these to, you’ve probably never met, or maybe you have, either way, it stupid & you’re only making them feel good about themselves for looking attractive & diminishing the confidence of those who aren’t maybe as attractive.  The person they maybe tried to represent in the beggining.

Sure, it’s nice to be nice to each other and make each other feel good about how we look, but this? This is too far.

What we’re doing here is praising the said person for their transformation from their stereotypically ‘ugly’ person, to the fit, supposedly attractive person they are after the removal of the acne & braces & ugly hair etc.

And it shocks me that people think that going from ugly to pretty is a transformation, showing that really, they are judging people for being ugly as they are pleased with the outcome.

And also, as if you need to be ‘challenged’ to not judge someone.  Like, I don’t go around the streets thinking ‘ugly’, or, ‘you’re disgusting just because you’ve got braces’.

What we should be doing is publicly removing our face of make-up, showing what is underneath the ‘book cover’, which is everyone’s natural beauty.  Not making fun of people.  Not okay.

So, I feel that my rant is over, just something for you to think about there, and if you have any opinions (i’m sure most of you will) please comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading

Zalfie Fanatic Out ♥

P.S- last month I was blogging for 6 months! Thats half a year, it dosen’t feel like that at all!  Thank you for everything, I love you all to the moon & back!

Please search the dont judge challenge on images and see what I mean, or even better on youtube, and see some videos of it if you’ve not already!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Challenge & An Apology

    1. thank you, I feel so loved *blushing*. And finally someone who agrees with me. I have been trying to show my friends the light, but their little immature selves think it’s okay (they’re not my friends really, I hate them, passionately) to do this, and they’ve done them. I hate it. So much.

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