When You’ve Had A Bad Day :(


Okay so today has been really bad.  Let me give you a run through of the day:

1. get up, feel like shit and proceed to get ready.

2. make up goes horribly wrong, un-fixably wrong and therefore I leave it as a cakey, dull mess.

3. get to my bus stop for half past seven, for the eleven minute wait until my bus arrives.

4. well the bus was late.  It was now like what, five to eight.

5. still no bus, ten past eight.

6. It is now, twenty past eight, three buses have passed and non were mine.

7. ring dad for a lift to school, who came from my brothers school to my bus stop to take me to school.

8. get into school, bell rings and I go straight to form, leaving all my chummies thinking I’m off ill.

9. generally shit day from then onwards.

10. come home in freezing cold.

See where I’m coming from?

Not been a good day my friends.

Anyway, today, a blog I love and adore called Okaaythen posted THIS blog post and because she entitled it “This Is Important” I guessed it was, and checked it out intently.

Now the video in this blog post really made me think about how fake school really is.  If you go/have been to school then you’ll know that it is very “education” centred.

However what I feel, is that that is all a mask and a L I E.

What school does to you, is it stereotypes you.  We are all individuals, and deserve to be treated as such.  We all have our different ways of learning & different rates of learning.  We all can LEARN, but school demolishes our confidence to do that.

I worry about school for myself, because I don’t exactly enjoy any school I go to.  Who I really worry for are people like my brother, who will be the ones stereotyped as ‘dumb’ because they can’t do a few sums, or being told that they haven’t done well enough, if it is their best attempt. This is something I find quite horrible and confidence destroying, and for one kid, confidence could mean the difference between an A and a B in their GCSE’s.

Confidence is a key component to learning and people who lack in that need it to be built up, or people who’s confidence has been destroyed, well it needs to be re-built.  Schools don’t  help us with this.  At all.

I felt quite passionate about the video, and thought I’d put my views right out there for all to know.  Please please please go check out Okaaythen’s blog HERE and her blog post which is linked above and go ahead, give her a cheeky follow 🙂

Zalfie Fanatic Out


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