Blood Tests 💉

This emoji right here : 💉 is in my recently used set of emojis which is slightly scary, as I have written about 1700 texts explaining my blood test 😁

First off, let’s start with some good news: I FEEL BETTER AND I CAN GO BACK TO SCHOOL! 

Okay, going back to school isn’t great I suppose, but hey, I have to go back at some point. 


I’m not even joking.  Now, the general blood test takes a couple seconds, right? Needle in, take small bottle of blood, needle out, plaster on and bobs your uncle! 

My blood test, being my awkward body culminating with weird infections, needed to take eight blood samples.  Eight. Which meant it took like a minute and a half to complete. 

Which meant a minute and a half of pain.  Sheer pain.  Ouch.  

I now have a small pin prick shaped cut in my arm and a pretty Broose as certificate.  And a stiff arm, much pain.   

But I suppose I am looking forward to going back to school, I’ve missed two science tests 😏 and sex ed in R.S, which I did back in year 7 in science.  I don’t understand how Sex Ed is a religious thing but hey, my teachers are weird.  
Is it just me that thinks that ALL my friends will have gone off without me and hate me now I’m off ill?  Because I am nervous about goin back 😁

Zalfie fanatic out ✌🏽


10 thoughts on “Blood Tests 💉

  1. No they wont, if they are true friends they will be really excited to see you and you will be bombarded with questions as soon as you step in the room, if your friends are anything like mine for being nosy!!! Xxxx

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    1. Haha, well my friends probably are slightly different to yours then! I’m sure they won’t really bat an eyelid and will have a few questions to ask me, and I’ll probably have to excuse myself from various accusations of ‘skiving’. I hope it won’t be that bad, but your friends sound lovely😂! I’m not too worried though, but thanks ❤️ xxx

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  2. omg you poor thing i hope all the results turn out okay 😦 i have a phobia of needles lool so they sent me to the actual hospital (because thats such a good fucking idea – a whole building full of weird creepy old people and needles and…ugh i just cant) to get a blood test but we got there and found out my mum forgot the paperwork…glad i missed it now 😦

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    1. Aha, I bet you are! I was holding back the tears. I had a nurse who talked to me about hair oils (like is there something wrong with my hair?) whilst she stole my blood. Good time had by all would be my evaluation of my blood test….on that sarcastic note 😐😂

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