Extra bits for Spain haul ♥

Well, Primark, for me, is bae.  The mothership, one might call it.

And it just so happened that I there today to pick up a couple of bits * for my upcoming trip to Spain.  And well, a couple turned into five or six, probably unnecessary items.  But, they are gorgeous and I feel so much happier now they are in my life.

*not all these items were purchased by me, some of them were from my Mum who bought them for my trip which I am grateful for.  Thank you mama.  

 So, here are my buys!:

I wanted some new, more feminine shoes. This is because I generally stick to converse and flip flops.  The most feminine I get, is when I wear heels with a dress.  Which is rare, because I don’t get invited to special places that deserve a dress too often.  So, I bought these new shoes, which are in fact, quite pretty & girly.  And, bonus, I LOVE THEM!

The first pair are these nude/nudey pinky gladiator style sandals.  They have these chiffon, jewelled flowers on them.  They also fit me, which is hard to find because most sandals don’t fit me because I have wide feet.  They are super comfy and beautiful. Please ignore my ugly feet and chipped nail varnish, which will be fake-tanned and painted for Spain. These were £6.00.


The next pair of shoes are these navy blue flats, but they are like platform flats.  I’ll insert two pictures so you get my jist, but it is hard to explain.  They are like flats with a heel which continues along the whole bottom of the shoe, but the heel isn’t too high.  They remind me of a pair of wedges I had before, with their woven ‘platform’ and navy colour.  They are really girly, but still have that casual-edgy vibe.  They have a simple bow by the toe, and are also open toed.

IMG_1872 IMG_1873

If you can see the platform thing I’m talking about in the second picture, you get me?  These are super nice and really comfy, also, with them being slip-on is a bonus, because I hate fastening buckles!! These were £5.00

Now, onto the ‘clothing’ that I bought, which I might not even class as clothing.  But we will, because I can’t be bothered coming up with a name for this section.  Lazy teenager quote no 1. Ha, Ha.

First, I got this bandeau, which is actually fabulous.  It fits me!!  It is size 6-8 and I am technically a size 4, but this fits!! Because it stretches to fit your chest, well, that is the best bit.  I am very very small chested and have not been blessed in the womanly department chest wise.  Nada.  No blessings for me up there.  But because this has major padding and fits tightly to emphasise the measly amount I have got, it makes the boobs look fab.  And if padding isn’t for you, them it is removable!  And the rouching (god knows what else to call it, the part between the breasts with detail, in the bandeau, not your actual breasts – oh no!) gives extra detail.  I needed a bandeau to go under muscle tees and as a comfier alternative to my uncomfortable strapless bras.  This, which was ONLY £2.50, is my holy grail.


This is bandeau in question, which is really comfy.  Go to primark and buy it now.

This is second item of ‘clothing’ in question.  For Spain, we needed a waterproof jacket.  This saddened me and friends, as we thought we were going to a lovely, warm destination in Spain where we would just swim.  NOT THE CASE.  As this is Santander, northern Spain, the weather can be unpredictable.  As we’ve found out, now Santander is added to our locations on the weather app, last week was a heat wave, next week, not so much of a heat wave.  15, 16 degrees highest.  Nicht Leke.

Anyway, because I do not own a ‘light’ raincoat, and refused point blankly to bring a karimor walking coat, I bought this.

I think it is a really nice alternative to a parka coat, but is still in the style of a parka.  It has these strings with clasps you can tighten the waist and hood with for a more fitted look.  It probably isn’t very waterproof, the label only says shower proof, but I’m hoping only for showers.  NOT THUNDERSTORMS.

It looks MUCH nicer on than it does in these pictures.  Also, you can have 3 quarter length sleeves rather than full length ones which looks really nice.

It folds away into it’s own pocket which is really handy, and for £9.00, I’m really glad I bought it.  I can see myself having much use of out this because of it’s ‘fold away’ use, which means it will fit into my bag nicely.  Also, it is lighter for the spring/summer months, so good for those light downpours we get in jolly old Britain (note my sarcasm there).

Its actually a much darker army green khaki colour than light green khaki.

IMG_1878 IMG_1879 IMG_1880

Now onto accessories and socks:


I basically got these socks because I’m forever running out of and loosing socks.  The black ones are for school to go with my converse, the white footlets in the middle are for use with flats which rub me without socks and maybe even converse, and then the white ones at the end are really cute, with a knitted pattern on the top and frills which would look good with converse.  They’re comfy & quite cheap.  Black: £2.00 for seven White: £2.00 for three & Footlets: £1.50 for two.

These necklaces are gorgeous because you can adjust the sizing to have a choker style necklace or a small hanging necklace, but they don’t go below the neckline of your top hanging wise.  I love these, I find them super cute and really bright, with a boho & festival type flair, perfect for spring!


okay so that my friends, is the end of my haul.  I’m super happy with what I’ve got.

Just before I finish, I have a few questions to ask you all, which you can answer in the comments:

Do you enjoy it when I post more frequently, or would you prefer maybe only one or two posts per week?

Do you want me to get a few posts pre-made for Spain, so that I can get them to auto-publish on certain days?

Why do you follow this blog (if you don’t, why don’t you?)?

Is there anything I could, or you want me, to improve about this blog?

Shall I start using gifs (if anyone could inform me on using gifs/where to get them from/how to get them)?

That, my friends, is it, please don’t worry as I won’t get offended! I genuinely want your feedback as to how my blog is!

ALSO OMG THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR 20 FOLLOWERS!!! I know this wont seem like many to all you experinced bloggers out there, but for me, 20 followers is everything and having a small collection of you who read my blog makes me happier than having 63872901K of you when only 1K actually read it!  So yes, thank you!

Right, on that note.

Zalfie Fanatic Out ♪♫☼♀♂ (a few alt codes there for yall!)


18 thoughts on “Extra bits for Spain haul ♥

  1. I quite like more frequent posts because it keeps me up-to-date, also i love reading blogs!!!
    I think the pre-Spain posts are a good idea.
    I follow this blog because i really like the way you write, its as if you are somehow talking to me personally but also talking to everyone else at the same time, also the name of your blog caught my eye and because i love zalfie and anything youtuber-y, i was instantly hooked!!!
    Nope, i think its perfect!!
    Im not too fussed about GIFs really, but i think, used in the right places, they could work.
    Hope this is useful,
    Love sleepyhead 😴 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha I missed not being a part of life 😂!!!! The weather was so lovely, and the place really pretty. I got badly ill on the last two days though, so now I am home I have to go for a blood test on Wednesday which is a huge pain 😔.

        Liked by 1 person

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