So one week tomorrow, I will be on my way, with my chum’s, heading to Spain.

I’m literally so so so so SO excited and because I’m super duper kind, I decided to bore and possibly annoy you all with my ramblings about Spain but also about how very much WordPress annoys me.

So I was making a massive blog post which I was super proud of because it was edited to perfection and ugh, it was just great.  Then wordpress decided that I couldn’t, and wasn’t allowed to, upload this to my blog and I pretty much just sat and sobbed for a good half hour.

So I quickly decided to thank Sleepyhead for my leibster award nomination – as I’ve been nominated once already, I wont be answering the questions or creating the questions, as I’m quite lazy & it’s too time consuming.  But seriously, super duper thankyou!!

But I am so excited for Spain, and I am gonna be starting on my packing really soon, like TOMORROW soon.  If you want a School Trip Packing Guide then I will be happy to do that for you! I also really want to do that, so please say yes ♥!!  I also might just do some summer outfits for you guys, because that would be pretty in-theme.

But seriously I’m so excited, and I want to pretty much blog loads of shit about it, so I’m going to be blogging tons of funny stories when I get back for my memories.  I’m super excited and uggh!

Okay so bye bye for now dears!

Zalfie Fanatic Out


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