No7 Concealer Review & An Apology.

Hello you,

As I sit watching recorded episodes of Friends on TV, I realised that I have been neglecting my blog terribly, and you must all be very mad at me.  But, look who’s back now? ME!

Seriously though, the very sad reality that Friday is the last working day that I have left of my holidays is finally kicking in and the equally terrifying reality that I have about 50 pieces of homework that I have not done is also setting in.

I’m a failure, and I’m not proud.

I haven’t got dressed (well basically) all holiday.  I’m a shocking failure.

But, because I feel like a terrible person for my sad, neglectful habits, I am going to do a review of a product I bought recently.

Review of No7 Match Made Cconcealer

Price: £7.50 (I got mine for £4.50 as I had a voucher for £3.00 off No 7 Makeup)

No7 match made concealer

The shade I have is Warm Ivory.

I really like how the feeling of this concealer is chalky and it blends into skin tones so well.  It really covers up any imperfections, covers spots and works for all skin types.  It brightens under eye areas as well as concealing any bad bits, its basically amazing.

This concealer is my new favourite, I prefer it to the Rimmel Hide The Blemish concealer, which is saying something because I LOVED that concealer.

Also, what I love about this is that it isn’t greasy at all, and super soft.  I also find it applies really well to dry skin, wet skin, basically all skin.   I seriously recommend this to y’all because I mean, wow, Its amazing.

It also gives a great base for foundation.

You should just go buy it please.

Okay so I’ve done the review, and obvs I’, in la la la looove with it.

But now I’m alone with my Broseph (My brother, little Zoe input there) in the house because my Mama has nipped out and I’m just extremely pressurised to get off the sofa and get dressed.  What is pressurising me, you may ask?  Mother forces from a few miles away, you know, those annoying, niggling mother forces.  Not good.

I do think about getting up sometimes, but not now.  NOOOO.

Okay so I’m going to leave you all now.

Goodbye my brothers, Goodbye my friends, La la la la la, la la l ala llala.

I love you all!

Peace and goodbye!




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