Well look who’s ill 

Me, I am ill.  And I am depressed.  I had to go to school today though and my bus didn’t come, again.  Grrrr.  There is something wrong with the system.

But I forced my Mum to write me a note to get out of the horror we call P.E, but this did not stop me from having to go outside and feel the force of the biting British (god my alliteration skills are on fleek) wind we faced today, which in turn ruined my hair and make-up and I had no brush, and no means of fixing my make-up with the crappy foundation I carry and no application tool. Also, this was first lesson out of SIX – feel for me dears.

So to add to the shivers and shakes and runny nose and general shitty feelings I had going on today, it went worse because I’d been forced outside for an hour in the cold, raking sand for Miss on the longjump pitch, placing those shitty dome cone thingys and measuring people’s jump lengths.

It was shit, as most days are.

But, as I’ve said, illness has struck and because I am going to Center Parcs au weekend I am forcing myself to become fit and well.

And if that just means missing my Maths Challenge tomorrow morning, well so be it.

You cannot put a maths level on my health.

So, for all you people who are ill or will be ill, I have compiled a massive huge piece of writing for you all to enjoy reading. stating how to get better, what you will need, my necessities, fun things to do and MORE.

Even if your not ill, it is worth reading because it will most likely include witty, exciting comments and well, it will be good.

Just read.

Well, here goes:

Being ill necessities:

– Lip balm.  This is a must especially if you have a cold. Chapped lips are not nice, they are painful and just un-appealing.  Keep the monsters that we call chapped lips at bay with a pot of Vaseline, or a chap-stick (The medicated ones are the best, just saying).  I sound like a lip product advertiser. Haha. Also, if you fancy a bit of a tasty kick try a lip smacker in a fizzy pop flavour.  THAT’S IT, I’M GOING INTO ADVERTISING, BYE SCHOOL, I’M OFF TO SELL LIP BALMS!


You can get lip smackers in like 1,0000 ranges these are just the fizzy drinks range (but you guys probably know that anyway).

vas pink

Vaseline is like BAE for healing lips, it also makes them look nice.


However this baby, well this baby is THE BAE for lip healing, because it is medicated and really actually gives you like lip medicine.  Now let me just refer to the back of this chap stick for information on what medication is in it, ah yes, well it smells like menthol and that should do something decent to your lips.  Well whatever, it works.

– Throat Spray.  If your throat hurts then this is your no 1 pal.  It is local anaesthetic and numbs your throat in like two seconds flat for like a half hour or so, so if you want to eat with a sore throat, this really is ideal.

throat spray

This is the exact one I have and it is amazing.

– This amazing tissue box contraption which you can easily DIY yourself!  All you need is a rubber band or two and two tissue boxes, one full, one empty.


I think it is kind of self explanatory to work out.  Also mix and match cute designs to make you feel happy!

– Books & Magazines.  You should always have a couple books on hand to read anyways, thats my life motto but if you don’t (and I know not everyone does) search around on Goodreads where you can find amazing book reccomendations, read reviews on other books you might want to read from people like you.  It is a really useful website and then you can get a list of books together and send them down with a relative to the library to get you them.  Alternatively, you could be read a book on audiable (a website I haven’t tried, but it is meant to be good) or download a free one onto Ibooks, which ALL Iphones come installed with and other phones/devices have similar apps available. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE, IS BASICALLY WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY!! But if reading books isn’t for you, then buy a couple magazines.

– Paracetamol or other medicines.  This is just like baseline needed stuff for illness.

– Warm Ribena & other hot drinks.  Warm ribena is my favourite hot drink, because I don’t like hot chocolate or tea, but if you do like tea then green tea and things are amazing healers.

– Good skincare.  Although this is not a necessity as such, it is a needed thing.  Always wash your face, wipe it clean, take off all your makeup & moisturise.  This will stop you from being icky and will make you feel better about yourself.

– A extra blanket.  This will keep you warm/cold when and if you need it.


I thought I’d include a picture of a burito baby because he just looks so cute and comfy

those amazing thingys

Also I’ve wanted one of these since forever they just look so comfy if you have one I’m seriously jealous.

– Comfortable clothing.

How to get better when you are ill:

– Sleep, even if you can’t sleep, just rest them eyes.

– Drink lots of fluids.

– Have nice warm baths.

– Make sure you are comfortable.

– Take any medicine you need to.

– Don’t go outside unless absolutely necessary, because chances are you’ll catch more germs.

– Get a hell ton of rest.

– Keep your skin in good nick, because it can fester and harbour germs otherwise.

– Get to bed on time.

What to do when you are ill:

Lets face it, being ill is boring, after the “omg I have a day off school and all you suckers don’t” phase wears off, its pretty boring.  I will save you from that with my boredom busting suggestions.

Firstly, download fun apps onto your phone/tablet and play them.  I like to play geometry dash, Kim Kardashian Hollywood, Sims Freeplay and Dubsmash is always very funny.

You could do some drawings and learn to draw really well.

Experiment with makeup.

Read books.

Sign up to wattpad and write your own books, drop your username in the comments and I’ll follow you.

Bake if you feel up to it.

Experiment with makeup.

Start blogging like I did.

Find unique blogs to read.

Maybe go on a short walk as you feel a bit brighter.

Do some easy DIY’s or some sewing.

I can’t think of any more but drop some in the comments and I will add to this post.

Okay guys so that is my ‘illness round-up’ I hope you enjoyed it and found some inspiration from it.

I’m drained out from writing that now but you know.

I do it all for you, and  my personal enjoyment.

Zalfie Fanatic OUT ♥


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